Second Date with Lilac Blogger : Yves Rocher @ Garden Lifestyle Cafe Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I didn’t know whether this post gonna be awesome as while I am typing this post I feel freaking depressing…. Yes it’s the time of the month…. and something just doesn’t go smoothly on my work and most of my schedule messed up…. While I’m typing I am actually cold sweating but I need to make sure you have something to read this morning…. So let’s move on to the event that I went last weekend.

Honestly last weekend is such a joyful one… I was invited by Lilac box to attend a blind date with Yves Rocher… I was one of the earliest to arrived and I was so happy to be greeted by the lovely Yves Rocher staff. I was given a passport book where I have to fill up the questionnaire and get all stamp from different station to complete this date!

My first stop is Skin Analysis Station so I am the first one so I skip the queue…lalalalalala….Advantage for being early..

Yves Rocher2

Ahaaaaa this machine able to tell actual age of my skin!!

So I position face on this machine and ensuring my eyes is close when the machine shot a picture of my skin for twice…. This machine able to scan my skin even with make up on…No matter how thick the make up is the machine can penetrate through my epidermis layer by using the UV light.

Yves Rocher3Skin Analyser EC

chik chuck…. The result is…I’m five years younger than my age…. yee har…. So happy…such a blessing to have a good skin…

and this is my chubby face…The left picture show all my superficial line where if I do not start taking care of them now, they will join together and become fine lines…Oh nooooo I don’t want wrinklessss….. While the right one where you can see minor white dots are my dark spot.. Lucky it wasn’t like a lot…

Yves Rocher5

The area with yellow and red spot is where the skin roughness is detected…Red colour is the most severe ones where all dead skin is not properly scrub away! The tiny white lines on the right show the cells that are destroy by sunlight. So the analyst advise me to start using whitening essence to repair and protect these cells..

Yves Rocher4

My final result with the skin care range suggestion for my skin.

Yves Rocher43

I was given a gel mask to try at home after the analysis…

within 5 minutes all girls arrived and the queue become so long..
Yves Rocher16
Right after the skin analysis, I fill up the various questionnaire in the passport.

Yves Rocher44

and my results is Romantic & Feminine

Yves Rocher45

At the DIY Spa Station, I chose the Organic Raspberry Body Lotion.. the sweet treat.. Love their lotion as I am currently using one which is not greasy and very easy to absorb into my skin…The milky texture turn my skin into super soft baby skin….

Yves Rocher1

The staff recommending the scent to all the girls..

Yves Rocher17

Between have you all use Yves Rocher’s product before? Yves Rocher originate from France and they are the farmer, harvester and manufacturer for their product. All Yves Rocher is made from organic ingredient from the field such as Marigold, Arnical, Cornflower and many more. Following are some of the info on Yves Rocher you might want to know..

clip_image002[4] clip_image004[4] clip_image006[4] clip_image008[4] image
After selecting the lotion we then head to the Fragrance Station, where there is about 10 different scent to opt from....

Yves Rocher11The Fragrance Station
Though my scent is sweet and romantic, when it come to perfume I prefer natural scent..So I got myself the Naturelle EDT, the blue/green bottle!! Love the calm scent….

I was so hungry but I was having so much fun at each station that I forget about my hungerness untill i done visited all station… I did not take breakfast so yeah my huge platter for lunch…Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue out

Yves Rocher23

There is also a photo booth where there is multiple photo prop for us to take some nice picture!!
Do we look pretty??

Yves Rocher22Jenny, Sharon, Me, Sarah & Kavitha

Selca with Chency…

Yves Rocher38

Us with Rudy & KY Gan…

Yves Rocher39

Me and Jenifer baby…

Yves Rocher41

and my solo photo!!!!!
Yves Rocher18

In between the session there is also Q&A session where May is like a Doraemon keep taking goodies out from her goodies and give it to lucky winner!! I’m one of the lucky one because I name GM of Yves Rocher correctly!!

DSC02544who want some goodies??

All the girls then went to their store to tried out the foundation as well as shop for their favourite product as Yves Rocher's member get 30% off on all product on the shelf and some slashed off price too (up to 70% off).. Those who are not member can get free lifetime membership with any product purchase…So cool eh..

Yves Rocher25“Ok this shade is for you…”

Yves Rocher27Kelly looking into buying the eyeliner…

Before we call it a day, we have a lucky draw….The grand Prize worth up to RM 500….

Yves Rocher29Prizes for Lucky Draw

wooowahhh I shout... I want it, I want it…… I realize this tactic work for me as every time when I shout my name I won the lucky draw!!! So the magic work again this time as I am the first lucky winner!!! I won a smokey eye shadow palette…

Yves Rocher30

Some other winner…


and……The grand prize winner is Andrea….OMG such a lucky girl….

Yves Rocher36

So nice of her to give me the eye shadow palette because she say she don’t use that colour….Love die her…Now I have so many eye shadow…

Yves Rocher42Goodies I got from the event….

Yves Rocher37All the girls at the event… Look at Chency..she always know when camera is snapping!

Lastly a huge group picture…


I really have fun going one station to another…Thanks Lilac Box and Yves Rocher for inviting me to the great event!!!!!!!!!

For more info check out the following:

Website :
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Till then signing off…Have a great work guys…muahhhhh…


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