[Review] Neutrogena Brightening Mulberry Ultra Foam Cleanser

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh my, I love all things in purples, be it dresses, makeups or heels! When i receive this Facial Foam from Neutrogena I was like OMG the colour is so sweet and pretty.

Neutrogena Mulberry2Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Ultra Foam Cleanser, RM 31.90

I couldn’t wait longer and uncapped the cap immediately and have a quick sniff….Oh the Mulberry smell so sweet in a way smell sweeter than the Mulberry does by itself!

This Facial Foam is another new product developed from the existing Neutrogena®’s Deep Clean® range. With it new improved formula, it gives the deepest cleansing to skin, coupled with revitalizing and brightening effects.

The main ingredient in this facial foam, mulberry helps reveal visibly fairer and brighter skin.


The main ingredient in this facial foam, mulberry helps reveal visibly fairer and brighter skin.

A picture of me with the cleanser before I wash my face!

Neutrogena Mulberry1 

It come with a pump so it’s really convenient to use. Just one pump is sufficient to cleanse the whole face. The foam was not so take so is not too creamy to apply all over my face.

Neutrogena Mulberry3

It features an ultra foam cleanser, where the foam is form as it dispenses from the bottle. This foam able to clean in depth into the pores ensuring all impurities and dust are removed thoroughly, leaving a radiant glowing skin.

I have been using it for about two weeks now. Before this I am using Murad Pomegranate Facial Foam.

Okay gonna show you my before and after picture for using it two week.

Neutrogena Mulberry Facial Foam

No doubt this cleanser does very well in removing all the dirt on my face leaving a fresh and clean face after each wash. Sadly, it is rather dry for my skin after rinsing with water. The scent of the Mulberry is really lovely but when the foam is applied to my face, the scent is too overwhelming for me. I spot it has brighten up my skin tone but my face is not as smooth as it is compared to before I start using this facial foam.

If your skin is not so dry and looking for a facial foam that has whitening/ brightening effect perhaps you can try out this cleanser.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Ultra Foam Cleanser, is available at Guardian & Watson Nationwide and it is priced at RM 31.90 each.

For more information about Neutrogena, checkout www.facebook.com/MyNeutrogena!

Till my next review…



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