Wendy Ramadhan Deluxe: Relish The Authentic Beef and Chicken Rendang

Thursday, July 11, 2013

When come to Ramadhan month there is one dish that we, Malaysian will never miss out during Buka Puasa time which is Rendang. Do you like Beef Rendang or Chicken Rendang? I like both the Beef and Chicken Rendang because I am meat lover. Rendang is a spicy traditional meat dish from Mingakabau, Indonesia. This dish is usually served during festive or special occasions.

clip_image002Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe Beef Rendang

Wendy’s introduced the Ramadhan Deluxe which consists of Beef Rendang Deluxe and Chicken Rendang Deluxe in conjunction with the Ramadhan festive season. Few bloggers and myself were privileged to review the Ramadhan Deluxe set last week. For Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe Set you can choose either the Beef Rendang or Chicken Rendang and it comes with aromatic coconut rice, potato rendang, slices of fresh cucumber and crispy papadums.

clip_image004Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe Set ~ Beef Rendang & Chicken Rendang

The Beef Rendang is made of 100% juicy Australian Beef and the gravy is thicker compared to the Chicken Rendang. I can taste the richness and creaminess of the meat blend in together with the coconut, lemongrass and all the spices. The meat is tender and infused with the fragrant of all the spices. I bet its going tickle your taste buds.

clip_image006Wendy’s Beef Rendang

Well, the Chicken Rendang is succulent and rich aroma of the spices gives me a kick. The Chicken Rendang gravy is very appetizing when eat together with the aromatic coconut rice and munched the crispy papadums is scrumptious delight.

clip_image008Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe Chicken Rendang

The potato rendang is also something different and I like it because it is milder or not as spicy as the rendang Chicken & Beef.

clip_image010Potato Rendang

Besides the Ramadhan Deluxe Set, I also tried the Wendy’s Onion Rings, Vanilla and Chocolate Frosty plus Strawberry and Coke Float. Wow! the Onion Rings are so crispy and delicious. The batter thin and tasty, I can’t stop munching.

clip_image012Wendy’s Onion Rings

I like the smooth Vanilla Frosty however as for the Strawberry Float my first sip was slightly sweet but when I stirred and mix with the ice cream then it is good, creamy and thick

clip_image014Wendy’s Strawberry & Coke Float and Vanilla and Chocolate Frosty

The Beef Rendang Deluxe and Chicken Rendang Deluxe are now available at Wendy’s restaurants for a limited time at RM8.50 each. Plus you can also add-ons Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea, Regular Onion Rings or Frosty for only RM2.00 each item for a complete wholesome meal.

clip_image016Wendy’s Ramadhan Deluxe Add-On

For more updates please check out Wendy’s Malaysia Facebook Page. Don’t forget to try out this delicious Ramadhan set alright? Till then Happy Thursday!!!!!!! TGIF is arriving looo..

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