Bag of Love Jun Edition : It’s Summer Time

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello i think most of you was very reluctant to get up to head to your workplace right?? The long holiday was amazing right?? Today I am going to share with you something blue but not Monday Blue definitely!!!!!!!!!! It’s Bag of Love June Edition!!!!!!! I know I am very late for this post. If you notice I have been caught up at work and was very busy organizing a big giveaway for my blog. Well almost finalizing everything and I shall announce the giveaway this coming September. So stay tune ya…

As for now let’s see how do I like this Blue Stripe Bag of Love. I know you have seen the item in the bag from other blog already but let’s see my verdict of this bag kay?

Bag of Love1

Not too sure if the minion craze has gone but I still love them…Aren’t they cute??? Did you collect all the minion? Queue for hours just to get them?

The Bag

Opps back to the bag….Sadly I don’t find this month bag interesting to me. I love the previous bag quality and design more. I don’t quite like the idea of attaching the badge on the bag. I prefer the the bag of love logo to be printed on the bag instead. The tailoring of the bag wasn’t that good either, there are some part with some misaligning that make the bag don’t look good. The good thing it’s waterproof material which is good if you decided to bring it to the beach or water activity. Overall the bag quality is not too bad but i prefer the May’s bag more….

The Content

Bag of Love2

1. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray, come in 1.2ml, RM 185 for 100ml

Sadly I’m not a fan of Elizabeth Arden perfume. So I wasn’t so excited when I received this Green Tea perfume. I sprayed on my wrist, the base green tea scent was great to smell on but the overall scent is bit too strong for me. Great thing is after about 30 minutes the scent evaporates and it become lighter which is good for me… Well, I think i love scent with water elements more…

2. Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set (Toner, Essence, Fresh Water Gel & Sun Protective cream), come in deluxe size (3-8ml), (Full size products range from RM69-RM169)

Okie this Cremorlab Trial Set is my favourite in the bag because it’s new to me and I have never heard of this product before. Also, the sun protective cream is provided in the bag which will be great to bring along for beach holiday!!!!!!!! I have not tested the product but tried the fresh water gel on my hand, it was good…the gel is so cooling which live up to it’s claim of using hot spring water in the product.

Cremorlab originate from Korea and their trademark is the usage of the Geumjin hot spring water as one of the main ingredient for it’s product. This water contains lots of minerals believe to able to heal various skin problems such as dry skin and sensitive skin.

I shall do a separate review for this once I have try them.

3. Clairol Professional Colour Radiance Intensive Mask, come in 30ml, RM69 for 200ml & Visible Repair Intensive Mask, come in 50ml, RM69 for 200ml

Quite a number of hair product piling in my bath room and thus I have not try this. Moreover, Clairol is not the brand then I wouldn’t jump upon receiving….But I read from other blog, they say it was good..The shampoo is so moisturizing to the point conditioner is not needed. Mmmphhhh I am eager to try that out….

4. Vaseline Healthy White SPF24/PA++, come in full size, RM15.90 for 200ml

I’m not a fan of lotion…I only put on lotion when I feel like it! So I wasn’t too overjoyed with this Vaseline Lotion. However, this is the only lotion that I came across lotion with SPF in it. Well this is really cool, it will be good for my next beach holiday!!!!!! With this lotion I can enjoy sunbathing by the beach but I’m not quite sure SPF 24 is sufficient! Oh god I miss my Bali trip like hell lor!!!! I wish to go back to Nusa Lembongan!!!!!!

5. Definite Foundation Brush, RM118 for full size

The only reason that make me subscribe to Bag of Love even I have skin care pilling up on my cupboard is because of the brushes! I love Definite brush but sadly this brush I receive has a blue alike liquid all over the hair….So I told Mimi and she say she will replace a new brush to me…. Hooray…..

There is also some coupons from Seqoci as well as Clairol. I have never came across Seqoci before this. I have checkout and found their dresses are pretty! Also I’m eyeing this clutch..What do you think? Should I buy this clutch?



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Till then hope you have a great week!!!!! and don’t be lazy..get back to more holiday yeah!!!!!!!!


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