The Host : Malaysia’s largest Convoy Gathering

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Since last year Michelin Pilot Experience, I missed the fun riding in sports car so much…. This time around I get to ride in Lotus together with other 59 units of Lotus and the stunning Lotus Chrome. All thanks to Nuffnang and Nusantara Edaran Filem as well as Lotus Malaysia.

I woke up very early to arrive at Lotus showroom about 7a.m to join other in the Malaysia’s largest Convoy Gathering all the way from Kampung Sg Penchala to Pavilion KL. Got myself changed and my Lotus car for the day is Exora!

The Host5

While waiting for Natasha Seatter, Asia fastest Female Racer to arrive I walk around to browse all the awesome Lotus on the road side!

The Host1The Green Lotus Evora


The Host2Black Lotus Exora with Gold Rims..

IMG_2735More Lotuses!!

At about 8.30 am we depart from lotus showroom to GSC Pavilion for The Host screening! Kid you not, I felt like I’m some VIP on the road. Police traffic open the road for us and first time going through on such a empty road!

imageMe inside Lotus Exora

The convoy was led by Natasha Seater with her Lotus Chrome.

imageLotuses arriving….give way people..

When we arrived at Pavilion Natasha came down from the Chrome and everyone just snap snap and snap. I manage to get a shot too..

The Host9Natasha with The Chrome!

The entire car is like a mirror!!!

The Host6

Even Dr Mahathir were present!

The Host10

Then we all moved to cinema for The Host Screening…This part onwards will be the movie review. Enjoy!

Based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer whose previous works (The Twilight series) had trigger a global phenomenon which sees fans taking sides on different character team. It had seen the transition of one character and how it had impacted the lives of other character, both in spiritual and physical. The Host also incorporates some of the similar core elements which made her previous work a success. Love, is a powerful emotion which could affect reasoning and most people would have experienced it before. Well in this movie, it became the source of hope and strength to overcome the fear and persevering against all odds.

clip_image002The path to be taken.

Depict as love will conquer it all, the movie tells the story of how our world was invaded one day by a parasite alien that called themselves, Souls (Ironic isn’t it?). Almost the entire human population is assimilated with the Souls and those that defied them, hide or suicide to avoid being taken by them. However the cycle will soon be broken when one unique individual (Not superpowers) named Melanie Stryder (Played by Saoirse Ronan) whose strong devotion and conviction towards her loved ones is strong that it had remain even through death. Hunted by the “Seeker”, who will stop at nothing to obtain what she needs if it means killing another Soul as she needs the information on the remaining humans. Unwilling to be capture, Melanie took her life and that would forever alter her fate as the “Seeker” had gotten a Soul named Wanderer to assimilate with Melanie to obtain the information.

clip_image003This contact does look great.

Wanderer whom previously had inhabitant other worlds, would soon experience emotions and memories that is so strong, it will shake the foundations of the Souls assimilated society. After being assimilated, Wanderer would discover that Melanie conscious is still present and struggling to gain control. Soon they will embark on a path that is paved dangers, uncertainty and the fate of humanity rest on them.

clip_image005Must be the hair.

Overall the movie was bearable as it follows the novel closely and plot was pretty cheesy but fun to watch. Sadly one too many scenes was cut off (Due to the close proximity and it has got to be the kissing which apparently became a casual thing).

The chemistry between the characters was rather plain and stiff. Newcomer, Saoirse Ronan portrayal was commendable and seemingly convincing but could use more exposure and experience.

Jake Abel and Max Irons whom both portrayed Ian and Jared respectively seem casual and too relax even though their character was supposed to be rivals. Some quick one liners and jokes provides comedy relief while the action sequence was slightly under. Nevertheless great aesthetics on the props and do check out their custom fitted chrome (Apparently these aliens takes a fancy on shiny reflection which is much like their own biological system). So catch the movie in the cinema nearest to you today.

Director: Andrew Niccol

Writers: Stephenie Meyer (novel), Andrew Niccol (screenplay)

Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel

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