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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hello I’m back for blog off day…. Two days ago I attended the launch of Project Hope by World marketing Summit 2013. Wanna know what sort of hope for the future? Read on will ya?

In the initiative to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), World Marketing Summit has chosen 100 children from orphanages around Malaysia today through Project Hope. Children is given opportunity to express their hopes and dreams through art by creatively expressing the future they wish at Kompleks Kraft Kuala Lumpur.

Project Hope14

There are a few VIPs who turned out that day being supportive and all. Among the VIPs are Christian Rehren, Ambassador of Chile Malaysia to Malaysia; En Mansor Abdul Latiff, General Manager of Karyaneka; Mr Stuart Ramalingam, Director of Marketing & CSR, Asian Football Confederation; Dr Annathurai, Head of CSR, Asian Football Federation; Christoper Huehn, CEO of Staedtler Malaysia; Y.Bhg Dato’Tom Abang Saufi and Donne Ray of the Platters.

Project Hope7The VIPs

Each VIP gave their speech and their though about project hope. I can see each of every VIP had gave their heart to make this project a success!! Project Hope is set to achieved two goals which is to eracating extreme poverty & hunger and achieving universal primary education.

I am sure children will have a memorable trip when they return to their home as each of them were treated with 3days fun filled activities from playing football with professional footballers and coaches (courtesy of Dream Asia, Asian Football Federation), free medical checkups (courtesy of Columbia Asia Hospital, Setapak) and tours to Kuala Lumpur to meet world-renown Malaysian idols.

Project Hope4 The lucky kids..

I was really shock when Mr Donne Ray walk on the stage and start singing…His voice is mesmerizing…He sang as good as the original singer…Kid’s even raise their hand to sing along….

Project Hope10

and somewhere halfway Mr Bean popped out….

Project Hope9

Seriously he look very similar to the original Mr Bean. Not too sure if he’s the real one…

As a part of the Project Hope, 100 art pieces by the children will be auctioned to participants of the world Marketing Summit Malaysia (September 28 – 30 2013). All the proceeds will be channelled back to the children's home. Also, the top three children with highest bid will received a fixed deposit in their name which will be made available to them when they reached 18 years old. WMSM2013 will continue to check on these children, following up on their development as they grow on their journey.

Project Hope18The batik painting by the children..

These children are really talented…No joke..when I was at their age I can’t draw nuts…

Project Hope17

Project Hope19

Project Hope20

“We must realize that the child of today is the leader of tomorrow; a better, brighter future is squarely in the palms of the children today. Through Project HOPE, we will inspire these children to realise their dreams and ambitions. Ensuring every child is equipped with a minimum of complete primary education (MDG2) will empower them and help break the cycle of poverty and hunger (MDG1). In this way, WMSM2013 and its partner and sponsors are taking action against poverty, hunger and lack of education – starting with arming children of today with the tools they need to succeed.” say Dr. Marceline Lemarie, Chairperson of WMSM2013.

In the event, the extension of Project HOPE, 8 BILLION was also launched which will address MDG1 and 2 on a global scale over the next two years, in a drive to increase reach and sustainability of Malaysian efforts.

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