The Great Honda Hybrid Discovery in Historical Malacca

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our earth is dying and numerous party has make a lot of effort to preserve this planet that we are living and breathing in. One of them that make a great effort is Honda, the first hybrid car producer in the world that give a eco-friendly driving experience to the driver.

Last weekend I was spending my 3 Day 2 Night trip with the new Honda Civic Hybrid thanks to Honda Malaysia and Manoah. I have the most enjoyable journey to Malacca ever. If you want to know how you could spend 3D 2N with any Honda Hybrid cars you have to read on okay?

Car Features

The Honda Civic Hybrid was designed to be spacious, exciting and versatile and engineered to create a natural balance between fun driving and eco-friendliness with the highly acclaimed petrol engine coupled with the IMA system.

1) Keyless Smart Entry

My journey with Honda Civic Hybrid begin when I collected the car at Honda Office. Seriously, I dream of owning a Honda Civic for a long time so you can imagine how happy I am when I got the key!!!!! Oh wait I don’t need a key to enter the car and engine can be ignite with a push of button!!!!!!! Isn’t that cool??? Seriously that is freaking cool!!!!!! Especially for ladies like me always with hand full of things, it can be troublesome to reach out the car key in my bag! The keyless smart entry is simply amazing!


2) 1.5L i-VTEC + IMA Engine

When I first got into the car, I kept thinking it was 1.8L i-Vtec but after driving for the whole afternoon I realize it’s only 1.5L i-Vtec + IMA system engine which the pick up is so powerful…So much different compare to my Honda City 1.5L Vtec. The 1.5L i-Vtec engine works together with an electric motor to produce impressive power to the Civic Hybrid and help with it’s fuel efficiency.

Honda Civic Hybric 47

3) CVT

Honda uses Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) in order for the car engine to work smoothly with the electric motor in which it helps to achieve harmony between fuel efficiency & performance. This is achievable by producing more torque with an infinite number of effective gear ratios. With this system, fuel efficiency is improved and excessive RPM is limited when ECON mode is activated.

Honda Civic Hybric 3

3) Lithion-ION Battery

Do you know that the new improved Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery could help increase output of 33% and weighs 9kg lighter than the previous civic’s hybrid battery? That’s a lot of improvement there!

4) Safety Features


5) The Super Comfy & Spacious Body

OMG, I tell you this car is super comfortable. For the very first time I don’t felt that tired driving down to Malacca back and fourth because this Honda Civic Hybrid is too comfortable. When it pass through bumps it only has a minimal shake and movement…. Passing small pot holes has no vibrations at all. The comfy-ness just make me go so happy and most of the time I don’t realize it has hit more than 120 Kmh that have to press the brake immediately before I got a hot ticket from Mr Police.

Honda Civic Hybric 3Comfortable space at the front seat

The Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) airflow vent helps keep the Intelligent Motor Assist (IMA) battery cool and lengthens its battery life.

Honda Civic Hybric 10Wide space at the back seat, even for 4 person it’s still spacious!

The plush leather seat makes it look so elegant and it’s velvet texture is nice to touch….I just love seating inside it….Even my family member to went for a ride love it!

The car boot is so huge that it can fit the whole of me inside? Can you believe it?

Honda Civic Hybric 15

Honda Civic Hybric 16

6) The smooth sound

This is such a cool feature..Honestly I could bare hear any sound of the engine…Even when it is on braking where the engine will automatically stop it doesn’t have much noise….So silent to the point that I did not realize the engine is on or off….

7) The impressive design

One of the Civic hybrid’s signature is the clear blue lens which you can see it at the front bumper grill and also the cool blue tinted headlights which are complemented with stylish oval fog lights.

Honda Civic Hybric 13

Honda Civic Hybric 4

8) The i-Mid Screen Display

Access important driving information like the eco guide, average speed, energy flow, fuel consumption and range capability via the 5” colour TFT Intelligent-Multi Information Display (i-MID). All the information is available at your fingertips thanks to the steering wheel switch control. You can even customise it with your favourite wallpaper.

Keep track of your current and long-term driving practices with the eco-scoring function. Drive economically and you will receive ‘leaves’ as your ‘eco score’. As your driving improves, the ‘leaves’ will grow.

The colour-changing speedometer provides you with real-time information that lets
you monitor your driving style in a fun, interactive and simple way.


The Civic Hybrid has both beauty and intelligence. Its Eco Assist system was designed and
engineered to intuitively help you drive greener, in style. Even on econ mode it can go up hill without much problem….It was really fuel saving as I have travel from Kelana Jaya – Sunway - Cheras - Malacca – Cheras in normal mode there is still about quarter tank left! Imagine if I am on Econ Mode, it’s damn fuel saving!


9) The full specifications


How Hybrid Works & The Road Show

Well do you want to know how hybrid work and how it ensure it is fuel efficient and at the same time makes you drive in a green way!


Nah if you want to know more fun facts on hybrid system you will have to visit the upcoming The #HondaHybrid Family road show this coming weekend 31st to 1st September 2013.

Okay as what I mentioned I was there last weekend and let me bring you through what you could see and do at the road show okay?

1) Discover how Hybrid system work through a series of games

Weeee it’s so fun! You get to know how it actually work by playing the games and you will win some Honda Merchandise when you can answer some of the question at the end of the games… No worry the question is easy peasy..I think everyone can win la…

Honda Civic Hybric 23

The map of the road show!

Honda Civic Hybric 39

The first one I try is the cycling game…Well the theory is simple, if there is two person cycling at the same time, it generates more power and car can move faster. That’s how exactly hybrid car work with the additional electric motor to assist the engine and makes the car super powerful.


Then we try car racing..Where we can see how the econ system help to save fuel.

Honda Civic Hybric 24

There is total 3 type of colours of the speedometer light where I have also explain in above spec where it show you whether you are driving eco friendly.

Honda Civic Hybric 26

and then we head to a fun car part matching to know which part of the car that made up the entire high performance hybrid system. This is where you can win some cool prizes.

Honda Civic Hybric 27

2) Participate in Quiz for more goodies

To win more goodies look out for Fly Fm DJ as they will have quiz whole day long!

Honda Civic Hybric 41

3) Go Outdoor

Let’s go outdoor…There is playground, live show, live song performance by Soo Winci, Orange, Kopi 林国伟, live game show, games by famous radio FM (Hot Fm, Fly Fm & One Fm), eco friendly booth and Graffiti Art painting!!!!!!

Honda Civic Hybric 28Yahoo! Let’s go and have some fun!

4) Shop some eco-friendly goodies

page2Eco-Friendly Store

5) Play some fun games

imageGames & Clown Performance

imageSong performance & Children Activities!

6) Test Drive any Honda Hybrid for the real on the road experience!

Oh yes, you can also test drive any Honda Hybrid car you like and receive a T-shirt after the test drive!

imageMe after test drive Red Hot Honda CRZ!

Honda Civic Hybric 42Me & Fish posing with Honda Civic Hybrid!

C360_2013-08-24-14-59-05-685Hehe gotten our free Honda T-Shirt!

Well it was a really fun road show as there is many activities and I am sure you will not get bored as there is so many performance and games to keep you entertain. Come to Tebrau City, Johor this weekend! We’ll have plenty of fun activities for the whole family, a gorgeous line up of Honda Hybrids for you to experience plus live performances.

The Malacca Must Have Delicacies!

Oh after a long day playing games and test driving we need some food which is a MUST in Malacca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha these are the yummy food we had in Malacca..There are just delicious..


For review of each single post do checkout my previous post ok?

After filling up our tummy, it’s time for us to visit the heritage trail of Malacca

Visits of the Heritage Site of Malacca!

Oh do know Malacca has a long history since decades ago and is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It takes continuous effort and commitment to preserve the its historical sites & building. This is exactly what Honda is trying to do to make a greener world!

1) Gate of St James

St. Paul's Hill is the highest elevation in Melaka's city centre and the location of the former Portuguese fort called "A Famosa" (The Famous). British has ordered it to be destroyed, fortunately the gatehouse which also known as Porta de Santiago was preserved. It has many inscriptions from the Portuguese & Dutch Era.


2) The Red Stadthuys

The Stadthuys was built between 1641 and 1660 on the ruins of a fort which belongs to the Portuguese. This is one of the oldest Dutch building in the East. The red colour building is the  common features of the Dutch colonial architecture which includes substantial solid doors and louvered windows. In 1982, the Stadthuys was converted into a history museum which exhibits Malacca's history starting from the great Malay Sultanate and the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonization till the present day.


Checkout the instagram video of the Honda Civic Hybrid with The Red Stadthuys!

3) Malacca River

The river was the main artery of trade for Melaka in its golden day when it was bustling with traders from all around the world. Some buildings from that era still stand majestically by the river, which is also lined by old villages, or kampungs, and modern day buildings.


Well well that complete my 3 Day 2 Night trip with Honda Civic Hybrid. So do you want to test drive a Honda Hybrid for 3 days 2 nights too? Very Simple, just register yourself at Honda Hybrid Official Website! So go and have some fun with the Honda Hybrid Family of Cars and it’s Free no cost is charged ya!!!!!!!!! All you need to do is provide a valid MyKad and Driving Licence and you can experience the naturally way to drive Honda, the power of dreams! Thanks you Honda for making my dream comes true!!

and Lastly don’t forget to go to Tebrau City, Johor this weekend to have a fun thrill trip in Johor….Weehooo….signing off…


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