The Wolverine

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

After the events of X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006 following the post credit scene, The Wolverine  is the next highly anticipated instalment of the X Men series though X Men: First Class had filled in the gap of what would be of things to come. Hugh Jackman reprises his role from previous films as the title character, Wolverine with James Mangold directing a screenplay written by Christopher McQuarrie, Scott Frank, and Mark Bomback, which based on the 1982 limited series Wolverine by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

imageArt Poster – Wolverine

Sometime after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand and the demise of Jean Grey, Logan have long since lived in seclusion as he realizes everyone he loves dies, and his whole life is filled with pain while struggling with his immortality.

imageIs this another those lucid dreams?

A mysterious young woman named Yukio appear before Logan as he is interrogating a person for the unwarranted hunt on the grizzly bear which he had put it out of its misery due to the poison tipped arrow. Yukio had tracked Logan down on the request of an old acquaintance that apparently was saved by Logan and being grateful for it.

imageWhile all in black

Logan travels to Japan to meet that old acquaintance whom is revealed as Yashida, the Head of Yashida Industries. Old man Yashida told Logan that his unique mutant powers can be transfer into another being and able to live like normal human being to age. There he meets Mariko, Yashida’s granddaughter. Soon he gets embroiled in a struggle that has lasting consequences as he stripped of his immortality which his healing factor have been reduced exponentially and he feels the true effects of being regular human.

imageThis bed is not as real you might think it.

Facing his imminent mortality, Logan must muster all his strength and courage to endure the battle of his life as he faces danger from all sides without help and have to protect Mariko who is being after by Yakuza for some unknown reasons. Logan must also do battle with a deadly samurai as well dealing his inner demons that strangely manifested in the form of Jean Grey.

imageIt’s not what you think

Within the chaos and on the run, the Wolverine must rely on his feral instinct to get through while a bigger conspiracy underlying in the sequence of events and will ultimately face his evident demise and threatens his very existence.

imageIs that all the men you brought?

[Spoiler!] Despite the hype it brought following the previous instalments, it had certainly failed on various aspects which in particular on its cliché and predictable storyline. The notable weak plot holes which further attribute to its failed aspect. Whilst the promotional materials were release to let the general audience and fans to prepare a gist of what to expect, it certainly were turn off. Though ideally the screen writers and the director wanted to give a different variance for the movie, the fundamental aspects and core element in movie should not be tampered or even altered the physical laws in the movie.

imageThe bigger weapon does pose a higher level of offense or so to speak

Given the notable character played by Will Yun Lee as the Kenuichio Harada which fans would automatically identify as the Silver Samurai whom has the ability to produce tachyon field that is able to cut virtually anything except Adamantium – yes the same stuff that is used to bond with Wolverine’s skeleton bones on a molecular level in the Weapon X program which effectively increases his combat ability without the reliance on conventional arms during combat, Harada was nothing more than loyal servant with remarkable marksmanship in bow and arrow, running around dressed in black suit. Aside from that, the action scenes were alright though the Wolverine is much tamed (maybe due to long exposure in a serenity environment, perhaps a guilty conscious after taken countless life). The disappointment might be brought about with the constant association towards the comics and personal preference. Anyway the movie is definitely enjoyable to a certain degree which coupled with several other releases for the next big release.




Director: James Mangold

Writers: Mark Bomback (screenplay), Scott Frank (screenplay),

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima 

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