Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

Monday, July 01, 2013

A few weeks ago, on a lovely Friday evening I went  through a most embarrassing day of my life ever! I never thought this would happen to me! Well I arrived an hour earlier to avoid rushing my hair pampering session with Loreal Mythic Oil!!!!!!! Here I am at Miko Galere, I am the first to arrive and other girls still on their way. I was suppose to attend KL Fashion Week after a hair do at Miko Galere that day.


I was seated to wait for my turn and the next second I heard “SNAP” gasp…. Surprised smileSurprised smile my bra strap just unhooked or so I thought (is the middle strap because I am wearing a bra with see through strap all over)…. So, I rush to the washroom to fixed it before the whole bra fell off! grrrr so embarrassing…. I have never encounter this before!

Wait it’s not solved even I reach the washroom thinking I just need to hook it back; there is no way I could hook it back!!!!!!!! Why? because the strap is tear off apart! I bought this bra from Lasenza for almost a year plus but I rarely wear them… So what should I do? Not like I have a spare bra in my car and the worst thing is I’m wearing a bare back dress which need special bra or nu-bra so that the bra is not visible on my back! I was so nervous on what I should do at that moment…I am not calm at all knowing it’s KL Fashion week I can’t afford to have wardrobe malfunction! So here is my tips on what you should do if this ever happen to you:

  • Stay calm and don’t be nervous. Take a deep breath and tell yourself everything will be ok.
  • If there is no bra shop around you, look for place that sell needle and thread. I think any convenient store should have this item. Then quickly sew the strap on the hook for a temporary solution. *** Now, i think it’s best you keep needle and thread in you car just in case of emergency like this!
  • If there is bra shop nearby then you are on luck. Quickly walk over to purchase a new one to put it on! Phew….If your case is similar like mine that you need a special bra, I think Nu Bra is the best option or even nipple sticker will do (if you don’t want to burn your wallet and provided your boobies are not that big…LOL I guess you know what I mean!)
  • Go to any fashion store and find a dress or top that have padding or with super thick fabric which does not require bra to cover up your “nipple”! Just like this pink dress!
imageStrapless Bodycon Dress from Forever 21
  • If all the above option is not available, the last resort it just go braless! Try to look in front of the mirror and see if it look okay to you. It’s not that bad actually, many western woman does not wear bra even their “nipple” is visible. The thing is whether you can accept the fact that your “nipple is pointing out” lol…


imageJenifer Aniston still look gorgeous when she go braless!! So can you!!!!!!

So I was lucky to be able to get a Nu-Bra from Xixili else I might end up braless…In fact I did go braless when I walk to buy the Nu-Bra in parkson. Lucky people don't really see that I was braless or they just didn't have any reaction cause I don't have a big one? Well I take that as the people just don't realize I am braless la ya!

After going through all the hassle to get the right bra to fit the dress! Here is a full body shot of me! Do you love this dress? I got it from Pink N’ Proper.

KLFW69My OOTD for the night!
Dress : Pink N’ Proper
Flat : Payless (I can’t wear heel yet sob sob)
Bag : Boutique in Jakarta
Belt : Bugis Street in Singapore
KLFW66The bare back!
So what is your most embarrassing moment? Tell me in the comment below alright?
Well I hope you have a happy laughing on my post or gain some info on how to handle this situation!! Till then Happy Monday!


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