YNot Graffiti Final Show Down: Colours, Dance, Water is all about Fun!!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

After running for 2 months, Genting is organizing the YNot Graffiti Final Showdown at Genting Highland. Where else right? So Nuffnang has collaborate with Resorts World Genting to bring a group of blogger up to the hill for a 2D1N fun filled activities. I’m not joking, it is real fun!!


When we arrive, we were brought to the Merdeka Stage to watch the stunning BMX performance. On our way to Merdeka Stage, we we passed by a stretch of wall filled with Graffiti Painting. I was amazed by their spontaneous creativeness. Some of them don’t require a pre-draft drawing, they just draw based on what they have on their mind at that time. Impressive..

Y Not Grafitti15OOTD of the day!!

White Peplum Top from Cotton On

Black Loose Short Pants from Cotton On

Brown Leggings from Primark UK

Boots from New Look, Singapore

Love the colour of this graffiti…Sun rising up..

Y Not Grafitti8

To many people, Gambling its the only reason they went all the way to Genting!

Y Not Grafitti9

These colourful cartoon alike graffiti is fun!

Y Not Grafitti10

My favourite Graffiti among all because of details and the colour choice!

Y Not Grafitti11

Ghostbuster?? Malaysian is this what you do last Sunday?

Y Not Grafitti12

Monster Inc.. Prolly the easiest to spray!!

Y Not Grafitti13

At another side of the wall right beside the Merdeka Stage were the Graffiti Painting by one of the few top Graffiti Artist (Phobia, Dave, Volre & Nenok) in Malaysia.

Y Not Grafitti7

Just one night, the Graffiti is completed!! So fast and efficient!! They are very talented!!

Y Not Grafitti62

The BMX show has begun when we arrived. They did a lot of stunt which got everyone screaming for them.


Rain Coat fashion show by all the IACT students comes in… I guess they are more creative in their arts…for fashion show??? mehh…so lousy!

Y Not Grafitti6

Jin from Hitz.fm were up here at Genting too!!!

Y Not Grafitti17Me with Jin from Hitz.fm morning crew!

We play games to win some prizes… They are play “One Two Jus”. Like what we use to play when we are young but this you need to do it using body language! They are doing the wave to represent water!


Guess you all know about the new ride in Genting, The Wave. You can read my previous experience with the Wave here. I sat for the third time for The Wave. I have to admit it wasn’t as fun as the first time. If you have not tried this before, you should!! You will be surprised by the wavy rides.

We then had our lunch at Happy Valley Seafood. I’m not going to review about the food this round. The food was okay, there is still room for improvement! But what could you ask more? It consider good since there is not much of yummy food available in Genting!! You consider lucky if you did not get a bland and too salty dish!!

Happy Valley Seafood

Phew….we then checked in our room and get changed for the Songkran activity. If you didn’t know, Songkran is a festival that is celebrated by most Thai in the month of Aprils. Songkran has been celebrated as New Year in Thai now… It particularly falls on 13-15 April 2013. I heard about this festival long ago, I wanted to fly to Thailand to witness this festival myself. Still I was to busy to have a getaway!!

Thanks to Resort World Genting who organized this Songkran Festival up high in Genting Highland. Songkran usually falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand. So i guess it will be a relief to be splash with water since it’s humid and hot!

IMG_2857Sexy Babe to welcome us to the Songkran Festival!

At Genting is another different way of celebrating Songkran. We going to celebrate Songkran in the Freezing weather in Genting. Instead of water, they add on soap bubbles to create that snow effect!!

Y Not Grafitti36

This where the fun part begin, everyone is spraying and splashing water. Grab a bucket of water, find your target and pour on top of your target!! Just like how Khai did it!

Y Not Grafitti41Khai found his target!

Y Not Grafitti44Darren is happy watching Benjamin being bullied!

Y Not Grafitti40Chency got sprayed from behind!! Gotcha!!!

The entire area is so slippery and I felt like I’m once again a kid playing with water!!!

Y Not Grafitti46Y Not Grafitti43








Also there is Dancer dress in Muay Thai attire dancing on the stage.

Y Not Grafitti32

It was freezing cold especially when I am all wet and the moment the wind blow I was shivering. To add more thrill, it started to rain!! That’s not gonna stop us!! Water Party continues…People still running, jumping and dancing along with heart pumping music!! So fun!!!! I enjoy walking around pouring water on top of their head!! Bluek…Well sorry if you are one of the few who got splashed!!!

Y Not Grafitti49

The bunch who play along!

Y Not Grafitti48

Those who opt to not join this, all can say is WASTED!!! It was so fun and thrilling!!!

Everyone went back to get a hot shower before we meet up for dinner!! As usual dinner at Coffee Terrace is awesome!! Varieties of food selection!! Food review of Coffee Terrace will be in a separate blog post.

I got a little exhausted chasing around earlier….But still more activity to come! The night has not end yet, Elecoldxhot is performing on stage that with their special LED effect!!! Gosh the LED lights is so beautiful! Their dance move is fast, pumped up and funny!! They deserved to win the Showdown!

Y Not Grafitti51LED Dance!

Y Not Grafitti52

Doing the funny expression! They don’t just dance but act at the same time!

Y Not Grafitti54

Their choreography is stunning!! Thumb up!!! Thumbs upThumbs up

Y Not Grafitti56

Y Not Grafitti58Bieber style!!

Y Not Grafitti59Me with the Dancer!

Y Not Grafitti60The big group picture!!!

After a long day, we decided to have a drink at Starbucks….We were chatting at Starbucks while we chill over our coffee and hot chocolate. I have a good time chatting with JQ & Chea Yee.

The next morning we woke up early to catch another round of dancing performance by Elecoldxhot before we say good bye!!

Y Not Grafitti66

Y Not Grafitti68

Y Not Grafitti69Shaolin Dance

A final group picture before we head to our bus!!

Y Not Grafitti65

I have hell lot of fun!!! So long for now….


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