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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Last Saturday, I had a date with Lilac Bloggers at Red Box Pavilion to attend a workshop by Babor. I was there like 20 minutes late because I wanted to park at Fahrenheit because the parking rate is cheaper. Too bad that all the parking is full so I have no choice to make a big round to return to park in Pavilion which cost me RM 15!!!!!!! gasp parking in KL can be a bomb!!

By the way, let me show you my sweet ##OOTD for the day. Also, ever since I gotten the Sephora eye shadow palette, I got hook playing with different colours for applying onto my eyes..


Top: Esprit

Long Skirt: Boutique in Times Square

Pearl Necklace: Forget where I got it!

Flower Belt: Got it when I purchase a dress from Isetan!

Blue Checked Earing: From Bangkok

This is one of my favourite Top from Esprit!! Super like the blinking crystal on the wordings and umbrella. The skirt too, is very flowy and I like the length that it can cover till my foot instead of ankle which will look ugly if I wear high heel.


For my eyes, I thought I played with bright colour and I line it on bottom of my eyes instead of on my eye lid.


I use a bright Turquoise as liner for bottom of my eyes and keep top of my eyes light with nude shade (any colour with brown/ light orange base will do). Since it’s summer, I put more emphasis on contouring using bronzer. I maintain my lip in nude glossy gloss too so the eyes will pop.


Closer look of my eyes.. I also line my upper lid with a supper thin line till the edge of my eyes without doing the flick. Instead I did a short flick on my bottom eye using the turquoise cream shadow.


When I arrived at Red Box and most girl has already begin eating their lunch. Well the food there wasn’t really super yummy but when I’m hungry who cares???

Well, I thought we will be having a Karaoke Session or so but nah, it’s another workshop…there is another room where is specially decorated for this workshop. I didn’t know Red Box provide venue for event as such….

We begin with some introduction on Babor brand as well as the product.

BABOR - the German beauty pioneer. Founded by renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor in 1956, the company has been steadfastly focused on innovation and has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of professional skincare.

Babor promise to ensure skin is visibly improved with lasting and healthy skin tone. Babor select ingredient from the  natural world of plants, and are obtained from fair-trade sources and organically grown. Each product is a consistent symbol of “Beauty, Made in Germany”.

Each and every workshop’s participant is given a travel back with basic skin care from Babor.


From Left







Babor9with Sarah & Jenny


As we all know cleansing is the most important steps in any beauty regime. It’s important to ensure all your makeup is entirely removed leaving no traces behind.

First we soak the facial cotton into water and then drop two drop of Hy – Ol onto the cotton. Then tear it apart and gently remove both eyes makeup.


To remove eyeliner fold the cotton into triangle shape and gently dap and rub off to dissolve the eyeliner on your eyes.


Well I was quite disappointed as the oil does not remove all traces of eyeliner away.

Babor after

Then continue pour four drop of oil and massage onto entire face in a circular movement to remove all the makeup on our face.

After which,  pour another two drop of Phyto Base and massage all over the face. Use some water to dampen the face and massage until it become milky texture. Remember only use your finger to apply the cleanser on your face. Do not use palm as the pressure will results in fine lines on our skin.


Dampen the face and again massage the scrub (not in the travel pack) all over the face for 2 minutes and then rinse off with water. I felt the the scrub is rather dry on my face and does make my skin feel strained. Perhaps this it the lifting effect but I don’t quite like the feeling. 



After that follow up with a thin layer of comfort cream mask. Apply on face and DO NOT massage it. Apply one stroke by one stroke.

Babor18 with Comfort Creme Mask


Spray the Thermal Spring water on the left, right and from fore head to nose!


Babor is one of the biggest ampoule producer in the world…. This Ampoule is highly concentrated and it contains lots of vitamin that is very good for skin. This Ampoule is a instance thirst quencher! This item is not included in the travel pack. I love this ampoule, the scent is so good…


Follow up with the mimic control cream and firming eye cream.


Lastly finish the regime with Sun Screen to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Babor21My face after the full skin care regime….

Honestly speaking, I think these product is not suitable for my skin. It’s rather too oily for my skin and my skin do have redness after using their product…. I am not sure whether I am sensitive on the first usage or what? I heard from my other friends who attended the workshop also felt the product is quite oily too. I think this product is more suitable for more mature or dry skin which require high level of hydration and concentrated creams to gives skin more nutrition.

The workshop end with a lucky draw and one lady actually won 14 bottles of Ampoule which cost RM 800+++ !!!OMG…..


I am not bad either, I too won one bottle of ampoule so does Jenny.


my pic with Kay!!!! Loveeee this pic.. Both of us look so sweet…


and a big group picture of all Lilac Blogger & Lilac Box’s Subscriber too…



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