TSDAY Out: A Fun Day at DEMC!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

** Warning Super Long post with gazilion pictures of fun & memorable moments!!!!! But I assure you will enjoy reading this!

It’s been a while since I last been selected for TS Day Out event. You can see that they have really grow so much that so many people want to join in the fun at each TS Day Out. When Dian send me an email about this event which say a Health & Beauty makeover. I was woots…. How does this relates to travel?? Then Dian explain that we need to also take care of our health and by that we can be able to explore the world in a better shape right? Also, this is also a tour around the DEMC Hospital Specialist as well as Dew Wellness Centre. image

**If you are new to my blog and do not know what is TSDayOut, then you should really read all my previous post on all the fun activity I attended!


picture courtesy of  http://www.medicaltourismselangor.com/demc-specialist-hospital-in-shah-alam/

At first I am only interested in the Makeover part, which girl wouldn’t right??? The rest of the activity like tour around the hospital is like mehhh…Not so interesting though… plus I am really scared of that chilly moment inside hospital.

“Tell you what when I was small, if there is any death ceremony in my neighbourhood I would be very scared that I arranged pillow all over my bed and cover with thick blanket when I go to sleep!!! I have a mind set that the ghost will come and find me lol!! So lame I know right..Even until today I still feel a goose bump when I go to hospital or temple where they play all those Buddhist song! errrr maybe I did lots of bad thing so I’m scared of ghost will come and hunt me? or I’m just a coward? Honestly I don’t know!! You be the judge!”

This time it’s totally different!!!!!! A step into the hospital, it felt so different! I don’t have the goose bump that I used to have and with elevator and all in a Hospital? It felt like a mall to me!!!!

DSC01455The main lobby.

Truth that DEMC had put whole lot of effort into the interior design that both meet the standard hospital requirements as well as building a Boutique inspired Hospital! Everyone goes wowwwwwwwwwwww…..and I shake my head a lil (I was a little sleepy cause was rushing work the night before), thinking I heard wrongly! No, I did not heard wrongly, DEMC is a Boutique Hospital where by it provides a more personalized care to patients and features a calming, cool tones on the walls, sophisticated artwork, and warm lighting environment that create a healing, comfortable atmosphere for our patients and their families too. DEMC not only limit themself with treating patient but they ensure patient stay healthy, beautiful and happy.

As usual, event always begin with registration, getting goodies bag & signing some indemnity form!

DSC01257Some are busy registering while some are busy taking photos!

This time I saw quite a few new faces and a group pica we before we went into a brief introduction on DEMC!

imageOne Malaysia posing with our new TSDayOut T-Shirt! Love the fresh Green colour of the shirt!

Naslin Irina Aziz, Head of Department of DEMC Wellness Department then give a warm welcome to all TSDayOut participants to DEMC.


Later on Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor extend their gratitude to DEMC for this collaboration allowing TSDayOut to be held in DEMC introducing Medical Tourism for the first time. This is also in conjunction of Malaysia being listed on the world medical tourism site.


Now you must asking what is this Medical Tourism all about?

“Medical tourism (MT) is patient movement from highly developed nations to other areas of the world for medical care, usually to find treatment at a lower cost. Medical tourism is different from the traditional model of international medical travel where patients generally journey from less developed nations to major medical centres in highly developed countries for medical treatment that is unavailable in their own communities”

source from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_tourism

Dato’ Dr. Omar bin Abdul Hamid, Chief Executive Officer of DEMC Specialist Hospital is welcomed on stage for a little speech. He share some of his insights of how DEMC started up.


Known as Darul Ehsan Medical Centre back then which is one of the newest hospital in Selangor. officially opened in July 1997, DEMC has walked a long way and has earn reputation as an exclusive one stop medical centre for the whole family. The hospital featuring the different themes of each suite with exclusive dining lounge and other amenities that will ensure you have a comfortable stay throughout your healing time. The hospital has a capacity of 130 beds offering a range of 35 professional medical and surgical expertise.

DEMC6Ms Ashikin present a gift to Dr Dato Omar.

After all VIP has given their speech we were then proceed with our agenda for the day! Okie as much as I would like to show you my makeover but let’s bring you to a little tour around DEMC.

Tour Around DEMC

A) Main Lobby

At the main lobby we you can actually have rest at the comfortable sofa while waiting for registration, or if you need to withdraw money there is always ATM machine available and if you come to visit your family or friend there is always a Florist for you to get a fresh bouquet of flower. There is also a desktop for you in case you need a quick fix on your whatever business via online. Before I missed out, there is a concierge & valet as  well where you can just drop your car and the jockey will do the rest, park your car nicely and keep your key for you!

DEMC LobbyDEMC Lobby

B) Sutera Lounge

While heading to Sutera lounge, you will charmed by the beautiful therapeutic garden  specifically design as part of the patient’s therapy and also for healing processes. Patient or visitor can enjoy the soothing view of nice landscaping with colourful flowers and water fountain that can help to give relaxing therapy to the mind and body.



In Sutra Lounge, you will like you are at home. The modern furniture match with the elegant carpet across the lounge is so comfortable to be at. A huge LCD TV with numbers of channel to entertained you while you enjoy you meal at the lounge. I must say I enjoy having my meal here until the girls shout my name that we have move on to next stop!!!!! I am still enjoying my meal with Stuart Little movie!

Sutera Lounge

The food that I have are made especially to meet the healthy regime. Usually those food in hospital sucks big time but this surprisingly good….Not too bland and the mild flavour just sufficient to keep my appetite on-going

Food at Sutera Lounge

We took a group picture after our breakfast in Sutera Lounge.

imagepicture courtesy of http://foodnframe.com/2013/06/tsdayout-demc-specialist-hospital/

For more info on Sutera Lounge check out this link: http://www.demc.com.my/our-services/suteralounge.html

C) Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre

It’s like a huge gymnasium where people train themself to manage their own physical well-being independently.

For more info on Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation check out this link: http://www.demc.com.my/our-services/physiotherapy.html

DEMC50The Gymnasium

while walking pass I saw this 5S pledge on the wall which is very impressing.


D) Diagnostic Imaging Centre

This is the place where all scanning take place. Physicians refer their patients to ID for exceptional quality in clinical services, images and diagnoses – which are critical to determining your care and treatment.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department is equipped with modern technology and is located on the ground floor of the hospital. We provide a varied range of radiographic services such as:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • Computerized Tomographic Scanning ( C.T. Scan).
  • Mammography for breast cancer screening.
  • Digital General Radiography with Computed Radiography System.
  • Digital fluoroscopy (in the pipeline).
  • Digital ultrasound and Colour Doppler.
  • U/s Guided non vascular interventional radiology.
  • Contrast studies – IVU, HSG,URS,FESS etc..


DEMC61Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Radiographer will do mammogram for woman aged 40 and above only.


In CT (Computed Tomography) scan, picture from the machine can go directly to the computer in the next room. Veins and artery of your heart can be seen form the screen. They practise an open concept so the patient doesn’t feel scared when doing the scanning.

DEMC63Results from CT scan.

For more info on Digital Imaging checkout this link: http://www.demc.com.my/our-services/diagnostic-imaging.html

E) Junior Executive

This the most joyful area among the whole hospital. Divided into two theme, sea & jungle. I am sure kids will have fun at this area and will never felt like they are patient at all.

DEMC73The Sea Theme!

DEMC69The Jungle Theme!

Even I felt so happy walking pass this cute cartoon..More cartoon picture for you!




The colourful room for the kids…


and funky washroom design!


E) Other Rooms & Suites

At DEMC, there is varieties of room or suite for you to opt from. Each with different characteristic to suits to your needs. I practically like the executive suite…. In this suite, you will treated like a king/queen. There is a butler who will be at your service to attend to all your need during your stay in DEMC. For example you want him to buy you a food that you specifically like, you can do so! There is also a small kitchen in the room so you can store your food in refrigerator and etc.

DEMC Patient Room 1DEMC Patient Room

For more info on each room characteristic and price check out this link: http://www.demc.com.my/our-facilities/patient-rooms/the-orchid-suite.html

and finally I’m going to talk about my make over at DEW Wellness Centre.

E) DEW Wellness Centre

DEW Wellness Centre is a one stop wellness centre dedicated to developing healthy lifestyle that nourishes your physical, mental & social wellbeing. They develop program to prevent you from getting sickness cause by diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer and kidney disorders which are often "silent killers" and are largely lifestyle related.


DEW also incorporates the following treatments:

  • Executive wellness programme
  • Aesthetics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dental Aesthetics
  • Obesity Management


For more info on DEW Wellness centre check out: http://www.demc.com.my/dew/

and finally I’m going to talk about my make over at DEW Wellness Centre.

So we were divided into few group which some will be doing the Body Composition Analysis, Medical Screening & other to do Aesthetic. We take turns to undergo the treatments. So there a quite a moment where we have to wait for our turn. For me, I just spent the waiting time walking one room to another to see what are the procedure like!!!!!!

imageWith another Cindy while waiting for our turn!

A Make Over with Aesthetic

Well this is my first time doing Aesthetic related treatment and laser is my first time too… I didn’t know that there is so many type of laser. I always think laser is sooooooooooooooo painful….. So a few of us we chosen to undergo skin rejuvenation which involve lasering…While others have to come back to redeem this treatment due to limited time for that day.

For other available Aesthetic treatment and it’s info check out this link: http://www.demc.com.my/dew/aesthetics/

A) Skin Rejuvenation

So nothing better than showing you the video how does skin rejuvenation works. Let’s watch the video where Dr Shirley explain what it is all about too..

Skin Rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure to combat the signs of aging and improve skin radiant and glow. It is a non-invasive laser treatment that removes damaged outer layers of skin & stimulates the production of collagen & new skin cells in the underlying layers.

Seriously it’s not painful at all…It just a minor tingling with a little heat generated through the laser.

DEMC26Skin Rejuvenating in Process.

The best thing of all is Dr Shirley said that my skin is really good and is not sensitive to UV. So, I am not prone to dark spot.. Thus, for me she only laser my T-Zone instead of whole face. You can’t imagine how happy I am at that moment…Every girl surrounding me like wahhhh so good….

My Face after the Skin rejuvenating session.


Definitely whiter & fairer….and smoother tooo… Though Dr Shirley say my face will be slightly dry after the treatment but I felt all normal want with more radiant skin.

B) Mole Removal

Another video showing Adam mole being removed….

like magic like that…fuuhhhh he become so handsome after that OMG!


DEMC36Dr Shirley removing the mole.

DEMC37Dr Shirley showing the before and after treatment.

After that I move on to Body Composition…

Body Composition

There is this super high tech equipment that can check your fat distribution, muscle distribution and many more compositional body elements that makes up the examinees total body weight…This info can be use by dietician for health & nutritional assessment, obesity management & weight control programme.

Stand in position for measurement.


Fill in your details and the machine will save all your data.


Dietician analysing examinee results and giving advice on the right daily dietary plan.


As always obesity is always my problem…Gaga..need to reduce calorie intake and do more exercise. Then I move on to Basic Medical Screening…

Basic Medical Screening

This should be done yearly to help identify unrecognized diseases in individuals without signs and symptom. This involve test such as blood pressure & glucose test, eye test and body measurement too..

DEMC33Blood Pressure Test









Eye Test

DEMC40Body Measurement

DEMC41Glucose Test

After all the activity ended, we group together for a lunch together at Executive Lounge! Again, the food is really good! Especially the salad yum yum….



and it also the time for submitting all of our photos for the Best Picture Contest.

imageParticipant selecting photos…

Picture courtesy of http://foodnframe.com/2013/06/tsdayout-demc-specialist-hospital/

and drum roll…I think I won’t be able to stand a chance as I have already won in the previous TSDayOut and that day there is many pro-photographer….

Nah..this is the winner for that day… Who did you see???


Woots..It’s me! It’s me! OMG I never thought I won this!!! I really think my picture kinda sucks la…But thank you DEMC & Tourism Selangor this really mean a lot to me…

Also this round DEMC specifically made a souvenir and a glass award. Fuuhhh like a limited edition award…. Can you see it’s with carving too and a clock!!! OMG i seriously love this hell lot!


A thermos with warmer cup too….wow wow…So many gift!


This TSDayOut seriously change my mind towards hospital. I never thought hospital can be so comfortable and can be so fun having tour around the hospital. Again thanks to Tourism Selangor.

Finally a super huge group picture to end my post!!!! Hope you enjoy reading!


If you would like to join TSDayOut too, remember to checkout the following link and follow/subscribe to them for the latest news!

Tourism Selangor FB page : https://www.facebook.com/TourismSelangor

Tourism Selangor Twitter : https://twitter.com/TourismSelangor

Tourism Selangor TSDayOut Official Website : http://tsdayout.com/

and if you like to drop by DEMC here are some of the info for you.

Official Website: http://www.demc.com.my

DEMC Specialist Hospital
No 4 Jalan Ikhtisas, Seksyen 14,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Email: careline@demc.com.my

Tel: 03 - 5515 1894 - office hours only
Fax: 603 - 5515 1815


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