Resting from Flying!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I have a very tiring day editing my video and I decided to take a break update what I've been doing last week….I’ve bee flying a lot…From early of the year I fly to krabi then to Terrenganu, to Kuching, to Singapore and recently just landed at KLIA from Jakarta…..Phewwww….sweat…this is the year where in my whole life I travelled this much!!

Thank you so much to all loyal reader of cindysplanet .com where some of my trip are sponsored by travel related company. Of course also to my current company that I am working now for letting me to travel for business. Just glad that I had made it so far!!

Anyway, I’m here to update a little bit of Jakarta. Since I travel for work so I won’t be doing a full travel post but I will spam this post with lots of picture of the places I went!!

imageBakso my fav food in Indonesia!

DSC00319Dinner with my colleagues

DSC00369Market Museum, first time seeing this type of museum!! It look like a bazaar in a flight to me!




DSC00392Some even sell cupcakes and dessert..I bought the pannacolta and it taste super awesome!!




Haha work travelling is always about yummy food! LOL! I’m glad that all travelling has ended as I am really getting a little to exhausted from all these flying… As for my blog, wait up for more awesome post from me kay? Bye bye…

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