Kate Make Up Workshop : No More Rules!!!!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I realize lately quite a few even was held early in the morning!! Honestly, I’m not a morning person instead I’m an midnight ghost who would love to sleep a little late in the morning and work till late through the night… These few day I try to force myself to head to bed by 11pm but I failed…..I only managed to jump into my bed around 12 am…. Good thing is, it’s still earlier then normal day where I would sleep around 2 am which is exactly the time now when I was drafting this post…LOL… Worst thing is the past few morning I woke up the same time I did usually!!!!!!!!! That means I sleep more..I just can’t get my ass up to the bathroom… I just woke up and the next second I hit back to the bed!!!!!! Anyhow I will still try to sleep early and wake up early the next day…. I will try laaaaaaaa yaaaaaaa.

This Kate Workshop was held at Pavilion at 10 am on a lovely Saturday whereby I should be happily rolling on my bed while thinking what to eat for brunch…lazy pig!!! But for Kate, I would dressed up and vroooomm over to Pavilion to get some tips on make up!!!!!!!!!


Can you believe Mr Hirai San fly all the way from Japan to show us how to transform from office look to party look!!!!!!!! I always love to do party look but never try transforming from office look to party look! Well there is no rule in make up, you create the rule yourself! So you can transform any look you like!

Let’s begin with these lovely product from Kate!


We begin with this star product from Kanebo, Whitening UV Gel that combine 5 functions in one tub!!!!!!! What are the 5 functions you asked?

“It combines these functions in one tub: Lotion, Essence, Emulsion, Cream, Moisturizing Makeup Base”


Wow this is perfect for busy woman like me! Just slap this on my face and I can proceed with my foundation!!! How cool! The cream is thick when first apply but it absorb into my skin in split second! Surprisingly the cream is not so oily as what I thought it would be!

After Hirai San remove the model makeup, he dap this cream onto her face before proceed with BB cream!


For office look, we required a more formal and softer look. Thus, the shading is done on the bone and highlight on the bottom so face structure is seen. This will also help create dimension so her face don’t look flat.

Kate10The office look!

Now it’s the time to transform this to the wild party look!!!!!! This transformation is so simple by just doing some touch up to intensify the look and also adding more shimmers on the eyes and lips too!!!! This time the shading start from cheek toward chin that will give a more elegant look. Then, he highlight on the cheek bone and then brush on some blusher on the apple of her cheek. For eyes, he highlight her eyes bone from middle to corner and dap on my gold colour onto her eyes to further intensify the overall look! Moving on, he apply another coat of mascara on the outer corner to gives more volume to the lashes. Most important step is to comb the eyebrow with eyebrow mascara soften the colour in order to match with the shimmery eye shadow. Finish the whole look with a lip gloss to gives a plump and kissable lips!!!!!!! Red lipsRed lips

Kate15Transformed to Party look

Well I can’t show you the difference in this picture but in real it is really more intensified!Please pardon my poor photography skill..Still getting used to my Sony NEX 5R setting. I continue to get my hands on the product to try on my own face!!!!!

Kate23Other girls trying the make up!

This is me after I line my eyes with the new Kate Slim Gel Pencil and Kate Shiny Eyelid Liner!


Look how my eyes look so big and shinning here!!!!! I super love the new Kate Gel Eyeliner because it is using the same formula of gel eyeliner but it is pour into pencil form!!!! Red heartRed heart The soft liner lead is so easy to glide through my eyes and the super solid intense black colour totally blew me away!!!!!!!!!! Another plus point is the super fine tip which not much brand could offer, that ease in drawing a fine line on my eyes. I bought one for myself and one for my swap with Mandy in USA!!!!!! oh did I told you I will be doing a beauty box swap?? Well when I receive it I will sure share with you all the lovely product okay??

Kate11The awesome Kate Gel Eyeliner, RM 44

Also brush my eyebrow with these eyebrow mascara!

Kate16Eye Brow Mascara

After that we there is this Quiz session with super easy question!!!!!! The first question is where does Kate come from? Being a loyal fan on Kate I raise my hand and say Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woolala…..I got myself this gold box!!!!!! So easy right?


OMG I was extremely happy at that moment!!!!!!! In case you didn’t know, the new Goldish Eye Palette contains 0.01% of pure gold in it!! When we first heard this we were all like WOWWWWWWWWW…. Real gold on my eyes?? This definitely will entice my eyes with captivating shades of gold!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate9Kate Goldish Eyes, RM 59

Just try out the concealer this morning, it was just the right tone to cover my dark circle. It cover the dark tone pretty well and does not transformed into patch of sticky concealer under my eyes after hours of application!

Kate7Kate Concealer, RM 38

We then adjourned for a quick tea session!


After which I quickly go to the Kate sales booth!!!!!!!! Some of the product are 50% off!!!!!!!! Wahhhhh such a great bargain!


Since I have a lot of make up already, I only limit myself to purchase eyeliner and eye shadow!


If you noticed, this two weeks I have been using this eyeliner whenever I make up!!!!!!!

Pictures with the girls I met that day!

Kate22moi and Jenny

Kate24Sarah, Moi & Jenny

Kate25Moi & Dee Lin

I seriously reckon you to get that Goldish Eyes pallete and the Slim Gel Pencil right away!!! Apply this two product on your eyes and I’m sure people would turn heads for a second look!!!

Well I hope you have a great week ahead!!!!!!!!!!

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