Thursday, June 27, 2013

So sorry peeps for posting this up so late…This is another food venture went by Thomas! Few week ago we are headed to another gastronomy experience thanks to Foodirector and Chargrill Express whom had graciously invited us to indulge in some of their specials.

Tucked away in a corner unbeknownst to passerby if weren’t for the colourful theme décor which attract to unsuspecting eyes at Publika.

Chargrilled1The Entrance

The colour theme is rather funky however somehow there’s a resemblance of theme on another joint but can’t put the finger on which would be it. The aroma stemming from the kitchen and the open container fills the air to entice the taste bud.

Chargrilled3Interior Décor

The general setup over on the counter could be seen tidy and neat which might be attributed to its opening not too long ago.

Chargrilled2The counter top

It looks as tasty as it gets over the top with luscious colours and healthy ingredients.

Chargrilled5The Greens

This is where the hot stuff gets out to serving. It ranges from its “Portuguese Chicken” to the pastas. Most of the ingredient is readied made for easy serving.

clip_image010The Hot section

They offer a variety of drinks for selection which is quite normal.

clip_image012The Drinks Section

The Mains

When the chicken was placed onto the table, first impression was why the chicken looks rather dry and plain. However the chicken holds great delight within, as there are spices which are then seasoned along with the rice inside.

Chargrilled8Stuffed Seasoned Grilled Chicken

The rice is also used to absorb most of the moisture from the chicken which infused with the spices to give it flavour. The chicken texture is just right and the spices did well to blend with the chicken. The outer skin is slight crisp as the fat is burned off due to the grilling at intense heat. The rice is moist and fragrant due to the spices and the chicken juice infused into it.

Chargrilled14(Inside) Stuffed Grilled Chicken

Next up, we have the “Beef Bolognaise”. Like most bolognaise, it’s based on tomato sauce however with a twist as the shredded beef is tender and the sauce is sautéed along with it to compliment the flavour which taste almost similar to beef stew. Maybe they could go easy on the salt as it was slight salty.

Chargrilled9Beef Bolognaise

This finely cut potato into bite size has rather normal taste. This is prolly due to the cream used which gave a bloated feeling and the dash of maple syrup wasn’t really needed. It could do as dessert but minus the cream which might need to readjust the recipe.

Chargrilled10Cream Potato

Interesting enough, this “Portuguese Rice” has rich flavours which could the attributed by the spices that were used to infuse with the rice. It is soft and slight spiciness. However the rice was rather dry which could use a bit more moisture to it.

Chargrilled11Portuguese Rice

Unlike the conventional chicken rice that we have acquired taste from the chicken rice shop, this “Chicken Rice” has no serving of chicken but rather seasoned and marinated with chicken essences that is infuse to the rice which draws out the flavour. It isn’t too salty and fragrant of the rice is just great. With no MSG or additives, the rice is just right to serve with a serving of chicken or so to think.

Chargrilled12Chicken Rice

While the appearance looks appetizing, the taste told a different tale. The sauce wasn’t creamy as it might be watered down and it was just salty. Perhaps the chicken shred wasn’t rinse thorough after marinating and straight tossed into the sauce to be cooked.

clip_image026Creamy Chicken Pasta

The next dish we have is the “Chicken Avocado” which is excellent choice to tone it down a notch after wrestling with the prior dishes. The chicken is shredded which is tossed along the pasta and avocado. There is small amount of capsicum to further enhance the flavour which blends in well along with the ingredients and the dressing. Perfect for after working out meal.

Chargrilled15Chicken Avocado

The “ Caesar Salad " is normal and it could use more on the Caesar dressing as it is rather dry with more parmesan sprinkles.

Chargrilled17Caesar Salad

After having the taste bud balanced with some greens which were a ploy to get us ready for the next dish, “Portuguese Chicken”. This spicy looking chicken sure pack a punch as the seasoning and marinating just caught us off guard. The spices which comprises of chillies (Which by the way is a lot) grinded and mince, along with seasoning of the five spice (As mentioned by one of the operator, Mark) over night and then tossed onto the stove griller, slowly grill to get evenly spread onto the surface. The chicken texture is slight hard which prolly due to the long grilling that drained most of the moisture. It is comparable to tandoori but with a twist of flavour.

Chargrilled16Portuguese Chicken

Following we have the “Grilled Chicken Burger”. The chicken patty is grilled which gives it the slight charred taste while topped with slices of tomatoes, onion, lettuce and with a dash of sauce which is almost similar to the perinaise or it’s of the same which we’re not aware. The bun is quite soft despite its rough and hard exterior look.

Chargrilled19Grilled Chicken Burger

Serving next up is the “Chicken Wrap”. This tortilla wrap is a bite of delight. It comprises of tomatoes, lettuce with chicken which is tossed along mayo dressing and then wrapped along with the tortilla which is grilled, to give it some charred flavour. The platter also comes along with serving wedges that is sprinkle with Cajun powder and dipping sauce.

Chargrilled20Chicken Roll

This Hearty Chicken Wrap is one full hearty meal as the generous amount of chicken which is dipped with the sauce, spread along the toasted bun, is fulfilling to every bite.

Chargrilled21Hearty Chicken Wrap


Colourful Surprise

This colourful drink has yet to be given a name and the mix is comprises of citrus, lime and mango. Maybe the cordial used isn’t suitable for this concoction as the taste is similar to cough mixture. This is not recommended for many though the colour could be deceiving.

Chargrilled18The drink

We conclude our dining with a platter mix fruit which topped with thousand island sauce as complimentary on the house.

Chargrilled22Fruit Platter

The Continuation

While we feasted on some of their best sellers, they have a long list of items on the menu which is quite interesting including the peri peri sauce.

clip_image044The “Peri-peri” Sauces

Many might figure the resemblance to Nando’s given the peri peri sauce. The sauce could fare better if the bar was not set by Nando’s on the sauce which could do better.

Thanks again to Chargrill Express for hosting the dining experience with them and Foodirector to organize the food hangout.

Chargrill Express
A4-UG1-02, Publika Shopping Centre,
Jalan Dutamas, Mont Kiara,
58400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03-6206 4106



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