What I’d do on Sunday?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good morning people, oooppsss it’s afternoon already…My bad for sleeping the whole morning, I can’t help it but to sleep as I am really exhausted over the weekday work and the continuous event. Though is exhausting but it sure fun to attend all the event… As much as I would like to share with you all the event I attended but guess not on Sunday…

I would like to keep my Sunday a little personal where I talk crap, I rambles or I just express my feelings…After all that what blog is all about isn’t it??

Technically, my alarm rang at 8am and I snooze it till 10.30 and finally willing to leave the bed alone and pick up the phone to ring fat fat Thomas….Lol that’s what I call him at times…or sometime call him ‘sweet heart’  or a quick one ‘ling’ … Yesterday we spend whole day together at Coffee Societe where Thomas challenged himself to drink all the coffee on the menu since is free flow coffee for the night every Saturday….

Super love this pica of us….It’s been sometime since we spare sometime for ourself!! Pic from new S4!

imageUs in couple tee! Red heartRed heart

Kudos to him, as he sip through all the coffee from espresso to the Hazelnut Latte before we call it a night…As me, I can’t take in that much caffeine at one go…So I happily take a sip or two from every cup he ordered!

Coffee Societe6-tileSome of the coffee we indulged that night!

Somehow, I like my carefree look on Saturday..So here another photo of me with the breakfast I took at Coffee Societe..Spot any difference on me??


Oh yes, the answer is these sexy pinks and edgy purples on my hair that I just dye last Thursday! A close up shot of the hair colours!

img1Purple & Pink Streaks of my hair…

While on Friday night, I was pampered with Loreal Mythic Oil Hair Makeover and attended the KL Fashion show at Pavilion before I meet up with Thomas for We Love Asia 3D rave party at KL Live.

Sadly camera is not allowed in the party so I only rely on S4 to snap the pictures… It was rather boring at the beginning until Joachim Garraud showed up with 3d animation on the screen. It was so cool to party in 3D style, my first time actually…





3D raving begin….Put on the mask to enjoy maximum 3D experience!!




Well that’s how I spend my Friday & Saturday…As for Sunday, the earlier half was spent sleeping and the latter half might be heading to salon, wash my car and continue to blog….

Till then…signing off..Happy Weekend everyone!


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