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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It’s TGIF and we heading for yet another food endeavour. This week as the title implies, it’s the “Smashie Burger” which is newly established, not more than 2 months old. Thanks to Foodirector for this session of bloggers hangout and Smashie Burger to indulge in some of rather interesting variants of burger preparation method and ingredients.

Rest along the busy road of Jln Genting Kelang, Smashie Burger is situated at the newly developed Metro Genting buildings and along it there is many F&B joints have opened as well.

We have the honor of Mr. Su of Smashie Burger to describe and elaborate how Smashie Burger came about and the history of smash burger. It is said that at some 50 years ago in Ashland, Kentucky, located in the Appalachian Mountains, they discover that by smashing the meat while grilling could sear in the juices. Hence the idea came to create a variant that differ from conventional method of preparing the patty. Soon after, several smashburgers joint’s began to take root which has become America’s few big names on smash burgers.

clip_image002The Smasher

clip_image004Smashie’s Purpose and Mission

While the air is filled with the sizzling aroma from the griller which entices the tastebud, we patiently await the serving of the burger and take a short tour as they practice an open kitchen concept.

clip_image006The preparation

Most of the condiments is prepared and placed aside to provide easy access during the peak crowd which could be messy if things are not kept in check.

clip_image008Smashed Beef Patty Topped with Cheese

Few glances on the preparation had gotten the appetite up.

Comes in the contender

The first burger we’re served is the Lord of The Mess and judging by its name, it sure gonna be messy. Arrived with the black charcoal bun, the smashed patty is evident as texture is seen to be solid in mass and unlike conventional mince patty meat. As Mr. Su had mentioned prior, the patty is equivalent to a steak on a burger which gives fulfilling taste upon the initial bite. Though the smashed patty method is intended to sear in the moisture and taste, the patty was rather dry and the bun was tad hard. Could you see the hard layer of the bun in the below picture? However the cheese and thousand island did give it some taste to compliment the dry patty with the lettuce and tomatoes.

clip_image010Lord of The Mess

Serving with fresh red yeast bun, “I’m Single” had proven to be the single burger which is distinctively apart of the rest. The patty is seared in well as the taste and moisture is retained which the cheese is placed on top along with the mayonnaise. They had even tossed in some nachos and the mix blend well with the bite, giving it flavour. The fresh lettuce and tomatoes gave a slight moist on the bun which is splendid along with the patty.

clip_image012I’m single, RM 10.99

The crowd on that day was good and hence we waited till the orders have been cleared. Meanwhile they were so gracious to us by serving some onion rings and fries while awaiting the next burger serving. The onion is as normal, however the sauce is different. Serving in the small container, there is the hot sauce and mayonnaise mixed. The hot sauce is slight spicy and the container is too small to be dip.

clip_image014Onion Rings, RM 6.99

The fries are thick in diameter and seasoned with Cajun spice which is then fried. Though is slightly salty due to the seasoning with Cajun and salt together.

clip_image016Fries with sauce dipping, RM 6.99

Burgers galore

Well we were delighted by the bright orange hue but nothing could compare the juicy tender patty which is displayed. The patty is then top with layers of lettuce, fried onions and tomatoes. The cheese is melted on top of the patty and it is a mouthful of flavour. The “Happy Cow” had definitely made many happy. We are intrigued by what more they have for us.

clip_image018Happy Cow, RM 16.99

The overflowing juice from the hot sauce and the egg York that broke is definitely overwhelming as the sight of it had stirred up the appetite. The patty of the Hot Chick is comprises of the smashed chicken which is then topped with mushroom, onions and lettuce. The taste however was rather different from the visual as the flavour has not infused properly into the patty and the overall had fared above average.

clip_image020Hot Chick, RM 13.99

Next up the “Chicken Run” is served and the exterior looked rather simple. Serving with orange bun, the chicken is crunchy on the crust and rough in texture. This is prolly due to the chicken breast portion used which is meaty and hard to chew by. The slice of pineapple and tomato had complimented the lack of taste and the rough texture. However the taste was just insufficient as the orange bun had masked some its taste.

clip_image022Chicken Run, RM 12.49

This Portobello burger is a definite go getter for some on vegan diet as the Portobello mushroom topped with a slice of cheese, tomato and lettuce at the bottom is just fantastic along with the orange bun which is almost resemble the sponge cake, giving the first bite of delight. Something simple but yet tasty, is a must try.

clip_image024Portobello, Twilight Bella, RM 10.99

Moo-ving on is the “Red Moo”. This tall deck burger is a sight to behold. The center is held by the wooden pick with the apple shape décor on the top as the stuffed ingredients are something to digest. Laced with mayonnaise and hot sauce on the top, the patty is topped with a hash brown and the cheese is melted on to it. The beef juice is sealed in well as the moisture is still retained and the texture is soft. This is turn giving the first bite a mouthful as ingest the whole bit would take a little work. It’s a tad spicy due to the hot sauce used.

clip_image026Red Moo, RM 14.49

It’s a bomb nation. No, its just the “Shroom Bomb”. Imagine 2 Portobello mushroom bind together with just cheese and then dipped into the bread crumb batter which then deep fried. The Portobello patty is just great as the texture is soft and the mushroom taste is retained. However it had lost a fair amount of moisture due to the frying and the bread crumb as the batter wasn’t necessary, and that it had overwhelmed the taste. The bright side is the enormous amount cheese placed in between the mushroom.

clip_image028Shroom Bomb, RM

See what I meant? Absolutely cheese galore at its finest.

clip_image030Cheesy galore (Shroom Bomb)

Oh yea, another monster deck coming right up. Dubbed as the infamous “Annoying Orange”, this burger packs a list of ingredients which cater to most with enormous appetite. The patty is topped with a layer of cheese, which then smothered with hot sauce and mustard, a sunny side with the bacon and hash brown giving the monster a bite too hard due to its tall deck in size. The initial bite gives a hint of pungent due to the mustard sauce and patty wasn’t that juicy. The bacon was little hard to be bitten off too.

clip_image032Annoying Orange

clip_image034The patty inside

The medium well of tasty juicy patty is simply terrific. Went drooling over it

As we roll on towards night, we have another one more burger for the night which is dubbed as “One More Night”. The double chicken patty is grilled and the cheese is insert in between the patty which to bind it together. With a dash of hot sauce and some mustard, the “One More Night” tastes slightly pungent and resembled “Hot Chick”.


clip_image036One More Night, RM 17.99

In overall the place looks great as the colour theme is simple and bright however the sitting on the other hand isn’t great as the edges is quite sharp and had nearly graze the skin. They could consider the rounded edges to ease the sitting. The music played at the shop is fantastic as it spins the latest beats and spins.

Later Mr. Su brought out some of the beef they use for the patties and for today, they use Angus Beef as they had run out of Grass Fed Beef. It is mentioned that Angus Beef is easier to handle, compared to grass fed beef which after grind, would be too soft and would have to be chilled, however Angus beef is expensive hence the better substitute would be the grass fed beef. Primarily they use “chuck tender” as it is boneless cut from the center roll which is solid and lean.

So head on down to a unique burger taste today. It’s smashing time.

Smashie Burger

GPS Coordinate: 3.1987595, 101.7155564

Metro Genting

Jalan Genting Kelang

Kuala Lumpur.













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