HiShop May Surprise Pack

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some time for me what really matter is the service i received whenever I purchase product doesn’t matter via online or via walk in… Even when dining, the staff service is extremely important too… Imagine you get the best quality product but it gives you so much hassle to get a response from the seller or never gotten any reply on your query, I believe you will get tired of it some time and might consider changing another brand.

Recently, I discover a few brand or restaurant that worth round applause for their good job in customer service. First is Mabel from HiShop, despite her busy schedule; she replies to all my long winded queries promptly and have constantly being aware of my request that she remember all feedback given to her and this May box has so much improvement over the last one.

I recently visited Coffee Societe, the staff attentiveness and soft spoken tone really amazed me.. I never experience such hospitality even at fine dining restaurant. Well I’m gonna feature Coffee Societe next month Coffee Challenge…

Not to missed out Winnie from Vanity Trove who always reply my email almost immediately. Knowing she has tones of email from VanityTrove’s subscriber, but her dedication is worth admiring.

I feel comfortable and less worry dealing with them when I know they will make sure everything doesn’t go haywire. I was getting excited as quite a number of girls has gotten their HiShop May surprise box, but mine is still stuck at Post Office. Mabel was so quick that she send the tracking code and also help check with Post Office on the shipment status…. After all not PosLaju at all….I got mine 5 days later and I was so happy that this month surprise box features all make up product which is exactly what I wanted. By the way, HiShop is looking into changing the shipping service provider… Guess no more PosLaju errr I mean PosLambat (slow postage)….

Ahaaa this is what I got this month…The box is super huge this time….

HiShop7HiShop May Surprise Pack

Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun Blusher

Felt so happy when I unwrap the Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun Blusher (also known as bronzer) as the purplish puff does look really girly and pretty with the big flower as the holder… Moments after, my heart break to pieces when discover my bronzer shatter to pieces…

imagemy bronzer shattered!

It must be due to the postman throwing the box here and there during shipping (I am assuming). Informed Mabel about this and she is so kind to replace me with a new bronzer….I was so glad after knowing it will be replace…. I love all my new stuff in good condition; at times I love to admire the product packaging, the colour and scent of the product… Errr sound like a maniac LOL… Seriously this new bronzer does really make my day.

HiShop8Jelly Pong Pong Brazilian Sun Blusher, RM 89

This bronzer come with a thick cardboard container which is recyclable with a plastic layer separating the big puff from touching the bronzing powder. At first I felt the puff is too huge to use on my face. After trying out, I felt is easier to use compare to brush. i use the brush to contour my jaw line, temple of my head as well as nose area…The huge round surface of the puff results in a more uniform coverage compared to using brush. Not to mentioned, the puff is extremely soft and smooth too..I feel so good when it touches my face..so delicate..better feeling compared to brush on my face..


Let’s look at my final sunkissed glow face!

page1Only use Nuxe BB cream as a base…

I love the bronzing powder shade for not too pigmented but still visible enough to shape my facial features.

HiShop10The bronzer swatch on my hand!

Plus point is that, it’s sheer colour make my face look more natural and it’s not overly shiny which can be use even on weekday where you can wear to your office. It can be apply on face as well as other parts of your body!! Also contains Titanium Dioxide to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


This will be great for those looking for a natural glowing skin….and it can be apply all over the body. Great if you planning for a beach holiday soon!

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain

As much as I love the compact packaging with a mirror which is very convenient to bring along anywhere I go, I wasn’t impressed with the colours and it’s rather dry if I apply straight on my lips without putting on lip balm.

HiShop11Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain, RM 80

You can on the picture the roughness of the surface and it’s not that creamy at all….The colour are quite pigmented though and too red for my liking… So I did not try on my cheek as I don’t want to look like a lobster….LOLx


Sorry for my ugly chapped lips…I guess i need to apply more lip balm…

Let you see the swatch on my hand…


If you looking for a pigmented and compact size lip stain then this might be suitable for you.

Scent Affair Fragrant Body Wash: Cucumber & Aloe Vera

It’s suppose to be a hydrating body wash but I felt another way.. I didn’t really felt it’s moisturising at least my Johnson & Johnson Shower gel does better

HiShop15Scent Affair Fragrance Body Wash: Cucumber & Aloe Vera, RM 7.80 

Scent wise, though it smell good but it’s too strong for my liking. It has a milky green colour texture and have more cucumber scent over Aloe Vera…Well generally Aloe Vera doesn't have strong scent… It’s quite easy to lather on my skin and has lots of bubbles after rubbing it over my body..


On thing good is that the bottle design is great as the sides provides a good grip which also portray their brand name…


Twistband Hair Tie

I got this hair tie in white which I wish I got another more interesting colours… This hair tie is thicker than usual hair tie and it can be use as wrist accessories too.. Checkout this video!

It’s great as it does not leave as much mark as usual hair tie do.. I wouldn’t say it does not leave any mark at all… Let me show you the test I done on my hand and hair.

Twistband Hair Tie 1With my usual hairband

Twistband Hair TieUsing Twistband

It doesn’t really suits my hair because the tie is too small to securely tie my pony tail….It’s either too tight or too loose…I would suggest they give a longer length and we can tie a know at preferable length to suits our hair volume….

HiShop21This is too tight, between do you girls like my new hair colour?

As usual, there is always a few voucher included in the box from HiShop. I would prefer if the voucher can be used without minimum purchased….

That’s pretty much on the item in May box. Of all the item I seriously love the bronzer a lot… So remember all above stuff is available at HiShop, so do checkout their online store kay?

You can use HISUPRISE code to get RM20 off with minimum RM 99 purchase!!

Till then tata…Have a great day….

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Disclaimer: Above product are provided by Hishop for review. I was not paid to do this review. all above thoughts are based on my experience with the product or brands…

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