Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party at Poppy Garden

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hold up, We gonna rock the night till the break of dawn, getting techno vibes of the coolest devices while hitting ‘em up with some piping hot beats”
Most people would be dreaded to go out on a weekday after a long day at work, let alone party on Thursday night with a sprained ankle but heck, if it’s a public holiday the very next day and it’s TGIF, you’ll get the general idea ;-)

clip_image002The Groove Element

Yeah you are right, I dragged my injured leg out my house to catch a cab because I can’t drive. Who would wanna missed the event organized by Nuffnang!! NONE!!!!!!

imageCalling for  taxi helplessly!
I must thank Nuffnang for another exclusive invite to the party, definitely looking forward to a night of unwind and entertainment in the exclusive Acer & Intel’s Redefined Party. Held in Poppy Garden (Coincidently with the model named Poppy Delevingne in the Acer ad that featuring Tiësto) which is set the heart of KL, the anticipation for the party got higher as the travel along the road of Jalan P. Ramlee where the rows clubs pumping and jamming some beats to get the groove on the go. Can’t wait to see what Acer has got to offer in their new Aspire series!


Everyone gets a goodie bag upon registering!
picture courtesy of  google image
Smooth and easy as it goes as we head on over to get checked in for a rocking night. We got boos and great company for the evening, so let’s rock this joint.
clip_image004OH Yea.. The Boos..
Just check in with my girls. All set to glitter and down to party. v(^.^)v

clip_image006Me and the gorgeous coloured hair girl with the super sexy red lips!Red lipsRed lips

We are posing for the camera before the boos starts to act on behalf of us or worst still, go bonkers.. Haha.

clip_image008Posing with my man! Ain’t we look so matching? Love the neon wrist band!
We head to the Fotobox booth for some crazy photo session!

clip_image010“The Fotobox Booth” 
Look at the crazy pica we took with all the props that night!! I want to pose again!!!!


The MC kicked up a notch for the night and livens up the atmosphere by reaching out to every attendee to enjoy the evening of entertainment and excitement.

clip_image012“The MC for the Night.. Cool hair isn’t it?”
The Acer Creations
We get started with introductions by Acer’s Product Manager, Jeffrey Lai whom had graciously explained Acer’s new product lineup which is set to rock the market and through its marketing ads which featured a prominent DJ, DJ Tiësto with his assistant, Vernon. The excitement slowly fills the air as the devices is said to be lighter, faster, ultra-portable and convenient for many whose daily activities are on the go.

clip_image014ACER’s, Jeffrey Lai
The main line up would be the Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook that delivers all the benefits of an ultrabook in a unique design that switches to tablet mode which is an important aspect in today’s modern world for accessibility and convenience but without compromising others. Weighing at an incredible 0.79kg (without the keyboard) and measuring up to 0.77 inches thin, it certainly would attract attention like me to give a thinker to obtain one. Long battery life would ensure uninterrupted performance and with the tablet designs employed to its touch centric features, would further enhanced mobility. With revolutionary features and extensive product line up, Acer had definitely redefined the computers by creating products with new innovation to modern day explorers computing demands and inspired to explore beyond limits, the Aspire P3 Ultra book will definitely hit a chord with the people.

clip_image016“Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook”

It can even be my clutch eh? Look glamorous!!
clip_image018“Can i have this.. Pleasey Please?”

or put into my bag!

*Check out more here
Notebooks are no longer bound to its limited range to open with this new revolution Aspire R7 which is designed to create the best of both touch and type experience.

clip_image020 “Acer Aspire R7 Notebook”

With the combination of its Full HD 1920x1080 touch screen and the repositioned keyboard, the Aspire R7 comes with the revolutionary ‘Ezel™ Hinge’ that allows the display to flip, reverse, lie flat or float for easy display on whether its for work, presentation, leisure or just some quiet reading, its design on the unique functionality that would make general sense for a human in the touch-enabled world. Powered by Intel® Core™ i5-3337U Processor and the latest Windows 8(64-bit), the Aspire R7 is truly revolutionary for notebook users out there.

Similarly, Acer had also unveiled an slimmed down Aspire V5 series notebook and introduced the powerful new Aspire V7 ultrabooks which the V series represents Acer’s largest and most versatile line of mainstream notebooks with numerous models that is available in a variety of colours with varying screen sizes and resolutions while offering with or without touch feature and variant performance and graphic capabilities.

clip_image022“Acer Aspire V Series”
Watch this video and you will know how awesome the new Acer Aspire R7 is!!! Hold up to you jaw!!

Acer did well in their line up of products which would definite entice many technology enthusiasts out there and to capture the wide audience out in the market today.

clip_image024“The Line up.”
Intel Malaysia’s, Norhizam had graced the event while giving a brief explanation of what is Intel all about. It’s fundamentals of core elements which drives computing devices today and the constant improvement to bring forth a technology revolution that drives towards a better future. Hence the Ultrabook is the first step towards that goal.

clip_image026“Intel Malaysia’s, Norhizam”
While we being introduced to all Acer’s new creation, we were in a treat for yummy food!

picture courtesy of google image
The Series of Competition for the Night

There are a series of games held throughout the night!

First Game Bite real hard or Be a Loser!

All 3 contestants need to bite the ice cream stick and hold on to it while total of 6 dices is stacked on the stick! Then just hold on to it for another 10 seconds.

imageThe Green Shirt Guy wins!! Strong teeth you have there!
Second Game is Drink it Up!
Contestant who can finish the beer the fastest win!!! Easy Peasy eh?? But I did join as I’m not good in drinking!!! Sure will i better observed!

Next Game Dance to The Tune!
Obviously, the best dance win! My darling, Thomas raised the hand to join and even it said it is dancing he never back up!! Love his courage! So, Thomas dance to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen…

imageMy darling grooving to the music!
picture courtesy of
Carolyn also join the dance..and her song was Oppa Gangnam Style..But her dance was okay only..

picture courtesy of
I hope Thomas can win but another guy name Jay did so good and He won this Dance game! Good job man..

imageJay the Dancer of the Night!
picture courtesy of
and additional performance by Thomas vs Jay specially requested by the MC!!! Awesome dance guys!

imageShake shake
picture courtesy of

The Finale Competition!
A festive competition that sees teams of 10 people to participate and it’s gonna be massive, judging by the amount of people in there. Each team need to answer a list of question on Acer new creation, 3 sticker for each correct answer and the team which get most stickers will win!! So we were on the second place..Oh well better luck next time!


Right after that the same team must portray how the Aspire R7 would enrich your life and to incorporate in daily application with its revolutionary features to win the next game.

clip_image028“Team Beta 2, Go!.”
While organizing the teammates and strategize the game plan, we could felt the tension in the air as everyone is out to win the prize. Well, who wouldn’t actually. … Look at my team member!! So serious!! Haha

clip_image030“In depth seriousness to win it.”

In all fun and game, towards the end, we didn’t manage to win as the winning team had more game than us which is great on how they had executed and incorporated the ideas into a daily activity.

clip_image032“Team Alpha, Wins”

In the wake of their win, many were surprised as the team had the lowest marks and made a miraculous victory comeback. Talk about the underdogs with the Alpha in the front. Good sport indeed.

Let’s pump up de BASS!
Next up we have a special guest which the MC kept us guessing, given last year Acer gotten Kiefer Sutherland and Megan Fox, well definitely wouldn’t be Tiësto as the name mentioned would’ve brought down the house by magnitude of people coming to hear his spins. It is DJ Vera C of Jewel Union which is a group of hot female DJs in Asia.

Dressed in simple denim dress, the elegant and hot looking DJ Vera C was appointed by Acer to give the P3 a run and she had mentioned that it is versatile and powerful device which is great to be brought around for work or leisure, the P3 is all that you need which includes a portable turntable console via the P3’s customized app, Virtual DJ for Acer that allows you to mix, crossover and induce samplings to keep the beat pumping.

clip_image034“DJ Vera C in da House”
It is remarkable how the P3 works with the simple plug in of the audio jack, several taps here, there, and you’re good to go by spinning some beats and tunes to electrify the dance floor like Tiësto does.

clip_image036“DJ Vera C demonstrating how it works.”

DJ Vera had spin some of sampling on the capability of the P3 which can be also seen in the Acer ad when Vernon switches from work to leisure while do the ‘Fatboy Slim’ (no pun intended).

clip_image038“Alright Party goers, sound check”

Woah the Virtual DJ app is freaking cool....I can be a DJ at home too eh?? 

Later we are in for a treat as another member of the Jewel Union came and join to spin some wicked mixes that gets the crowd wild and partying.

clip_image040“Getting a side of the action”

The atmosphere had gone from slow casual party to atmospheric party like in Vegas. The DJ’s sure knows how to make an entrance and getting the groove on.

clip_image042“Are they ready for us..? Let’s DO THIS”
clip_image044“OH YEA, The nuffies is getting down and jiggy with it..”

What can we say but just join in the fun and put your hands up. So whos ready to jump and party.. Haha.

The Lucky Draw
While party mood is running high, the lucky draw is on for the night. All fingers crossed and hope to win the prize which Acer’s Liquid Smartphone and that would be freaking awesome to score one of those. Maybe Lady Luck decided to go for date night and wasn’t with us. However kudos to the lucky drawn name.


ACER Malaysia’s, Johnson Seet presenting to one of the drawn name

clip_image048Second lucky drawn
Well apparently, everyone goes back home a winner as there is a mystery gift to redeem after filled the form in the ACER bag which given at the entrance.

Subsequently it was time to announce the winner for the Twitter contest on the most creative tweets during the event and the winner gets a pair of tickets to catch G-Dragon live in Malaysia. The crowd goes wild and especially K-Pop fans that literally shaken up the joint.

It was given to the lucky participant whom had to show some I.D to the MC and answered a question before the MC released the tickets to him

clip_image050“The winner goes to..”

The evening concluded with the DJ hitting up some tunes and pump up the beats while i go score myself a picture with the DJ. It was a terrific Thursday evening, with music, party, entertainment, buffet spread and goodies.
clip_image052“She’s pretty.. Need ma Heels..not on my swollen feet”
Did you went to the party too?? Tell me about it kay? Till then, signing off for the day. Take care y’all!!


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