KL Fashion Week + Loreal Mythic Oil Pampering Session at Miko Galere with Lilac Blogger

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I was really early that day but due to unforeseen circumstances, I become the last girl to wash my hair. Indeed, it was a really embarrassing evening Surprised smileSurprised smile! You can read my embarrassing moment here if you have not read it yesterday! So despite that, the rest of the night was a truly amazing experience.


The salon interior, a very sophisticated design! Absolutely love the comfortable chair however it will be better if the chair has a leg rest or can be rotated.


To be honest, this is my first experience in high end salon and I absolutely love the experience. There is a butler who will be showing the drink menu for you to choose from the moment you sit on the chair. I can also see he clean up the table real fast! Super efficient!!!! Thumbs upThumbs up

KLFW3My hair before the hairdo!

After resolving the problem I encounter, other girls is already on the queue. So, I have to wait for my turn. While, I’m waiting I met Cecelia from Loreal who is the one who made all our hair pampering session possible. Off course also a big thank you to Lilac Box for this awesome invitation!

KLFW4Moi & pretty Cecelia

Camwhoring while waiting…. My hair still looking good as I just went to salon the day before!


Jess chatting with Jin Sou, Marketing Manager of Loreal while waiting for us to get our hair done.. She finished first because her hair is shorter then the rest of us!! Plus point for having short hair eh!


Since I was the last girl well technically second last because Chency is super fashionably late Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue out Don’t scold me Chency! Being second last means I have all the time I want while waiting for the last one to arrive and the stylist has done all the other girls hair so he need not to rush on my hair.

Thank You Swee San for helping me snap this picture!!!


I was treated with a long massage by Tom my stylist for the day! He uses technique from Japan to wash my hair where he only uses his finger to scratch my head not nails!

The Loreal Mythic Oil hair range used on my hair! Loreal is the hair sponsor for KLFW. I’m sure those models hair look absolutely gorgeous too because mine does look AMAZING! Read on then you will see my flowy, light and silky smooth hair.


weeeee done washing hair with the Loreal Mythic Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.


Do I look like my hair wrapped in a scarf??But this is with towel LOL! Same like the picture below? Look not bad ah…I should try wrapping the scarf one day!!!!


After blow dry, I felt my hair is super smooth and light! Even my bleached hair become so smooth and does not tangle!


Can you see the texture? I think after I finish my current hair shampoo I want to buy this range! So Tom curl my hair using hot hair curling thong before he do my hair updo!


Jeng Jeng…My final hair look.. Wahh…I look like some rich housewife LOL!


Okie let me show how does the back and side look!


I love how my purple colour pop up is this hair updo!

If you like to visit Miko Galere for a Loreal Mythic Hair Treatment, do make sure to make a booking with Tom okay?

Miko Galere

6.07.00, Level 6,

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100

Contact No: 03-2118 8833

We then adjourned for a dinner at Bens! OMG I’m too hungry till I forget to take a picture of my food!

We then group at the Loreal Booth for more camwhoring before we enter KLFW!



imagePicture taken from http://m.thesweetspot.com.my/?p=5402 

Alright it’s time for Fashion Show! My Ticket to enter KL Fashion week and we are sitting in VIP row!!! Ooolala….


Some backstage photos of the fashion show where the Loreal Stylist style all the models hair.





and now let’s head in for the awesome Fashion Walk for the night featuring Jovian Mandagie!


All guest are treated with Nestle Cremeria Ice Cream! Even I couldn’t resist taking one!!!!!!!!


Before the show begin I took some picture with the girls!

KLFW27Me and Jerine, First time meeting her in person!

KLFW26Me and Swee San!

Tonight Fashion Show is featuring Jovian Mandagie. He is well known for his distinctive approach toward designing fashion pieces inspired by Mal-Indo influences. His details in designing in each couture pieces where selection of the most distinctive materials to implications on solid cuts and intricate craftsmanship was all very well done.

That night Haute Couture Collection feature some edgy style with puffy sleeve and striking colours on the runway…

Jovian Mandagie

Also some pastel and soft tone with lovely prints that look so feminine classy!

Jovian Mandagie Couture

With the collaboration with lovely muse actress Lisa Surihani, a twist of traditional Baju Kurung and Kebaya to reflect a more retro style and funky element to the pieces. Featuring some youthful pieces with the incorporation of pastel colours, peplum cutting, bold prints and finally some classic elegant style into the “Baju Kurungs”

Jovian Mandagie Lisa Surihani

Jovian Mandagie Lisa Surihani 1

Jovian Mandagie Lisa Surihani 2

I love the black pastel on the Baju Kurung with the black stripe on the bottom! Black stripe is such a hit this season! These collection will definitely be selling like a hot cakes as Hari Raya is coming real soon!

For me I think I still love the Haute Couture Collection more especially the Vibrant Orange Puffy Top!! Omg so edgy and funky!!!!!!

KLFW67me & Lisa Surihani..She look like a baby doll to me!!

KLFW68and Gorgeous Amber Chia

and a picture of myself showcasing Pink & Proper Dip Hem Black Dress with Embellishment!


For more info on Jovian Mandagie collection check out http://www.jovianmandagie.com

Have a great day ahead!!!!!!!


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