WMS Appreciation Dinner

Friday, July 12, 2013

Holla, it seems like I had so much of good food ever since I landed from Bangkok. On Sunday I had Zakuro Two Japanese Food.which is so yummy and Monday night I had a great dinner with all the blogger where I chomp down all the super juicy and tender barbeque lamb at WMS appreciation dinner.


Oh I scoop quite a lot of lamb on my plate!


I was really happy to be invited to this appreciation dinner, felt really honour as my effort is being appreciated.

I thought it will be only those who were involved in the campaign is going to the dinner but there are other blogger that were invited too... Yippee...Means more dinner companion!!

Look how happy is everyone eating peanuts and chatting!!!!!!! It can go whole night!


Fabian was the MC of the night and he offered to be bartender for the night serving booze to us all night long.

WMS4Fabian giving his speech!

WMS1The Booze!!

Don was "on stage" extend his gratitude to every blogger who is involved in the campaign as well as WMS for engaging Manoah in this campaign.

WMS5Don giving speech on so called "stage"

Dr Macerline said that she started a blog of 6 post consist of 400 words each just to join us along in the blogging world. She wanna do something meaningful to the society and that is why she is putting so many effort in this WMS project.

WMS6Dr Macerline sharing her story with us! It's truly inspiring.

Read her blog here.

We had our dinner at Katchi Group Sdn Bhd, which is one of the organizer and host to World Marketing Summit Malaysia (WMS 2013 Malaysia) with World Marketing Summit Group, Canada, & Kotler Impact Inc. They look to your support and valued partnership in realising the multi-faceted objectives of this global summit & are confident that your organization and you will see a clear match between corporate goals and the aspirations championed by this global connection.

"WMS aims to provide a platform to demonstrate how NGOs, acamedia, government & governmental bodies and corporations can work in tandem to make profits, make a difference in business and at the same time contribute back to the society!"

Well if you have not read what the Project Hope that I have attended which is also one of WMS initiative in achieving their goals, please checkout my previous write up on Project Hope.

World Marketing Summit Malaysia will be happening from 28th - 30th September 2013 at Putrajaya Convention Center.

I had a good time chatting wit fellow blogger and had numerous plates of barbeque lamb along with a few sip of drinks!

WMS9Group Picture

Once again thanks to Manoah for giving me opportunity to work with Manoah in all the events and campaign.


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