Hatyai/ Krabi TSDayOut Day 3 Part 1/2: Krabi Night Life + Staying over at Huge Palace

Monday, August 19, 2013

Okay before I move on to the bright blue sky, sparkling clear blue water and lots of swimming let have a look at the night street along Ao Nang Beach where we stroll along the night before.

After the fulfilling dinner, we walk along the shops row along Ao Nang Beach… It’s about 2km length to walk from the head to tail of the of all the shops.

Krabi81Shops along Ao Nang Beach

We feel the breezy wind as we walk along the shop since it’s very near to the seaside. Good thing is, it was not packed with people and we have ample space to walk.

Krabi80McDonald at Ao Nang, Krabi

You can see plenty of bikini and beach wear shop when you walk along as much as every two or three shop you will see one. Most of them are selling at the same price. Of course if you are good, you can bargain with them and get a good deal for a set of bikini. Each shop will have at least 20-30 different designs of bikini and quite a number look really sexy and beautiful. The price per bikini starts from 250bath and above.


I didn’t buy bikini as I have plenty of them….. Oh I tried this floppy straw hat..How does it look? Can you guess whether I purchased it?


I feel the items here are slightly expensive compare to places in Bangkok and Pattaya but some of the item’s quality is better. Also they have a wide arrays of designs to choose from. Ahaaa I found this cute tuktuk and i love this picture of my natural smile. Don’t you love them too?


Also there are few shops that sell souvenirs, art & craft products as well as painting.

Krabi84The Joker painting is scary..


Krabi89Ohh the eyes is so adorable..

Beside shopping for beach wear & paintings, there is also numbers of stall selling local food like pancake and some other snack. Remember I talk about it in my previous Krabi Post? Here it is, the Banana Pancake and they have many more flavours with different toppings like nuts,chocolate syrup, condensed milk and also varieties of filling like peanut butter, butter, strawberry jam, blueberry and many more!

Krabi91Banana Pancake with Condensed Milk

It does look like Roti Pisang (google it if you are not from Malaysia) but the texture of the whole pancake is different. It has a very crispy skin and internally it is very moist with the chunk of smooth and tender banana…. Each bite is so delicious… Every time we buy it will be gone in minutes…. Our Krabi gang just love it! I forget about the price but it’s should be less than 50bath anyway who care right? It’s so delicious I don’t mind paying though!

Beside the local snack, there is numerous Italian restaurant at one corner…

Krabi92Which restaurant to hop on?


Where nearby there is also a whole area where pubs are located. Some with loud music almost like club and some with band performance…So you just pick one suits you!

The first night we went to a lovely bar for some snooker and drink as we need to wake up early! This pub call Jetaime Cafe & Bar, decorated with neon pink LED and has a pool table for those who want to play.

Krabi96Je Taime Bar & Cafe, tattoo service is available!

Krabi97Snooker anyone?

Image 2013-08-13 2From left clockwise: Juli, Jenny, Sharon, Me, Ding Xiang and Tian Chad

What my drinks that night? Barcardi Breeze in Pineapple Flavour…I search for this drink for ages..I used to drink this back in UK but it’s not available in Malaysia but it’s sold on almost every 7eleven in Krabi!


The second night in Krabi we head for the one with awesome beats1

Image 2013-08-13 3We sure pick the happening one!!

Image 2013-08-13 5Look at the crazy people dancing!

Image 2013-08-13Me, Juli & Melvin join in the dance too!

p/s picture with SKY ARTS watermark credit to tianchad.com check out his blog he takes stunning pictures…

The clubbing scene is Krabi is so different compare to the ones in KL or Singapore. Most of them dress casually and most with sandals..Well it’s near beach that’s why…People here are much more friendly and some of their staff would be dancing on the dance floor and invite others to join along..Creating a very fun crowd! We even made a super long line where all hands on each other shoulder and dance around the pub/club.

We took a tuk tuk that could fit all six of us! Coolness….So breezy as you can see our hair flying!

Image 2013-08-13 1

Night Market along Ao Nang Beach

  • Location : Hwy 4203, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand (Not so sure the exact road name, this is taken from google.)
  • Nearby Attraction : Aonang Beach
  • What to do : Sightseeing, shopping, dining, drinking

Off to the brighter scene… We definitely had fun partying the night before that we almost forget to wake up for our island hopping! We stayed at Krabi Success Hotel that night.

Krabi108Our room is on the left, yes the yellow building..

Before we arrive at the hotel, I read a few bad reviews that got me so worried that this won’t be a good stay at Krabi. Thankfully, we had a good time staying here. The only bad thing is the hotel is located in a very secluded area that you will need a tuk tuk if you want to go to the town. The fact that the building that we are staying in are in construction that it make such a bad view along the walking path to our room as you can see in above picture.

Great thing is the room is very spacious and bed is comfortable too but the mattress was a little hard…Well when Im tired I just sleep all the way…Hard or soft doesn’t matter…errr sound kinda wrong…but honestly the mattress wasn’t too hard just slight hard.


I am not used to metal bed frame…lol but it does look pretty and it does not give the noisy sound…You like when you roll to the other side, metal bed frame will always give some sort of sound. Well you get what i mean don’t you?

Another good thing is there is bath tub!!!!! Hooray…must have whenever I stayed in hotel…why? because that is the only time I can soak in bath tub.


The bathroom is very spacious too… Water pressure is pretty good making my shower time very enjoyable! There is balcony in the room too but we didn’t really walked out..We were tired and fell asleep quickly.

Oh another bad thing is there is no WIFI in the room..Only at the reception area.

I woke up early together with Jenny to explore the hotel we stayed for the night. We found out that the hotel is very huge..It is divided to few area some of the room are exclusively just right in front of swimming pool. You can jump into the pool from the balcony. Wowwwww….How I wish I stayed in that room.. Well let me bring you around with my pictures..

Krabi100I look like a palace right?

The rooms are on the right hand side of below picture….Just jump in!

Krabi101The color is green because of the tiles and also the because there’s no sunlight yet…

Very very huge pool surrounding the hotel…


After that we on to the dining area for breakfast…I don’t like to have my breakfast here because it is near to the pool, there is so many mosquito in the morning. If not mistaken it’s indoor but the door was left opened…


Breakfast was alright..nothing to shout about…

After which we went for Island Hoping where I’ll blog about it in the next post.

Now this part was after Island Hoping as I want to put all hotel feature together in one blog post.

Krabi109From Left: Jenny, Juli, Melvin, Suren and Afiq

We have to walk all the way from the main gate to the hotel!


I just love clouds….


We went for a afternoon dip together…And while passing by we discover another separate pool in another section..So many pool haha..


This the pool where we play water together!!!!!! It was really really fun!!! We laugh so much and share a lots of different stories….


More pictures..



Nah here is the video Tian Chad take when we having fun playing the water!!!!!!!

Krabi Success Hotel

  • Location : Krabi Success Beach Resort, 112 Moo 3, Nopparat-tara Beach, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000 Thailand 
  • Nearby Attraction : Ao Nang Beach, Night Market
  • No Wifi Access in Room only in reception area
  • Air conditioned room with two single beds equipped with a mini-bar, refrigerator, telephone, hairdryer, and coffee, tea-making facilities as well as bath tub

Oh this is one of the trip that will keep in my heart forever..I really had a lot of fun time together with the Krezy Krabi Geng…We should really come out for another hangout or TSDayout will be event better huh?

Till then Happy Monday and Happy Working oh!!!!!!!! Cheerios..

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