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Friday, May 31, 2013

What could be better than going simple this May. Back to the basic product to ensure the skin is well taken care before we could dab on more makeup! I had go through a very hectic week and being simple is the only thing I want!! For this time of peak time, I just love to go out in my naked healthy face!

This month trove comes in at the right time! From receiving the trove from the delivery guy, I sniff something really relaxing! Wondering what was it that smell so awesomely good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tear out the plastic and pull out the trove and this is what I found in the box!

Vanity Trove1

So can you guess which is the one that give that awesomely scent?? Nope I’m not gonna tell you what it is until you find out yourself! Keep on reading okay?

Wonder what is that something green in the box? Oh is for my hair!! Healthy regime begins from head to toe okay? Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum will leave your hair soft and gives that velvet shine to your hair surfaces!

Vanity Trove51. Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum, RM 56 for 50ml

Ahh now I can flip my hair with confident!!

imageFlip my hair like this? An old picture of mine! LOL

The light milky texture of this serum is so easy to apply to my hair!! Non greasy and smell awesome.

Vanity Trove6Super light texture…Easy absorption!

Just apply to your damp hair before you blow dry your hair and join me in flipping hair kay???

Done with the hair, time for the face! Simple, just spray this Eau Thermale Avene on your face to restore your skin’s natural balance and inner calm! I love this bottle of magic! When I’m at work I just spray it on my face and I felt instantly refresh! However, it does not really soften my face as what it claims to be!

image2. Eau Thermale Avene, RM 19 for 50ml | RM 39 for 150ml | RM 55 for 300ml

Right before you move on to have a warm shower, light up your oil burner and add a few drop of this Heaven on Earth Lavender Essential Oil! When you come out from your shower I’m pretty sure your room will smell so nice that you might wanna grab a mask and put on your face while you inhale the lavender scent! This essential oil also can help balance and tone skin. Yes it can be applied onto skin BUT you must use it together with a carrier oil! Else it might burnt you skin ok?? If you are having trouble sleeping, put a few drop on a piece of tissue and put it aside you. The calm scent will ensure you have a good night sleep!

Vanity Trove33. Heaven on Earth Lavender Essential Oil (1.5ml), RM 50 for 5ml

p/s I’m super in love with Heaven on Earth’s oil, will write a super long post later on on all their AMAZING oils!!!!!

Time to go in for a warm shower with this Tilley Goat Milk Soap. Well I’m not a bar soap lover but for those who are a fan then you will have a good time with this soap’s creamy texture. It provide gentle cleansing even on sensitive skin. These chemical free bar soap contains Organic Shea butter, Organic Jojoba Oil & Organic Cocoa Butter.

Vanity Trove44. Tilley Goat Milk Soap, RM 12 for Single Pack | RM 26 for Twin pack

Want more? Extra smooth body perhaps?? Finished your pampering with this Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat Milk! This awesome bottle leave my skin super smooth one every application! Non greasy and non sticky at all!! It can easily be absorb without leaving any sticky layer on my skin surface! The rose oil and Rosella extract in the lotion help stimulate metabolism for optimal skin cell renewal!

Vanity Trove25. Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat Milk , RM 59 for 255ml

Coupons is additional item for this month trove. The voucher are Mary Chia Detoxification Treatment (Can be redeem w/o add charges), RM 20 Hishop voucher for purchase above RM 100 and RM 20 Skin Lab Voucher. Honestly voucher with minimum purchase for me sometime is kinda useless unless I really find that the product is good and I would like to purchase a few full size for the brand.

I was happy to receive a trove filled with lavender essence but I wasn’t too surprise on my trove! I have received quite a number of trove, box and bag and mostly has a lot of body product and skin care. Though this month Vanity seems to focus more on body and mind but I am still looking forward for more makeup stuff!

My favourite item is definitely Heaven on Earth Lavender Essential oil and Pure South Body lotion!Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

Well I hope I will be playing with colours in next month trove. I heard is next month is themed as Obsessive Beauty! Good news, Vanity Trove now provide personalized trove where you will be able to fill in your skin profile and Vanity Trove will pick product to suits your profile and deliver to your door step!!!

So do remember to subscribe a trove for yourself. Let Vanity Trove give you a whole new experience in unboxing Vanity Trove every month!

Subscribe here :

It only cost RM 50.00 per month, but the product you going to receive is more that the selling price!! Think about it and subscribe before it’s too late!!! Till my next trove!!! Tata..



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