My Purple & Pink Hair Strands by Hair Now De Salon

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Of my first 15years stay in Taman Segar area I never did really know that there is this saloon hidden on a row of shop where all Chinese “Tai Chow” Restaurant setup the tables along the path. So you must be asking how I came to know about this Salon right? It was my friend Angeline Ng (checkout her blog which happen to be a well known Fashion & Beauty blogger. The salon is actually own by her mum and when I decided to dip dye my hair she is the one I go to.

I called up and make a booking for dip dye and relaxing treatment (similar to rebonding but not as straight as rebonding or in other term look more natural rather than flat and straight hair). Thankfully this Salon is not located on the busiest street in Taman Segar where finding a parking will be a hassle. In case you were not from Cheras, Taman Segar is actually another housing area where the infamous Leisure Mall is located.

Hair De Now12

The owner, Florence is very friendly and she is very helpful in advising me the colour that suits my description. My main colour preference for dip dye is purple/violet and for my entire colour base will be some copper tone but lighter compare to the current one! Something lighter to give a fresh look!

Hair De Now13

ok so this is my original hair condition & colour before the dip dye and relaxing.

DSC00606the dull colour and messy and fluffy hair on the top!

This is the step that she do for me during the entire process:

1. First she cut my hair.. Her cutting skill is so awesome.. She cut in a speed of lightning and I love how she layer my hair!

2. Proceed to wash my hair and then a apply a treatment that ensure my hair is hydrated as later the bleaching process will be very damaging. I like that she steam my hair for this treatment as most salon I went if the treatment is tie together with Relaxing of Colour treatment will usually be apply on my hair when I laying down on the hair washing area.

Hair De Now1

3. She begin relaxing treatment before colouring my hair and then dip dye. For relaxing treatment, she begin by applying chemical to soften the hair and then wash it off and blow dry. Right after which, using a hair iron to straighten my hair. Finally apply another layer of chemical to setting the current shape of my hair.

Hair De Now2

4. Then she colour my hair base where she also balance my hair colour tone from to to bottom. Then she proceed with bleaching my hair.

Hair De Now4My hair after bleaching!

5. Finally, it’s time to dip dye my hair with 3 gradient tone which is purple, mixture of purple & pink & pink.

C360_2013-06-06-19-01-17-015The dip dye colour mixture!

Hair De Now5

Tada..The outcome….

Hair De Now8

Hair De Now7

A very sweet pink sadly the purple colour didn’t really come out… Despite that I still love the tone layering she did for me. After a few days, I still think I prefer a more vibrant colour and I decided to call Florence to tell her that this is not the outcome I wanted earlier. She explained because I told her I worried my colleague will not be able accept the colour on my hair. Thus she mix the colour with some white tone to tone down the tone. After telling her what I really want, she is so kind to redo the colour for me without additional charges.

So this time I tell her I want some shocking and vibrant colour especially the violet tone…

Hair De Now14

and I am really really happy with the final colours this time!!!! The sexy pink and the sharp violet tone is really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair De Now15With Curls!

Hair De Now16

Hair De Now17Without curls

More pictures of my hair!

Hair De Now10The Night look!

page2After hair updo!

Hair De Now11The hair colour match well with my naked face!

After one month colours still remains but it slowly fading off at the ends…I try not to wash hair everyday as the colour will fade off quickly if I wash my hair frequently.


Overall, I love how she put into details colouring my hair. I don’t see uneven tone of my hair especially I dye my hair quite frequent, so if the hair stylist is not good the colour will end up top darker and bottom lighter… I appreciate when she willing to re-colour my hair for the second time without extra charge. She is using Loreal product for all my hair treatment! Florence has over 20years of experience in hair cutting & styling and I can see that from the way she handle my hair.

Hair De Now9Me with Florence!

If you would like to do some dip dye or any hair treatment, you can get a special offer as below from 24th July to 31st August.


Hair Now De Salon

No. 34, Jalan Manis, Taman Segar
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur 56100

03-9130 2611 / 013-934 9941 (Call Tue – Sun: 10am – 7pm)

**Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review but I did get a discounted price in return for a write up of my experience with this salon. However, this does not affect any of my opinion written in this post.


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