Drop It Like It’s Hot at Neverland with Glenmorangie

Monday, July 15, 2013

The night begin with free flow of Original Glenmorangie with party people dressed up in orange theme outfit with super cool Orange LED light!


I was there early and the venue was still empty and within few minutes, crowd start to build up!

Glenmorangie28A closed up shot of me and Janice at the entrance.

Glenmorangie26Me with the big bottle of Glenmorangie!

I too chill in Glenmorangie while waiting for the performance to begin!


The lingering citrus-vanilla notes of the Glenmorangie Original is easy on my throat. It’s not that strong compared to other liquor, this is my top pick whenever I go for party!Honestly I like when it was paired with coke or green tea rather than plain water or soda.


The night does not only fill with hawt hip hop tunes but a line of sexy performance by fellow dancer & singer!!

Glenmorangie9Super rocker singer!! I adore her neon orange top!

Glenmorangie14Thai Singer singing Thai Song.

The Thai Song is really nice to listen but I don’t see the relation with the Hip Hop theme…

Right after some Thai Song singing, the MC were on stage to kick off the rapping contest!! and this dude definitely rap in style that deserve a bottle of Glenmorangie!


Glenmorangie18The next hit song performance non other that Gentlemen!!! Super hot and sexy booty shaking!

Glenmorangie19The coolio boot!

The rest of the night was chatting, mingling, drinking, dancing to hip hop tune and camwhoring!!!

Glenmorangie6Me and Janice love…

Glenmorangie7Kah Mon, Charmaine, Me & Janice!!

Glenmorangie8Me and cutie Yeeing

Glenmorangie11Me, Yumi & Julie. First time meeting both of them!!!

Glenmorangie10Me and Yumi

Glenmorangie12The Gorgeous Ladies; Ashley, Yukiko, Me, Yumi, Julie, Samantha & Jessy.

Glenmorangie20Spotted Yukiko intimate moment with Nate. Such a lovely couple!

Glenmorangie24with the dude that won the rap contest!

Glenmorangie25Picture with Don. Thanks a lot for the invitation to Glenmorangie Party!

It was a really great night as it has been so long since I last party!!! I am missing my heels…when will my foot recover???? My heels are collecting dust!! Today gonna show you my OOTD for the night!






Orange Dress: New Look, UK

Earing: Boutique in Korea

Necklace: Boutique in Platinum Mall Bangkok

Pearl Clutch: Gift

Oh well happy Monday and enjoy the rest of the week!!!!!!!


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