3D 2N Bangkok Shopping Trip

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hello boys and girls! I'm back from Bangkok!!!!!! Did you all miss me in FB or in instagram?

Bangkok73Lights of Bangkok!

My Shopping Itinerary:

Day 1 : Platinum Mall

Day 2 : Terminal 21 & Chatuchak

Day 3 : Platinum Mall & Pratunam Street

We book 2 night stay in Metz Pratunam for RM 100 per night after 40% off in Agoda. I was worry that the hotel is bad as I read a few bad review about this hotel! Oh well, it’s actually a very decent hotel if it is during promotional rate else if I were to pay RM 150 per night I would expect more. Our room is pretty small almost like the hotel in First World Genting. Though it is small but it is well keep and everything is still new and clean. Breakfast was simple but it’s alright for me. As long as it don’t taste bad right?

Bangkok74Ring for a hug?

Bangkok75Our Bed! Quite decent!

Bangkok77Shower & Toilet is separated. Good (save waiting time) & Bad (trouble some to have to do thing separately)!

Bangkok81Breakfast Table, love how they use different chair design to put under one table!

I heart these butter….


Sausage and egg is not refillable. You can opt for bacon and choices of other type of eggs (sunny side up, pan fried egg and scrambled egg). Other like cornflakes,bread,noodle and salad are refillable!

Bangkok87My Breakfast!

Bangkok88Hotel Exterior!

Was kinda stress before i head to Bangkok so i didn't bother much and just buy whatever i feel like buying! Well in total, i spend almost 1k in ringgit for all the stuff I had purchased... Well to be honest there are few shop that offered bigger size so hooray for me!! Forget about other places,  i recommend shopping in Platinum Mall! If you wanted to buy one piece each time and would like to try it on, you should look for Terminal 21. If you are lucky you can get discounted price at Terminal 21, else prices here are more expensive in comparison with platinum. Design & quality wise Terminal 21 are better than platinum too!!!!!! Well for Chatuchak I didn’t buy anything as the stuff are not as good as Platinum & Terminal 21. But if you are first time in Bangkok you should really check it out!

imageLacey Dress & accessories for day 1!

imageCardigan, Maxi Dress & Casual Tee for Day 2 & 3

Terminal 21 is a must visit place as it’s a concept mall where each level filled with different country architecture elements and different decorations based on the county of the level!

First stop Rome!


all the statue look so historical and look almost alike those in Rome!




Then to Tokyo… I love shopping in Tokyo floor..All the stuff here is so cute!!!!!


Bangkok136Fortune Cat!! Meow Meow!


Bangkok106Interesting Sumo!

and to London…


Bangkok112London Double Decker Bus!

Bangkok113London Tube!

Bangkok107All guard dress up in this uniform!

also Istanbul..





and finally San Francisco!


Bangkok125The Red bridge! Look at those cute car!


and these are some of the random decoration i found while walking pass..Forgot it’s under which country!


This is the washroom..So Creative isn’t it?


You can even see beautiful view of the buildings in Bangkok in the washroom!!!


For food, I didn’t spend much time looking for delicious food but I found there are many unique restaurant or cafe in Terminal 21 that worth trying.

Our food at Platinum Mall Level 6 Food Court..Pad Thai was ok still not the best I have tried!


These little snack is super yummy! With egg and flour as the base and lots of vegetables and seafood in the content!!!!


Red Ruby is a disappointment! The chestnut no even crunchy!


We had a buffet dinner at Baiyoke Sky Hotel where we can also enjoy the night view at the top of the building!! The food here sucks big time, though the view is breathtaking but it is not revolving at all….For 750 Baht I’d rather eat other food than this and skip the view! 


The only thing that fair well is these salmon!!!!!!!!



The view from Baiyoke Sky Hotel!!!



We had Tom Yam soup & Pad Thai in Terminal 21!! Oh there are so good!!!! Like finally get to eat some delicious food!

Bangkok123Tom Yam Soup with Prawns

Bangkok124Seafood Pad Thai

This waffle is a must eat!! Marvellous Cream is a store that serve ice cream in waffle. This Tiramisu waffle is soaked in coffee where the internal layer taste almost like banana cake texture but more moist and outer layer is crispy! The fresh cream and tiramisu ice cream pair really well with the Waffle!!


Then we had this cold stone ice cream outside of Platinum Mall!!! My friend say this is very famous in Singapore!!!! I take a mouth and bang…the blueberry is so sour but it taste so good with the cheese cake ice cream…So cheesy that I can pull the ice cream like how I pull the pizza! If you get what I mean? LoL!!!!!!!

Bangkok138Cheese Cake Ice Cream

We had this chicken rice and pork satay just nearby Platinum Mall. Turn right when you come out from Platinum and walk straight. Cross the road and you will see a lot of hawker stall there. I believe the food there taste pretty good!

Bangkok141Hainanese Chicken Rice

Bangkok142Pork Satay

Our flight is at 7 am..So in order to maximise our shopping quota we decided not to rent a  hotel for that night!!!!!! So we went to buy some drinks from Seven Eleven and go to one of the hotel swimming pool and take a shower.


We don’t dare to walk out with hair wet as we scared the hotel staff will know…So the pool is closed but shower room light remained on. Thank God else we will be smelling like shit when we sitting in the plane!! So we decided to drink in the shower room while waiting for our hair to dry!!!!! Right after we went for a massage so we can have a quick nap & enjoy being massage!!!!!

Well still few more hour to go, we thought let’s go for a drink and we end up dooze off in the couch of the bar we went….Lucky the staff don’t even care..hahaha


Cheers and let’s zzzzzzzzzzzzz…


Well this is the most crazy thing I ever do while travelling. We even sleep in the airport while waiting for boarding!!!!!!!!! Have you ever do this crazy thing before??? What would you do to save money???

This is sure a memorable trip!!!!! Till my next travel post…tata….

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