Hatyai/ Krabi TSDayOut Day 2 Part 2/2: Beautiful Emerald Pool

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today I feel like writing my travelogue in Krabi continue from where I last stop. It’s been a few month since I last write about my trip to Krabi. Forgive me as I was really busy with work and other ongoing events…. Okay let’s get back to the trip where we on our long journey to the beautiful Emerald Pool.

Before I jump into my adventure at Emerald Pool let me share with you this Kanitha Cake House. It take 5-6 hour to go to Emerald Pool from Hat Yai, so we make a stop for lunch at this place. So u must be wandering why I want to share this place right? Is the food very delicious? To be honest the food was good but not to a point that will get me go WOWWWW….

So the main reason is the beautiful sky view at this restaurant and it’s a good place to stop by for a lunch and to buy some local snack (which includes cakes, biscuit, cookies, chips and varieties of junk food) to bring home too…

TS (332)

Look at the cotton alike cloud group together with a sky blue base..it’s so beautiful isn’t it?

TS (317)

There is this colourful football tower at the side of the cake house. There is also a small garden with small round table with umbrella that you could sit by to have a rest before get moving to next destination. However, I don’t think that it will be a good idea if it’s during the noon where sun is blazing hot…. Perhaps toward the evening where sun is about to set would be a good time to hang around.

TS (324)Me and Sharon

So the next option for us during this hot weather is to have a cold drink and a comfortable lunch in the shop behind the cake house.

TS (326)

Simple and yummy lunch..


If you feel it’s not quite there yet after the meal you can always feed your tummy with more snack on the stall near the road side. By the look of it, it look very tasty but I was full so I did not try any of them.

TS (328)

TS (329)

TS (331)

But I did try on the fruit at the fruit stall…The mango is so huge and sweet…

TS (338)

Also the pancake which I think is a must try when you are in Krabi!! It’s so crispy and sweet…Just so nice to bite on…We all went crazy over the pancake on the other night when we were at Krabi town..More later on the next post!

TS (330)Banana Pancake

Kanitha Cake House

  • Location : Nayoung,Trang
  • What To Do : Dine in to try local cuisine, Visiting Garden, Buy Local Snack and souvenir and taking photo

After filling up our tummy we continue our long journey to Emerald Pool. I didn’t do much read up on this trip because I want to give myself a little surprise on the place that I am going to visit instead of having expectation and thoughts on the places I was about to visit! So the first thing that run into my mind when I heard about Emerald Pool, I think why wanna visit a swimming pool?

TS (342)

Oh well I didn’t ask much and when I arrived at the area I realize it was actually a small rain forest with trees grown along the path up to the peak and there is total of 4 pool in this rain forest with the one at peak, the Blue Pool being the most Emerald and clear in colour. It is located in the Khlong Thom district of Krabi Province, Emerald Pool is a part of Khao Pra – Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary.

TS (444)Emerald Pool Map

Oh there is actually two way to go to the Blue Pool with a different kind of view. So we actually use a different way to go up and a different one going down. There is a total of 1.4km walk across wooden walkway as well as some muddy path through wood and water trails on the side. Along the way there is sign board to show you the direction to the area you intend to go. This rain forest is a great place to explore and we could listen to the rhythmic music from the water flowing through, trees blown by winds and the sound from the crickets and frogs which is truly amazing.


Halfway up, we started to see trails of emerald water…


Bump into this super huge tree..I can even hug the tree with both my arm!


Then there is come part where big trees are not seen only some shrub and bushes along the way..Thank god it was quite cloudy that time else I might be barbequed alive!

TS (427)

We then saw a Shrine with various type of animal statue, we believe it is their god or  “someone” that they worship.

TS (422)

The first spot was the Blue Pool which is the most beautiful among all and we are not allowed to swim in that pool to preserve it’s beauty.

Krabi21Blue Pool Overview



It’s just breath-taking to look at the Blue Pool! Also there is some bubbles in the middle of the pool..Not too sure on how the bubbles is produced…Perhaps it’s by nature..



Krabi19Dian, Me & Lily

Then walk another 200 metre to Emerald pool where the emerald colour is slightly toned down compared to Blue Pool. We first saw a stream of water flowing across the muddy sand…


The water is so clear…


Then walk a little further, we see people swimming in the Emerald Pool. This is the place where you can dig in and have nice swim inside the warm water. Take note to not swallow the water as it contain high content of carbon dioxide.

Krabi28The Emerald Pool

We had so much fun taking picture and video of us playing with the water! So much laughing and shouting here and there! Whenever there’s activity involving water it can go crazy especially with this bunch of TSDayout people!

imageSwimming in Emerald Pool!

After so much of swimming, the sky is getting darker so we quickly packed up and move on to our final spot The Glass Pool, Sra Kaew.

The path that lead to this pool has bamboo on both side. I love this path more than the one we use earlier.

TS (401)Tian Chad walking across the bridge!

Since there not much sun, the Glass pool/ Sra Kaew look more towards green in colour and it look like a lake to me!


We can see a lot of fishes swimming in the pool…


imagePicture courtesy of Tian Chad

Reach back to the entrance…Somehow love this picture….

TS (445)

We all get changed and head to check in our hotel and dinner too.. There is this beautiful sunset when we are on the way to our hotel. Krabi tend to have many cable pole along the street which create a nice background for my pictures..

Emerald Pool

  • Location : Khlong Thom district of Krabi Province
  • Nearby Attraction : Blue Pool, Glass Pool, Hummit Pool and Waterfall
  • What to do : Sightseeing, swimming, camping and trekking
  • Entrance Fee : 200 Baht for Tourist & 20 Baht for locals
  • Operation Hour : 8.30 am – 5.00 pm




So to end this post, a picture collage of our Seafood Dinner at A-Hud Seafood Restaurant.


I must say this is one of the best meal I had in all my meal in Krabi. However, if to compare to the Thai Seafood Restaurant I have back in KL then this is no match! But I must say the Tom Yam is so yummy…. way better than the one in KL…

Emerald Pool

Till my next update on the remaining of my Krabi Trip. Hopefully real soon kay?

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