The Fourth Lilac Blind Date

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I tried customized beauty box, beauty bag, monthly subscription box and many more But I have not try blind dates with Beauty Box before?? Now that I have, I shall tell you how I like my date alright?

I am really anticipating for my Lilac box and wonder when will it arrive. I saw some of my friends have receive it via FB feeds and they love it so much…. So toward noon I too got my Lilac Box or should I say Black Box? Perhaps the problem lies within me as I was expecting a box with sweet Lilac Ribbon and never ever I thought it would be a dark mystery box with Special Jimmy Choo Ribbon!

Box Quality

Let’s talk about the box, I have no complaint on its quality because the box is sturdy and tough. The material was thick and not airy at all. My only set back is the colour… Actually I am fine with black colour box with silver ribbon, it does look classy and mystery. The problem is I am expecting a sweet lilac box and when I receive it, I almost couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I think the problem lies within me. Lesson of the day never put expectation or hope on something you have no control over even you does just don’t put high expectation.

Lilac Box1

Good thing is there is no brands and logo so I can reuse the box for my future gift to my friends or to my readers…. *** giveaway coming up (If  you want the Cindy’s Lil Yadah Box leave a comment!)

The box size is smaller than the other beauty box I receive but that’s good as I am running out space for storage. As long as the content is good, I am fine with the smaller box size as most of the time the other beauty box have many empty space in the box… So if it’s compact and filled with same good stuff and I can’t just fill in between my storage gap why not?

Presentation & Design

The first hold on my hand was heavy and the weight felt very promising… When i open the box, I see a lots of products were in the box and it’s fully packed. I love this as in like I’m paying a whole box fully filled with beauty products….

I like that they don’t put lots of brochures as most of the time I dump it into the dustbin. I thought this is a very good approach as this help save our mother earth!!!! One thing, I still love a short summary written in the card with info of each product in the box with price of each item instead of me going through the lengthy paragraph and still no price is provided…..

The silver tissue paper covering the product does makes the box look more elegant…I love it and would love to see it in future Lilac box.

Lilac Box2

The sad thing is I am not a fan of Jimmy Choo perfume so I felt suffocated with the strong scent of Jimmy Choo perfume oozing out from the box. BUT this is my personal preference, some of you might love the feminine scent.

p/s: I’m sorry Jimmy Choo, I just prefer a lighter scent perfume…i guess I love your shoe more!


No problem encounter with delivery. There are using GDex and it’s better than what I expected, the box arrived on time without any defect!!!! Perfecto!


Let’s jump in and see what I got this month!

Lilac Box3Lucky there is still some lilac strips inside the box to give back some sweetness to the box!

Ermmm so what do you think?? I love half of box but not the entire box…Ok let me explain…..

Lilac Box4

1. Jimmy Choo Flash & Parfum comes in 2ml each

"FLASH is about the cool rush of excitement and the sense of power a woman feels when dressed in a pair of sexy shoes. Its character, which is both heady and effervescent, captures this perfectly."

Ok like I mentioned above I don’t really like Jimmy Choo perfume scent as it’s too strong for me. So, one is enough for me to sniff test but two is just too much. If not mistaken the one in pink snake pattern, the Jimmy Choo Parfum is a add on in this box… So for Jimmy Choo fans this is a bonus for you!

2. OPI Nail Lacquer, Into The Night NL M34 comes in full size, RM 63 for 15ml

Ok I was shock to received full size of OPI nail lacquer and I love the colour even though I got a few of the same colour family but I don’t mind a new member in my nail lacquer family moreover it’s OPI! Who would say no?

So each box would have different colour of OPI nail lacquer…What colour did you get? The Into the night I got is more suitable for my toes I think…Yesh definitely loving it!

Lilac Box5

3. L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo comes in 100ml, RM 79 for 500ml & RM 50 for 250ml & Masque comes in 75ml, RM 67 for 200ml

I definitely love this Liss Ultime Shampoo and masque but I don’t like the fact it is in the beauty box..I have already try it, when I got it in my Vanity Trove box & when I got it frm KLFW goodie bag. I love them and I would buy full size…I would be happier if Lilac could offer me some new hair product..But again that’s me as some of you may not tried before so this is the good time for you to tryout…Honestly they leave my hair non frizzy and manageable but still I love Loreal Mythic Oil range more! Read my review here.

3. L'Oreal Professionnel Mademoiselle Infinium Hair Spray comes in 100ml (a regular size), RM 40 for 400ml

“Extra strong hold professional hairspray. Patented formula for finishing a hairstyle: Extra strong, instant fixing of a section or long lasting overall hold. Optimal shine. Anti humidity action. No residue.”

For some reason I love the colour combination of this hair spray bottle and this is something new for me to try on. It does look like a full size to me but in fact it’s a regular size (based on info from Google). Also this is a limited edition according to this blog So yes I love to add this to my limited edition collection!!!!!!!! Look at the real model picture of the model illustration on the hair spray bottle, isn’t it stylo?

imagePicture courtesy of

5. Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy comes in full size 25g

“The Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage Hand Therapy blends conditioning shea butter, moisturising macadamia nut oil and myrrh extract to help condition cuticles and nails. Vitamin C-rich Tarocco blood orange extract and skin-freshening eucalyptus and sage extracts moisturise and soothe hands.”

Hand’s down Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream are one of the best BUT I don’t orange scent!!!! So this is a turn off to me… I love the meadow hand cream scent a lot more than this!!!!!!!

6. Sothys Hydradvance Nourishing Mask comes in 15ml & Light Hydrating Cream comes in 15ml.

“The Hydradvance Hydra-Nourishing Mask provides essential nourishing and moisturizing effect giving an immediate comfort and hydration on your skin.”

“The Sothys Hydradvance Light Hydrating Cream optimizes hydric flow by regulating water transfers and retaining water at its optimal level.”

Well I love this mask and moisturizer to add in my current Sothys product. I have only tested it once and would love to test it for a week to see the results on my face. However, I am expecting some other brand unknown to me or brand that I have not tried before. Oh well this is not too bad to be honest but can be better.


I do not know how should I express how I feel about this Lilac Box. This my first time subscribing to their box and I have a love hate feeling on this box. Love some of its content and hate some of it too…The box is definitely a no no for me..I love Lilac colour…Thought their idea is to reuse the box but I still love fancy and cute designed box…That make me go crazy over them…

The brands variety is alright I think but I’d say it’s too much of Loreal hair product in one box. Though the variety is alright but the brands are mostly known and I am not really excited about it! I felt they put in quite a good sizes in each beauty product except for perfume…Well usually in beauty box or bag perfume comes in sample size..I have not seen a miniature size yet!!!!!!!

Another thing is their blind date concept where by you will not know when will be the exact date for the next box subscription open. In a way it keeps me anticipated but at times is annoying to wait and keep stalking!! So if you would like to subscribe to Lilac box remember to subscribe to their FB Page.

If you have subscribe to the fourth blind date let me know what do you think? Do you have the same feeling like me?


For more info checkout these link:

Till then see you in my Beauty Box from Canada review coming up real soon!!!!!!!!!


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