Fashionable Slim Series Power Bank: PME NT-30 3000mAh

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In the wake of smartphone developments, smart devices have shared one thing in common which is the battery life that have the tendency of dying during the middle of the day, and finding an outlet can possibly be a chore. Hence the next best option is banking on power storage devices or simply known as powerbank.

I was so happy when Cynthia contact me to do a review for this super pretty Lilac coloured powerbank!!!!!!! This powerbank can be easily purchased via Have you heard about Juztshop before this?

“Juztshop is a online shopping stores that sell all kinds of IT & Mobile gadgets to enable buyer to get their hands on the product at their comfort at home! They also accept credit card transactions with 0% easy payment for Ambank credit card user. Also there is a Japan Corner specifically allocated for product from Japan such as Burberry Blue Label.”

This miracle device is portable which will help you recharge your gadgets throughout the day, should you need a little jump. The fundamental designs are more or less similar in variant. However with PME’s T-Bag NT-30 powerbank, it is fashionable stylish while performing recharge the devices.

clip_image002The Power!

Taking a quick look at the outside of the packaging, the front and sides don’t really show you much.

When you remove the item from the packaging, that’s when it starts to get interesting. We’ll get into those features in a bit, but you can find the tech specs about this power bank below.

PME T.Bag NT-30 Specifications:

Battery type: Li-polymer battery
Battery Capacity:3000mAh
Rating power:5Wh
Output voltage: DC 5V
Input voltage: DC 5V
Output current: 1000mAh
Dimensions:96 x 56 x 10(mm)

When I popped open the box, everything was in there all nice and neat. I thought there would have been a small pouch inside with the cables and adapters, but they were all just tucked in nicely in the small box.


The accessories that are included are the Micro USB cable, and a 30-pin Apple connector.

A Closer Look at the PME T.Bag NT-30 Fashionable Slim Series Power Bank

The housing of the powerbank is a matte plastic that has a slight grip to it, but it isn’t rubberized. If it were rubberized, I would say this power bank would be darn near perfect! The finish on it may or may not mess with the finish on whatever you rest it against. In my case, I did not notice any new scratches on my Samsung after going around with the power bank in my pocket for a couple days.

A quick tour around the PME T.Bag NT-30 Power Bank, up top you’ll see three (3) LEDs (left hand side of the picture below). These LEDs are a blue in colour which represents 30% increments for the battery charge.  When the recharging hits to the last 5%, the last LED will begin to blink. While charging this power bank, the appropriate LED will blink, indicating where it is at in its cycle. The good thing about the LED is that you just need to toggle the button to see the cycle or just plug in to recharge.

clip_image006Press on the toggle to indicate its cycle level

The device come integrated Micro USB cable charging cable-convenient and easy to carry. It is rated at 1 amp output, which is ideal for quickly charging your device.

clip_image008The integrated cable

When you pair it up with a device like the Samsung Galaxy S4, you will indeed see how comfortably they hold hands and play nice. The short integrated Micro USB cable is very nice, so you know you won’t have a huge cable sticking and dangling out of your pocket. For added points, it comes with variety of colours to fit your fashion style instead of the regular colours as seen by others.


PME T.Bag NT-30 3000mAh Power Bank Testing & Conclusion

So you’re probably wondering how to get the PME T.Bag NT-30 Power Bank to start charging device. Unlike some power banks which require a button to be pressed before getting things moving, the PME T.Bag NT-30 Power Bank just requires the device to be plugged and it’ll charge away. It’s that simple, and that’s one thing that I absolutely LOVE!! The special high-output battery allows for ultrafast charging with its rechargeable 3000mAh lithium polymer battery inside the PME T.Bag NT-30 should be able to provide you with 1-2 full charges on your phone, depending on the battery size. iPhone and lower end Android phones will get within the range of 1-2 charges, while the more power hungry Android devices will see lesser charges due to the capacity. Tablets are a whole different story, which wasn’t available for testing.

You can actually put the PME T.Bag NT-30 behind your phone while charging as the power bank is very slim, but this is where the rubberized finish would come into play and be a nice feature. With the matte plastic finish, it slides more than intended. However, holding the power bank and your phone at the same time should be very easy and effortless. Though while texting, holding the power bank behind your phone is something to getting used to.


For the testing, I started off trying to charge my completely dead Samsung Galaxy Grand, which has a 2100mAh battery, with the built-in Micro USB cable. The recharge took just under 3 hours. This is as expected with the 1 amp output from the power bank. I used the remaining battery and recharged my Samsung Galaxy S4 another 22% before the NT-30 went flat.


PME T.Bag NT-30 is a definite device saver during those moments when your device decided to go died and while employing innovative design for everyday use, its ultra slim and lightweight would certainly appeal to many along with its fashionable bright colour series.

clip_image012The power is strong in this one

This power bank is great for design and also in function as the integrated Micro USB cable is a nice touch which helps keep those annoying wires out of the way when recharging devices. The micro USB recharging port is great as it would just require the singular cable used by the same devices that it charges. Similarly the instantaneous charging after plugged in, thanks to its intelligent power control technology enhanced battery performance which would be the huge win in my books!

In overall, the PME T.Bag NT-30 3000mAh Power Bank is a ultra slim, lightweight, and portable battery that you should consider having in your gadget arsenal, regardless of the couple flaws.

For more info on the product and where to purchase it check out this link.

This powerbank is priced at RM 120 with free delivery in Malaysia!


Till my next review…Few more gadget review coming up!!!!!!! Have a great day ahead and do leave me a comment kay?

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