Lammeeya @ Solaris, Publika.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bright Saturday morning and a delightful breakfast is a recipe for a great day for the coming weekend. This week Nuffnang’s Tastebuddies, brings us to Lammeeya for some great meal with home style cooking. So let’s get those taste buds filled.

Located in the Solaris Publika, Lammeeya is seen on the side which is visible from the centre complex of Publika. Greeted in view from the entrance, the black themed background which brings the signage to a prominent view of the place.

clip_image002[6]The Front Entrance

However the décor on the interior brings the bright theme out which is ideal for a casual hangout or just normal dining. The overall menu can be seen from each side of the panel wall which would help narrowing down choices and selections.

clip_image004[6]Drinks Menu

clip_image006[6]The Mains

We were given a brief summary by Pam on what Lammeeya is all about which bringing a difference of dining out with home cook style that would appeal to many. While getting to the mains, we had ordered the drinks.

The Drink

We ordered the Royal Milk Tea which is said to be a trademark in the establishment, given it’s smooth tea that infused with the milk that is refreshing upon drinking it.

clip_image008[6]Royal Milk Tea, RM 5.40

Enter the Soups

We start off with the generous serving of soups in their menu which is marvellous. Their soups are comprises of ingredients like ginseng, yu zhu, bei qi, huai shan, dried figs, red dates, dang shen and guo qi zi. That is whole of goodness in bowl of delightful soup.

clip_image010[6]The soups of goodness

clip_image012[6]Cucumber Soup (RM 8.80)

clip_image014[6]Watercress Soup (RM 8.80)

clip_image016[6]Lotus Soup (RM 8.80)

clip_image018[6]Radish Soup (RM 8.80)

clip_image020[6]ABC Soup (RM 8.80)

clip_image022[6]Ginseng Chicken Soup (RM 12.90)

In overall, the ABC and Watercress soup is my favourite as taste infused with the pork bones and condiments that enhances its natural taste. However the others didn’t quite appeal to me as it’s slightly bland which probably due to lack of salt. Their soup would be great for those who misses home cooked soups as their natural uses of ingredients is added bonus while emphasizing on eating healthy.

clip_image024[6]The round of Soups in serving.

The Mains

After the soups, comes the mains which is comprised of their best sellers and the aroma emitted sure to entice the taste bud.

First up, we have the ‘ Sesame oil ginger pork ’. The ingredient which uses cooking wine would remind us of the confinement dish. The ginger is fried prior which gives the strong distinct taste that further fuels the aroma and blends along with the taste. The texture of the pork slices is soft which is probably due to the size of the slices which is just adequate for bite size without comprising the texture and taste.

clip_image026[6]Sesame Oil Ginger Pork (RM 10.80)

Next we have the ‘ Steam pork with salted fish ’. The texture of the pork is soft which infused with the thin sliced ginger and the salted fish that is slightly salty. We reckon it would definitely go well with something plain and bland like rice or porridge.

clip_image028[6]Steam Pork with Salted Fish (RM 9.80)

Next dish is the ‘ Sweet and Sour Pork ’. The serving is different from the regular ones as the pork is stir fry along with condiments which allows the taste of the sweet from the onions and sour plum sauce into the pork. The taste would invite another bite which is interesting.

clip_image030[6]Sweet and Sour Pork (RM 10.80)

While still on pork, we have the ‘ Steam pork with black bean sauce ’. The soft texture of the mince pork along with black bean sauce is great though its tad salty from black beans. The blend of taste is uniform.

clip_image032[6]Steam Pork with Black Bean Sauce (RM 8.80)

The following dish is the ‘ Stew pork with Potato ’. The sweet taste is derived from the potato which is then cooked along with the slices of pork that is soft in texture which goes hand in hand with the potato.

clip_image034[6]Stew Pork with Potato (RM 8.80)

Next we have the, Stew pork with ' Dong Choy '. The evident taste would the ‘Dong Choy’ (Seasoned Vegetable) upon the first bite. It is slightly salty due to use of the vegetable which we reckon goes well with porridge.

clip_image036[6] Stew pork with 'Dong Choy' (RM 8.80)

The next dish we have is the ‘ Ginger and wine omelette ’. The strong wine flavour from the sauce is evident which something different though it had masked the egg’s natural taste and fried ginger on top that gives the extra flavour for the omelette.

clip_image038[6]Ginger and Wine Omelette (RM 8.80)

Next up we go green with the next dish of ‘ Ladies Finger ’. The bright green hue would definitely stir up some appetites as the fresh tasting and the crunchy texture is definitely enjoyable. Topped with fried onions, the taste is great as being modest and simple. Looking green in envy of being healthy.

clip_image040[6] Ladies Finger (RM 8.80)

Next we have the ‘ Steam brinjal with sweet and sour sauce ’. Initial glance on the presentation might deter some from trying as the chilli and garlic condiment on top of the fresh peeled skin brinjal which gives the flavour but would be surprised at its taste. The taste is slightly pungent from the garlic and the slight hint of sweetness in the sauce that compliments the soft texture of the brinjal while the additional topping of the fried onions that gives the slight taste. Though be warned that chilli could cause the throat to flare up as I had felt the effect upon the first bite.

clip_image042[6]Steam Brinjal with Sweet and Sour Sauce (RM 8.80)

We were in treat with one of their signature dish which is only available in the Solaris Outlet, ‘ Deep Fried Salted Egg Squid ’. The squid is seasoned with the salted egg batter which is then fried with the curry leaves that gives some slight spice to entice the taste bud. It’s slightly salty but goes well with the rice but the batter is tad hard which could be its deep frying or something.

clip_image044[6]Deep Fried Salted Egg Squid (RM 13.80)

We also have their ‘ Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow ’. The fragrance from the duck egg is evident as it blends along with the stir fried garlic which cultivates the aroma. The noodle that they use, is the thin and fine type which is usually found in up north and the texture is soft, compliments the overall taste.

clip_image046[6]Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow (RM 10.80)

We had also tasted their ‘ Bonito & Oyster Porridge ’. The generous amount of oyster is seen in the serving which serves as the basis of the porridge taste and egg to draw flavour while adding the bonito on top, sets it apart from others that give it a different the regular porridge. However it is slight bland which is attributed by the lack of salt.

clip_image048[6]Bonito & Oyster Porridge (RM 16.80)

For added taste, their rice serving has two variance which is one served with lard and the regular normal rice.

clip_image050[6]Lard Steam Rice (RM 3.00)

The Desserts

After a great meal, there is definite room for desserts or so to speak. Next we have the ‘ Cendol ’ and ‘ Ais Kacang ’. The taste is similar to the regular ones though the condiments were frozen solid which makes chewing harder.

clip_image052[4]Cendol (RM 6.8) & Ais Kacang (RM 7.80)

Another dessert was the ‘ Char Siew ’ and ‘ Coconut ’ Bun which fared normal and much similar to the regular though the ‘Coconut’ fillings are much dense and tastier.

clip_image054[4]Char Siew Bun (RM 2.90)

clip_image056[4]Coconut Bun (RM 2.20)

It was a great experience to taste some of their items from the menu and much emphasis given on their direction which is serving home style cooked meals while away from home. The alfresco area are pet friendly which is the open air in front.

Special thanks to Nuffnang’s Tastebuddies for inviting us and Pam for having us on that day. Check out their other 4 outlets located at Damansara Uptown, Empire Shopping Gallery, 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Paradigm Mall.


Lammeeya @ Solaris Dutamas

Lot A4-G2-07, Publika

No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.




Operating hours: 10am-10pm


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