Perkin Nail Wrap

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy TGIF girls….So it’s time to beautify your nails for a weekend outings! I got this Nail Wrap from Vanity Trove April Beauty Box : The Shower of Summer. You can read my review on the Vanity Trove April box here.


It comes in a plastic box with instruction leaflet for easy application. Inside the box contains 20 nails wraps and a mini file.

 Vanity Trove Perkin Nail Wrap

Here’s the step on how to wrap the stickers onto your nails…

Vanity Trove April13






Tada…Here is the completed nails..


*** Tips: If you apply base coat or colour nail polish, please ensure it is fully dry before you apply the nail wrap. Perhaps you should apply the base coat a day before!

I love the flower design, it look very girly and sweet. However, I do not like the transparent portion since my nails is always short…Long nails is too painful for typing… I prefer a full coverage design. So I end up doing a lot of cutting for it to fit my short nails…


It’s not as simple as just stick on it! It does need some skill to stick correctly…If you stick and pull out again the stickiness will be gone little by little. Maybe this is my first time applying so the edge kind of peel off a little…I tried to use the base coat to make it attached to my nails but it doesn’t help!!

After I wash my hair the next day, the edges starts to peeled off and some doesn’t peeled off but the printed flower prints faded..


Can you see it’s peeling off? I’m kinda sad to see this to happen as it’s only day one since I apply it the night before. Hmmmph I still have 10 more nail wrap, I shall try again and will update whether it do better? hopefully my skill is better for 2nd time..









This Perkins Nail Wrapper cost RM 39.90 each. You can purchase the Perkins Nail Wrap via their online website here.


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