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Friday, July 26, 2013

Often, we talk about how to eat healthily and we look for different type of food to target different function be it for healing, prevention or beautifying our skin. It reflects on our skin and movement as well as our mood based on what we consume daily! The next obvious thing you would notice it what ever product we apply to our skin does the same reflection like what food did to our body and mind. Try using a product with your favourite scent say strawberry and another product with a herbs scent and tell me how you feel when using this two different product? I am sure you feel much happier when you are using the strawberry ones right? The same theory like when you eat chocolate when you are feeling depressed.


My next question is do you actually bother to look into the ingredient of the skin care product you are going to purchase or you only look at the super amplified advertisement and dap the product on your skin and if you like the feeling the product is sold? I am before this as I don’t have much knowledge on this back then. If you want your skin to look healthy and radiant, you got to start to pay attention on the ingredient of the skin care product you plan to buy.

imageWhich one is the solution to your skin problems?

Recently, I was introduced to this new skin care brand, Evolu from New Zealand where their product are all made from natural ingredient like plant and fruits that are sourced from New Zealand as well as other countries. I was impressed by the concept behind the creation of Evolu’s skin care product.

DSC03996Evolu’s Skin Care Range.

“Healthy skin depends on its natural processes being in balance. Evolu nourishes and restores this balance, returning your skin to it’s beautiful best.”

In the recent launch that I attended, Mr Frederick Loh, Executive Director of Skin Topic says they are delighted to have Evolu onboard as it’s brand philosophy is a perfect fit to the existing range of natural skincare & body care product at Skintopic.

Evolu2Left Kati and Right Frederick

Have you heard of Skintopic before?

“Skintopic offer a wide range of skincare, bath and body products and fragrance diffusers from New Zealand. Some of the brands that they carries are Linden Leaves, Olive &Tebe, Wild Ferns and last but not least Evolu.”

Kati Kasza, the founder of Evolu is inspired by her belief in the power of plants to transform the skin where she created a simple yet potent botanical system. Every Evolu formulation is customised to nourish and restore balance, returning your skin to its beautiful best.

“For enduringly beautiful skin, the first priority is hydration – pure and simple”

Aotearoa New Zealand is celebrated for being an unspoiled country covered in lush green forests, snow-capped mountains and vast open spaces. The miracle artesian spring water is among the purest in the world. Evolu harness this fantastic resource, blending their botanicals with a foundation of pure New Zealand spring water to maximise their moisture-keeping benefits and maintain the natural hydration of your skin.

“Longer list of ingredients doesn’t necessarily make a better product. Evolu believe in simpler formulation that help to achieve balanced and healthy skin.”

Kati demonstrate how the Evolu’s skin care range score on Amy’s skin.

Evolu4Kati apply Evolu’s cleanser onto Amy’s face

After thorough cleansing and putting on the moisturizer Amy skin look so moisturized and radiant.


So let me share with you what are the ingredient in each product used on her face that give such moisturize and radiant skin.

Evolu7Cleanse & Scrub

Relaxing Creme Cleanser, 125ml RM 168

This gentle non-foaming formula is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and mature skins. Calendula, Geranium, Apricot and St John’s Wort combine to deeply cleanse impurities and effectively remove face and eye make-up, without stripping the
skin of its natural defences.

CALENDULA anti-aging, protective
GERANIUM calming, therapeutic, improves circulation
APRICOT EXTRACT softens, hydrates
ST JOHN’S WORT calms inflamed skin, helpful for blemishes

Regulating Gel Cleanser, 125ml RM 168

A daily essential when skin is prone to excess shine and uneven texture, this natural gel cleanser combines a targeted blend of balancing actives to help refine the appearance of pores and regulate your skin’s natural oil levels. The natural foaming action will gently and thoroughly wash away grime, makeup and impurities. Regular use will help reduce
breakouts and promote a smoother complexion.

LENTIL SEED EXTRACT helps regulate sebum,
minimises pores for smoother appearance
KUMERAHOU cleansing, anti-bacterial, natural foaming action
POMEGRANATE polyphenol antioxidants
CUCUMBER smoothing, astringent
NZ MANUKA HONEY anti-bacterial, moisture-binding
CYPRESS OIL astringent, decongestant

Renewing Facial Exfoliator, 125ml RM 189

This skin-reviving scrub has natural clarifiers of Jojoba beads and active
Papaya extract that work together to slough away impurities and assist new
cell replacement. Boosted with a protective, hydrating blend of Manuka, Lavender and Geranium, it cleanses deeply without drying. Your skin will look smoother, brighter, its vitality and health renewed.

LAVENDER balancing, regenerative
GERANIUM calming, therapeutic, improves circulation
JOJOBA AND PAPAYA EXTRACTS actively exfoliating, refining
New Zealand MANUKA healing, protective

Evolu8Facial Hydrators for Sensitive Skin

Recovery Day Cream, 75ml RM 231

This light yet enriching cream delivers daily relief for skin suffering persistent sensitivities
and problem dryness. Targeted botanical actives balance lasting rehydration with
anti-inflammatory skin-calming benefits, in an effective blend that will soothe
irritation, reduce redness and replenish your skin’s natural reserves of moisture.

NZ KAWAKAWA repairing, detoxifying
GERANIUM calming, therapeutic, improves circulation
BORAGE SEED OIL moisture-binding fatty acids
PURE VITAMIN E protective
PATCHOULI, LEMON OIL soothing, anti-inflammatory

Protective Day Cream SPF 15, 75ml RM 232

This nourishing facial hydrator is rich in the nutrients and antioxidants needed to
promote cell renewal, support connective tissue and deeply infuse your skin with
moisture. With broad-spectrum SPF15 sun filters to shield daily against damaging
UVA+UVB, its balance of weightless texture and protection makes it the
perfect day cream to wear with or without make-up.

WHEATGERM OIL phytosterols, lipid boost
GREEN TEA EXTRACT antioxidant, natural anti-sun properties
ROSE GERANIUM calming, repairing
CHAMOMILE regenerative
SHEA BUTTER moisture retentive
PURE VITAMIN E protective

Recovery Overnight Cream, 75ml RM232

If your skin needs extra care to relieve sensitivities or problem dryness, this cream
should be part of your overnight routine. Moisture-boosting nutrients and soothing
emollients help rejuvenate and revive while your skin rests. Selected plant and marine
actives balance calming action with intensive rehydration, assisting the skin to recover its
natural suppleness and healthy appearance.

IRISH MOSS EXTRACT antioxidants, softening
MARINE WAKAME ALGAE polysaccharides, vitamins
soothing, anti-inflammatory
JOJOBA SEED OIL moisture retentive, softening
SHEA BUTTER moisture retentive

Evolu9Eye Care

Decrease Eye + Lip Line Serum, 15ml RM 278

A high-performance overnight treatment, this serum addresses lines and wrinkles in the eye and lip area and delivers visible results with ongoing use. Potent extracts of Tiger nut and marine Wakame algae help reinforce the resilience of the dermis, strengthening
connective tissue at deep levels. The effects are reduced wrinkle depth, improved elasticity and more even skin tone. Shea butter enriches with moisture retentive action and for added defence against visible signs of aging, Evolu’s potent Active AgeDefence
Complex delivers a powerful infusion of antioxidants.

TIGER NUT EXTRACT oligosaccharides, proteins
MARINE WAKAME ALGAE polysaccharides, vitamins
SHEA BUTTER moisture-retentive

Daylight Firming Eye Cream, 30ml RM 268

Supercharged with collagen-boosting polysaccharides and skin-plumping proteins, this
light and non-greasy cream targets under-eye bags and shadowed areas and is gentle enough for twice-daily use. Oat kernel and Alfalfa seed extract combine with Lupin extract’s lymph-draining action to reduce puffiness, firm and brighten. For added
defence against visible signs of aging, Kiwifruit’s omega-3 fatty acids help scavenge free radicals, whilst Evolu’s potent Active AgeDefence Complex delivers a powerful infusion of antioxidants.

OAT KERNEL EXTRACT polysaccharides
ALFALFA + LUPIN EXTRACTS oligopeptides, oligosaccharides
VITAMINS C+E protective, nutritive

Destress Soothing Eye Gel, 25ml RM 232

skin, this cooling botanical concentrate calms, soothes and visibly refreshes tired
appearance around the eyes. The synergistic blend of Aloe Vera, Eyebright
extract and Arnica combine to reduce skin discomfort and puffiness, whilst Mamaku
fern extract enriches and stimulates cell renewal. A non-oily gel for daily use,
it soaks in quickly to leave the eye area freshened, toned and revitalised.

ALOE VERA soothing, anti-inflammatory
EYEBRIGHT EXTRACT anti-irritant, anti-allergenic
NZ MAMAKU FERN EXTRACT cell regenerative
ARNICA calming, relaxing
VITAMIN E nutritive

Evolu10Anti Aging & Intense Facial Hydrator

Facial Serum, 15ml RM 273

This ‘dry’ oil-based serum soaks in quickly, does its anti-aging work at deep levels and
leaves the skin hydrated with a soft sheen. The ultimate overnight treatment, its heavenly
scent reflects the potency of the bioactives. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, these
antioxidant essentials work to promote cell renewal and boost skin
suppleness, helping to diminish the visible signs of aging.

ROSEHIP OIL provitamin A, lycopene
omega-6 essential fatty acids
JOJOBA OIL phospholipids, Vitamin E
NEROLI OIL regenerative, smoothing
VANILLA OIL protective

Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, 30ml RM 114

This 100% pure certified organic oil is naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6
fatty acids, potent lipid-boosters that work at a cellular level to help promote
cell regeneration and minimise moisture loss. Skin is rehydrated and softened
and tone is rebalanced, restoring natural radiance and elasticity. Ideal for
depleted or aging skins, its ultra-potent multi-tasking action is especially
effective at reducing fine lines, scarring and redness. This fine quality oil is
readily absorbed and non-greasy, suitable for face or body,
mother and baby.


Evolu12Facial Mask

Rehydrating Facial Mask, 50ml RM 231

This super-intensive facial masque comes to the rescue when your skin
is suffering the visible effects of long-term stress and nutrient
depletion. Potent botanical actives deliver deeper and more lasting
hydration to reverse persistent moisture-loss and restore balance.
Vitamins, proteins and omega-6 fatty acids from Borage oil and
Hazelnut help stimulate healthy circulation and cell renewal,
blending with New Zealand’s native Kawakawa to deeply replenish and
renew radiance. Bergamot fortifies against cell damage and Sweet
orange (citroflavanoids, Vitamin C) helps boost collagen formation and
promote firmer skin tone.

BORAGE provitamin A, gamma linoleic acid
SWEET ORANGE citroflavanoids
BERGAMOT antioxidant, antiseptic
HAZELNUT proteins, omega-6
NZ KAWAKAWA repairing, detoxifying

Purifying Mask, 75ml RM 189

Perfect for a weekly deep cleanse or when skin needs extra help, this mask suits all
skin types, especially sensitive or oily. The active botanicals work in combination
with kaolin clay to gently exfoliate, detoxify and thoroughly remove damaging
impurities. The mask dries quickly, absorbing make-up, excess oil and grime.
Gentle wiping with a warm, wet face cloth removes the mask and thoroughly purifies
without the need for harsh scrubbing.

LAVENDER balancing, regenerative
SWEET ORANGE rejuvenating, renewing
purifying, detoxifying, refreshing

If you have gone through the long list of the ingredients and it’s respective function, you know what could different ingredient do to your skin. So the next time you do skin care shopping make sure you take a look on the ingredient on the product label before you finalized your purchase.

**Those who read through this long list of product description thank you so much for your patient reading through it..

I was given this six tier tower which contain day care and night care that is super convenient to bring around during travel!! It can fit easily in my bag, my jeans pocket and my clutch too… It can also be separated into two tower as there is a spare lid given in the box.

Evolu17Evolu’s Travel Tower

This tower is suitable to be used by all skin type. I have tried the day cream, it is super concentrated. The scent is strongly infused by the scent of the natural plants and fruits they used in producing the end product. It feels like they are really generous in the amount of ingredient they included in the product. Thought it may need sometime to set when apply on my face but it’s super hydrated and it’s not sticky too. If your skin is very dry and dehydrated or your constantly exposed to dry temperature environment (i.e air conditioned room) this is the product that you should look for!! I love to apply this at night so when I wake up the next morning my face feel soft and supple.

For more info check out www.theskintopic.com.my and www.evolu.com or follow them on FB for more latest updates.

Skintopic Outlets:

Level 5, PS.12.00, Pavilion KL Tel: 0321429988

Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Subang Parade Tel: 0356382988

PF3 First Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre Tel: 0362058828

K-G8-W, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara Tel: 0377222213


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