ROTW– Kilkenny, Wedding & Birthday!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I wanted to draft this post on Monday but I was too busy during the day so I thought less take a break and watch TV when I’m home and promise myself that I will draft this on Tuesday night…. Last night I went to watch Wolverine which was so amazing…. *Review will be up soon*

Okay you must be wandering what is ROTW? This word just come in mind before I went to sleep one of the night and I thought it’s quite catchy!!!!!!! ROTW stands for Recap of the Week!!!!!!!! I Google this word and found out it also stand for Rest of The World, Records of the Week, Rhythm of the Week and many more. So back to my happening week, it kicks off on Friday night!

** This post will have more pictures than words…

I almost forget about Kilkenny event a day before and think I might go through another boring Friday before I come to realize I need to be at Publika to appreciate the Ireland’s finest Beer KILKENNY!!

Weekend16I love all the camwhore pic from my Sony Nex 5R! Me sipping my Kilkenny!

Weekend3Daniel funny expression!!!

Weekend5Chicken Stick to go along with Kilkenny!

Weekend6Daniel chewing it away………

Weekend7Daniel doing magic to his Kilkenny!

Weekend8Putting dry ice to chill the beer to 0deg for us to taste the different beer flavour at different temperature!

Weekend9Mr Loong Bee showcasing his Sand Art! Amazing talent!

Weekend10Kilkenny Sand Art

Weekend11Bolognaise Meat Ball!

I always think Kilkenny is very strong and never really try it…That night I took a sip and I love the not too strong flavour of the malt and the creamy and smooth body is so nice to drink.

Weekend12Loving it in Kilkenny style!

Weekend13Met Jia Vern, my junior school mate..

Weekend14with my love..a lil is out of place!


Went home and hit the bed straight…..It was really a great Friday night!!

The next day I was invited for a food review at Journey Cafe, I am not going to post anything on this to keep you anticipated….This will be another separate post..

At night, my classmate is getting marry and I decided to do some heavy makeup and wore fake lashes…It’s more than 6 month since I last wore a fake lashes..I gotten lazy…lol…

I really love my makeup and hair do that night…I was so happy as I got lots of compliment that night!!!!!!

I am using the Sephora palette I won last month for my eyes and lip. It look like black in photo but it’s actually a dark navy blue. I super love the almost nude pink lip too…It make the face look sheer and flawless. I keep my face and lip simple so my eyes will be the centre of attractions.


Oh I too loveeeeeee my side sweep hair that night..I curl using curling thong and use a pin to secured it to the side. Then I add a purple crystal pin at the back which compliments my pink strands so much..

Weekend17This is lovely isn’t it?

Here is the overall look! What you think? Do you love this look?


Dinner Dress : Cultivation, Isetan

Necklace : Purchase Bangkok

I did wear a heels that night because flat will not match my dress.. So I didn’t are much whether my leg will be pain or not…Hahaha just want to look beautiful!!!!!!!!

Met with my classmate during the wedding dinner..It has been almost 2 years ago since we last met..

Weekend1with the gorgeous Bride!!


I was pretty exhausted that night….Phew reaching Sunday I was on a appointment with my girlfriends for a Ala Carte Japanese Buffet at Zakuro, Scott Garden… The day before was Audrey birthday, so me and darling went all over Scott Garden to look for a birthday cake!!!!!!!

The buffet spread was really yummy and most important the sashimi is soooooooooooo freshhhhhhhh….and chunky tooo…..worth every penny…It cost RM49.90 ++ per pax

**It’s stated that Sashimi is limited to 9pcs per pax but they don’t really count as we definitely eat more than that!!!

Okay time for spamming with photos of happy moment and delicious food!!!!!

**Zakuro separate blogpost will be up real soon!

Weekend21Sweet and Succulent!

Weekend22Rainbow Roll & Salmon Mango Roll

Weekend24Sanma in creative pose when served

Weekend25Us having creamy matcha and black sesame ice cream!

Happy Birthday again baby Audrey!


I think Audrey was really surprised that we bought her a cake!!!!!

Audrey: If you read this post leave me a comment so I know whether you really surprised!!!!!LOL

Weekend27Another group picture!

at night I have dinner with my family at home…no picture taken as I was too into the moment that i forget to snap picture!!!!!!!!

So that’s the end of my fun weekend…. How you spend your weekend? This Friday is public holiday…Are you planning any trip? Do drop me a comment okay? So long for now….Have an awesome week!!!!!!!!


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