Spa Party with the Butterflies

Monday, July 08, 2013

Happy Monday Lovelies!!! I have just landed in KL yesterday morning! I can’t wait to share with you all my lovely photos….But that would be tomorrow post!!!!!! So you got to stay tuned! For now let me wash your eyes with these beautiful pictures of the spa party that I attended recently.

Well, I have never attend spa party before in my whole life… I always see in TV, those girls will always have spa party at their house and invite all the girl friends over! How fun!!!

This time, the party not just about having spa, also have Scrub making session, Manicure & Pedicure, Yummylicious food and also Fashion Show during the party…. Hahaha are you jealous of me now?

Í have to be there early because I am the guest model for Pink N’ Proper runway. When I step in, I met the lovely Butterfly who help to ensure the Spa Party run smoothly, the lovely Illy & Laura.

imageButterfly registering and each will get a product from Body Shop and the Voucher to redeem at each station!

Let me bring you around the venue on all the sweet pink and purple decorations by Tres Chic Party planner!

Spa Party28The lovely chalk board!

Spa Party4The pink & purple balloons!

Spa Party27

Spa Party9Gifts for all winners!

a picture of us in our bath robe.

imageFront from Left: Sarah, Me, Alice, Amelie, Arissa, Behind from Left: Jenifer & Audrey

and off course those who were selected to participate in Pink N’ Proper Next Top Model are upstairs getting changed and ready for runway.

Spa Party17Happy Face behind the scene, Look at Arisa!!

everyone get changed and went down for a runway practise…Gasp Gasp I just wish I won’t trip that’s all…

and it’s finally time for Runway and it was so fun to walk the runway! ok I am going to spam this post with a lot of photos…

imageGroup picture of all Pink N’ Proper model!


imageFrom top left: Amelie, Alice, Sarah, Kah Mon, Arissa, Alice, Me & Angeline

There is another 4 model missing in the above picture? Guess who?? Choulyin in floral dress…


and Chency in Bomber Jacket…


oh Jenifer in special cut out dress….


and Wilda in Kimono.


and another picture of me with the Cape from Pink N’ Proper Prom Collection!

Spa Party25

imageMe and Audrey..Love her maxi dress!

imageAudrey, Choulyin & Me in our Dress from Pink N’ Proper!

Right after the runway I couldn’t help but to snap some lovely picture using FotoBox. Look how lovely is those photo are…with all the big ear and bow!! Also the cute hello kitty frame!

Spa Party11

ahh for some reason I love the butterfly pattern on the machine! I really think FotoBox did a really great job in decorating the machine with beautiful butterfly sticker. Actually this machine was very famous back then during my schooling time but not with prop….We usually snap picture already and we draw the cutey picture on the screen itself! Now instead of drawing we wore the prop instead..How much things changes over the years..Oh time does really flies..

and tada my pictures with the lovely butterflies..


imageMe with lovely Sarah both in big bow hair band.

Haha look at the first photo of Kah Mon nerdy look!! So funny!!

imageKah Mon, Jennifer & Me in cool glasses!

Chency become photo bomb in this picture


Candid shot of the girl taking picture at FotoBox booth.


I was famished and I couldn't help but to quickly snap some picture and stuff myself with all the cutey food…

Spa Party16Red Velvet Cupcakes

These prawns are so yummy!! But it will be better if there with some gravy soaking the prawns on the bottom of the spoon..

Spa Party2Tamarind Prawns

ahhh cute burgers always catches my attention!!!!!!! These pink burger are just too cute to be eaten!!!!!!!

Spa Party3

But I don’t care I jus wanna gobble it down! Oh my I love this picture of me..Look at the purple strands of my hair!!!!!!!! Love it big time!


The tuna in cucumber is the best among all!!! Crunchy chunk of fresh cucumber with creamy tuna is great as appetizer or snack!

Spa Party13Tuna in Cucumber

These organic tofu is rather hard to swallow down but flavour wise not too bad!

Spa Party14Deep Fried Organic Tofu

Sweet Pink Macaroon is too airy for me..Love the filling to be more creamy!

Spa Party15Macaroons

All the food on the day are provided by Good Friends Cafe!

Oh well my tummy is filled up and it’s time for me to get my manicure and pedicure done by Posh Nail Spa staff.


Spa Party36Getting my pedicure done!

Spa Party38Me & Angeline posing for pictures while doing pedicure!

Spa Party39Me & Swee San

Spa Party42Our pedicure! Guess which is mine?

Oh I forget to take the picture of my nails after the manicure. This is the picture of my nails after one week. To be honest I think there is much more room for improvement on the manicure because my edges is not well paint. Also the girls maybe be overloaded because they need to paint a total of 50 butterflies, so perhaps that is why they missed out the edges due to exhaustion. However my toes are well painted and i love the purple colours a lot!!!

Spa Party80Spa Party81








There is also DIY Scrub station and TT Mask booth for you to select your desired type!

Spa Party47DIY Scrub making!

imageChency choosing TT Mask!

After that is prize giving ceremony for best dressed, best instagram photos and lucky draw!

Spa Party Winner

I did not win any of these contest but I collect my Sephora Wish List prize from previous Butterfly Project Campaign! Super excited to try all of them!

imageMy wish list is granted!!!!!! Thank You butterfly Project & Tammy!

after prize giving ceremony, I rush up to complete my massage session by Aspen Spa as the queue is so long!!! It takes about one and a half hour for my turn. I heard that many girls don’t get to do any massage or facial due to limited time and super long queue.


Though the massage takes only 15 minutes but it’s so relaxing and the masseur skill is very good.

and everyone went home with this goodies bag that filled with lots of item!!!!!!! The goodies bag contains Tote bag by Pink N’ Proper, Body Shop product, Loreal Product by Only Beauty, Posh Nail Spa voucher, Johnson & Johnson Lotion & Signorina Perfume samples.

Spa Party82

By the way, some of the above picture that are without watermark are taken from the following link.

Also here are the list of all participating sponsor that make this Spa Party such a joyful ones!

Oh well that’s mean its the end of the spa party! I really had so much fun that day but I do hope we have more time so we need not rush at every single station or booth! I also did not manage to take pictures with some other girls as I was busy with the runway walk and also enjoying my mani & pedi!!!!!!! Oh well hope I can take picture with other girls in the next spa party!! Till then, enjoy the rest of your week! Peace out…


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