[Product Review] Talika: The 1st Light Based Shaping Program

Friday, August 23, 2013

Remember I post that I accepted the Talika Shaping Challenge few weeks back? It’s time to show you all how does it work on me!

Honestly speaking I don’t like plastic surgery or anything to do with operation… Given me a choice I would rather stay the way I am then going through the pain. It’s amazing to know that Talika new Bust Phyto Serum & Back Up 3D is all natural and no surgery is required at all…. This is like the perfect product just made for me!

The Bust Phytoserum

The Bust Serum is enriched with all-new plant-based “Bust-Up” complex, the formula of Bust Phytoserum which enhanced the active ingredients contained in the original formula.


Bust Phytoserum were dermatological tested and prove to be harmless. Over half a million women have safely used the products since they were introduced in 2009 ; to date, no side effects have been reported.

The natural scent of mangosteen smell so nice….I love that when I apply it the night before and the next morning I still can smell it as the scent linger on my pyjamas….

The bottle comes with a pump which very convenience to use and is very hygienic. Thought the bottle body is not transparent but the bottom is! This enable me to see if it going to finish soon.

Talika6Left Bust Phytoserum & Right Backup 3D

It’s very simple to apply, just pump two pump on your palm and massage over your breast area with a infinity or ‘8’ shape. The gel a like texture is very easy to absorb and it’s not greasy at all… I usually apply it once a day at night.. Usually, I am too rush in the morning that I might forget. So night time will the best time for me to apply them!

I have been using it for 2week plus and I love the result it produce. It does not give you bigger breast like some other product which it makes the breast look very unnatural. This serum instead of just enlarging it, it actually give a fuller size to my breast. Maybe I could put in a way like the shape change from a papaya shape to a bowl shape. It looks firmer and rounder in shape. It also leave my breast area silky smooth!

The Backup 3D

To complete a S-curve, my butt need to be perk up too…..Aha…with this Backup 3D I believe I can achieve S-curve!


This serum has the same scent with the Bust Phytoserum which smell amazing! The packaging is the same too. To use this, I pump two pump to apply in circular motion on the side of my buttock and another two pump for the front of my buttock. I also apply this once a day at night.

I also have use this for 2weeks plus but this not as effective as Bust Phytoserum. However, it does make my buttock a little bit firmer but not too much. The lifting is not so visible too and cellulite hasn’t been seen getting smoother.

In overall I am happy with the result of Bust Phytoserum and would love to see a rounder buttock. Hopefully with continuous usage, the Backup 3D would give better results.

Are you ready to see my S-curve??????????


I’m loving my new S-shape wonder what it does after full 28days? Stay tuned for next review!! Bye Bye….muahhh have great day people!


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