VanityTrove June: Infinite Youth is Possible with Kose

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What is the secret to infinite youth??  A question every woman been asking and numerous attempts to seek for the answer to achieve eternal youth. This month VanityTrove is delivering a box of skin care that promise to give eternal youth to me!

Outlook of the Trove?

This month trove feature a trove/ box filled with only Kose’s product and thus there is a slight changes on the trove outlook. An additional half KOSE band was literally stick on top of the usual trove.

Vanity Trove Kose1

Stick as in only using a double tape, and not all edges was attached with the double tape and that is why it is not secured at all! Worst thing of all the ribbon decided to de-attached & left tangling like that…

I have not share in depth of my thoughts on VanityTrove’s box this in my previous review on VanityTrove. I shall reveal my opinion on this trove after getting a total of 5 troves from VanityTrove.

Let’s start from the outer to the inner. I like how the box can be so sturdy and tough. Of all 5 box I received none are dented. It also come with a layer of sheer plastic to wrap around the entire box for water proof purposes or protection for any other source that may cause damage to the box. It also help to keep the drawer alike box in place, so it does not glide through and product coming out from the box.

imageAll box wrapped in a plastic layer!

picture courtesy of

I heart the drawer design of the box because I can reuse it to store my jewelleries and my eye shadow too…The drawer design makes it so convenient just like those jewellery box sold in the market though this is a little bit bulkier. Also the box thick material also enable me to store heavy stuff like nail polish!! It’s a Heavy Duty Box!

imageThe Drawer Box

picture courtesy of

While I love the contrast colours and simple design of the box print, for the first two time I am still jumping in joy but from the third one onward I felt bored over the same box print. Don’t get me wrong as I still love collecting the box but being an adventurous girl I would love to receive different type of prints on my box!!!!!!! So that I am surprised even before I unboxed it.

Let’s jumped into the inner of the box! I fell in love with the sweet coloured tissue paper used to wrapped the products (not the normal tissue you used to wipe your face ok?) and the strips of colourful paper used as padding! Not all subscriber will receive the same inner colour packaging…I have seen colours like pink, blue, purple and green too….

VanityTrove2My Trove wrapped in sweet orange paper! 

As what I mentioned, this month trove has a slight change compared to previous trove. It was great as I think it gives a fresh outlook but they need to do something on the quality of the added touch! I have given feed back to Valerie from VanityTrove about this, she explained that the box design is VanityTrove signature which it is the same in other countries…I could understand that but I do love to see the coming box to have a new touch up (perhaps in the internal wrapping?) and the ribbon to stay attached to the box!! Other than that, VanityTrove’s box design is still one of my preferred one compared to other box design in the market.

Now what make VanityTrove Box stands out from Other?

5 reasons why!!!!!!!!

  • Extremely good quality of the box!! No Dent at all!
  • Good padding used even eye shadow does not shattered!
  • Drawer type is very convenient when opening it!
  • Use super sweet colour tone in wrapping the product!
  • Sufficient padding to ensure product is not damaged!

What’s in the Trove?

Now lets come back to this month trove, so what have arrived on my door steps that could make the rest of my morning smiling in front of the mirror?

Vanity Trove Kose

1. KOSE Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel (10ml in box), RM 119 for 120g

First encounter with cleansing oil in gel form. I can’t wait to try it out! It is said that it will effectively removes makeup and dirt from your face as well as clearing clogged pores leaving smoother & brighter skin. Just massage a cherry size of this gel on your face and neck and rinse thoroughly with water.

2. KOSE Pure Advance Clear Up Wash (9.6ml in box), RM 99 for 120g

For a thorough cleansing follow up with this meringue alike bubble clear up wash to remove any excess make & sebum from your skin.  Just need to gently massage over your face and rinse with water.

3. KOSE Pure Advance Essence Lotion II (30ml in box), RM 169 for 160ml

Continue your step by applying the essence lotion by cotton or using your palm and gently pat into your skin after cleansing. The natural essence ingredient helps to rejuvenate, hydrate and plump up tired skin.

4. KOSE Pure Advance Serum II (30ml in box), RM 169 for 120ml

This serum will be able to adjust the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin leaving your skin soft, fluffy and poreless. Dispense appropriate amount onto your palm and massage gently onto your skin.

5. KOSE Pure Advance Eye Jelly (5ml x 2sachets in box), RM 180 for 20g

Haha I was eyeing for eye cream and heck another one after the one I get in Mivva Box!!! I love this because it’s from KOSE. I love all KOSE product and this eye cream promised to instantly replenish moisture around the eyes and in return helps to create eye that radiate vibrantly just like giving an impression of eye jelly! Just squeeze a small amount and work it around your eye area gently using your ring finger.

6. KOSE Deep Protection UV(8.9ml in box), RM 118 for 30g

Last but not least, is the sunscreen cream which is a must for us Malaysian! Living in a tropical country will get suntanned easily without applying product with sufficient SPF! This tube contain SPF 50+/Pa+++ powerfully guard skin from harmful UVA?UVB rays. The emulsion like texture is easy to absorbed into the skin and help protect skin’s translucency and firmness making fine wrinkles less visible.

Does this 6 item keep me smiling in front of mirror?? We shall see in another separate post!

Do I love it or Hate it?

I think the idea of having one single brand in a trove is good as it allows the subscriber to try out the whole range for maximum effectiveness. It’s good that VanityTrove pre-inform subscribe to expect a box filled with only a single brand KOSE.


As for me, since I am a previous use of KOSE product I sure does love this month box. The complete set of KOSE Infinite Youth give me an opportunity to try out the entire range to find out whether it do good to my skin as a whole. Currently still using another skin care range once I finish will use this one and will definitely do a separate review for this!


Do you know VanityTrove is changing their Beauty Trove platform where the coming month you will be receiving a customize beauty trove of your choice based on your facial profile?

If you interested in subscribing to Vanity Trove is cost at RM50 for each trove.

If you would like to know more and subscribe to VanityTrove please check out

Do check out VanityTrove FB Page for live updates too…


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