School Girl Tea Time at Teaffani Patisseries

Friday, May 24, 2013

It all began by a group chat between girls on what dress code for the Tea Party we having that weekend. Some say Neon colours, Some say white, Some say Pastel but this Tammy want the bad school girl style!!! She say do messy hair, mean face expression and lots of accessories…

imageThis will be the dress code!!!

I totally buy that idea and I’m all up for it! I answered in the group chat, On lah On lah…Then I realize opps I don’t have black pleated skirt….Woots Woots…With no budget to buy new skirt I search every single items in my wardrobe and stealing my BF shirt and tie….Tadaaaa this is what I wear that day.

Do I look bad enough now? I’m certainly love this look!! How I wish I back to school!! No worries, no commitment just having fun time!


and look what I’ve found? My old Leo Club vest with all my batches collection….


So what about other girls??? Are you ready for the sexy mean Butterfly Girl?


Eh how come all look so kind? Where is the mean girls? I guess the bad girl gone good!!! All I see that day was all cute school girls….LOL…

I know because there is a group of teacher come uninvited…so all of us have to give them face right???


We all gather at Teaffani Patisseries for the lovely scone, cakes and sandwiches over warm tea serve in a flowery tea pot! This tea party is another project by Butterfly Project which is founded by Tammy.


Teaffani is the first ever mobile hi-tea service in Malaysia. They cater corporate functions, birthday parties, events , and more. So if you want some fancy hi-tea setting for your function or gathering, do remember to make a call to Teaffani for booking!


It is located at 3rd floor of Parkamaya Fahrenheit where surrounding is a fashion galore! You can either have a tea after you shop or vice versa. The setting at Teaffani is quite small, it roughly can fit 15 pax at one go. However, every corner fills with English paintings and decorations that make whole ambient so classy and elegant.


There is something special in this cake display… Instead of the usual price tag, Teaffani written the price using marker pen on the glass… Pretty interesting…


There is more.. The cornflower blue sofa is my favourite. The moment I arrived, I’ve been eyeing for this comfortable sofa. The best spot for a cuppa tea…..


The one thing I love is how the staff serve us. Before our teapot become empty it is refilled. This make me feeling so comfortable chatting with my friends without the need to raise my hand calling for refill.

I also spotted this super cute water dispenser.. I thought it was some kind of glass container to store cookies…


Tammy supposed to put all this cute ointment on our table before we arrived but We were much earlier than her! So failed case!!! Still I would love to thank Tammy for giving me this Lullabelle Ointment!

Teaffani14Tammy giving the Lullabelle ointment to Choi Yen.

There is two ointment in the cute sachets. The Sweet Orange Nail Ointment and Purple Magical Ointment. I have been waiting for the Nail Ointment as Tammy say it’s super effective for dry cuticles. I got to agree with her…Apply it before you go to bed and your fingers will become super soft and moisturized. Lullabelle’s nail ointment naturally stored with lots of soothing macadamia oil, avocado and vitamin E which help to mend and protect dry, splitting cuticles. Great product!!!


For more info checkout Lullabelle Handmade Soap.

The student in charge got to give a speech before we can begin to gobble down all the colourful cakes and scones…


So all Butterflies were in a treats with this beautiful tea set. Do you know they send their pastry daily from their central kitchen where all the cakes and scones were bake by their chef. At Parkamaya, there is only a dry kitchen area for them to just prepare tea and to assemble all the cute cakes and pastry onto the plate.


My table there is only me and Swee San so we get to enjoy all of this by our own where other table is shared among 3 or 4 butterflies… oh our set is the only set that is using the beautiful flower plate instead of the plain glass plate. Well this is definitely the best treat ever…


For RM 49.90 you get a twin of every of these macaroon, mini quiche, orange pudding, carrot cake, tiramisu, brownies, sandwich and scone.


If you are looking for some smaller in portion or something more budget you can go for the basic tea promo, RM 39.90 for 2!


Do I look 10 years younger ar??? LOL…Loving this pic to the max! Let’s move on the the main subject of the day, the pastry….


Carrot cake being my favourite is very moist and have generous amount of carrot flakes inside. The sweet yet savoury taste is really making me additive to it. The cream cheese on top balance the inner sweet of the cakes very well!

Brownies is rather solid.. I luv it if its warm…

DSC00191Carrot Cakes & Brownies

Chicken Quiche come in a mini size. The size if just nice not too much. Even its small but whole pie filled with chicken and it’s super crusty too..

DSC00199Chicken Quiche

Tiramisu are their signature…I find the aroma and the coffee taste is very strong..But I find it too moist…I like it more solid though..


We continue eating and gossiping! That’s what girl do best right?

and lot’s of photo session!

Teaffani37Me & Rachel, the owner of Teaffani!

Teaffani27Me & Eunice

Teaffani28Fish, Me & Chency

Teaffani29Isabelle, Senri & Me


Teaffani36Me & Choi Yen

Teaffani31The big family!

Teaffani33The playful students!










Teaffani Patisseries

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No. 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang

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