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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I got hooked with taking picture ala model style after my last self photo shooting in the Toilet…yes Toilet..If you have not seen the post you should see it right away!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here 

So my sunglasses finally arrived last two week and I haven’t got any time to go outdoor until last week I decided to go outdoor and do a photo shoot with this cool shade.

Since the main highlight is the sunglasses, I slightly dressed down a bit to make the sunglasses to be the centre of focus! I did a high crease pink eye shadow for my eyes that day! I never really able to pull a pink eye shadow. I am quite satisfied with this time result…


So I wore a nude draped top with a simple pearl necklace! I wish I can wear a high heels but the fact that my leg have not fully recover I scrapped the idea to make my leg look sexy!!!!!!!! I seriously HATE it!!!!!!!!! I am missing my heel day and night…More than missing my darling… This is driving me crazy…

Here is the full look for that day! I super love the silk top…it make my skin feel so cooling and comfortable!! But ironing might be hard sometime!



Top: Bangkok

Short: Cotton On

Bag: Charles & Keith

Are you excited to see my new purple shades? I bet you do…But if you are my instagram follower you might have seen it already…. For those who have not, let’s see how it goes on my face and how it match my eyes.…


Do you love the purple shade too?

Before I share with you how I like this sunglasses, let me share with you how I got this sunglasses. Online shopping makes our life so convenient..With a click into I was offered with an array of glasses, contact lens and sunglasses to choose from… From small to big brand..


The website is very user friendly and there is many option to help you filter the item you are actually looking for. This could help to save the time spend browsing on the category or item that you are not looking for.



As usual I’m a sucker for sales item! These filter really help me to scrutinize my selection. I’m not so much into brand, only certain things… So I filter the pricing and also the frame type. This purple shade from Dandelion really caught my eyes!! The colour and also the price is irresistible!!


Dandelion202A Purple RM 120.00 after discount RM 49.90

When you click the sunglasses you want, you can see the info on the sunglasses i.e price,colour, material,measurement, weight & etc.


It only take roughly two weeks for the sunglasses to arrive on my doorstep. They are using GDEX to ship to me. It seems like the sunglasses come from other country as I can see it was ship using another shipping services called Aramix before it is transferred to Gdex. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the shipping. The sunglasses is wrap nicely with bubble wrap and another sunglasses cloth casing. No sunglasses hard casing is provided though.

To be honest I never heard of this brand before! I have selected a aviator frame which I have never had one before. This sunglasses are in full-rim with aviator frame that can fit both women and men! Perfect for those who have oval, heart & square-like faces just like my oval face! The light weight material of the frame is really a good selling point! It does not cause pain to my nose! The metal structure in the middle give a really stylo finishing which make me feel so stylish!


As you can see it match well with my outfit!! I love how the big frame that make me look so cool and edgy! The not so violet frame is really what i love about the frame….Not too dark nor light…It makes me look fair too…And the almost sheer gradient purple colour lens really look good on my eyes..


I too love the thin hook of the sunglasses where it won’t make my ear feel pain after wearing for hours.. You know when the hook is broad and heavy the ear will felt like there is a load on it and it’s very painful even wearing for only few minutes!


Oh one thing I didn’t like about this sunglasses is the size is too huge for my head size…When i first got it, it felt like falling down anytime..Lucky Thomas help me to fix it with some glue…Haha..i don’t how he did it..but it works!!!!!!!! In overall I really love the design and the light weight frame really make wearing so comfortable.

Glasses online store provide free shipping nationwide and also 30days return. At such an affordable price you still can get free shipping isn’t it great?



It’s even better as now for all reader there will be a RM 20 off on top of your purchases… Just key in Gocindysplanet20 upon checking out! What a deal eh? Go get yourself a sunglasses now especially if you are planning a beach holiday soon…


So before I end this post, here is my caviar nails that I do the night before!


I can’t keep long nails so the design won’t look as pretty as on long nails..Till my next photo shoot and have a great week as long holiday is coming!!

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