Nature Republic Forest Garden Green Tea Cleansing Oil

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Well well weekend is here and I bet most of you have gone out enjoying your off day eh? Hope you will read my post after you girls back from you outings… >_< Today I’m gonna share with you another product that I love so much!!

I am so happy to get chosen as one of the few to review Nature Republic Forest Garden Green Tea Cleansing oil. This is one of the program from Only Beauty which allow selected blogger member to review beauty product. Even you are not blogger you still can subscribe to Only Beauty to get free samples at your door step.

Nature Republic is a Korea Brand which created by combining both state-of-the-art technology as well as natural substances of the utmost quality. It includes such a various medical plants, flowers and seawater from around world,and natural prescriptions from ancient times.. Always love brand that protect our earth and support eco-friendly elements.

There is total of 5 version to suits different skin which is Argan (Nutrition) , Olive (Moisturizing), Chamomile (Sensitive Skin) , Tea Tree extract (Make skin clear) and Green Tea extract (Radiant).


Nah this the Green Tea Cleansing oil I got from Nature republic! The gentle colour of the bottle is so soothing!

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil6

I love the simple yet elegant packaging.The box is made from eco-friendly paper and it’s print using soy ink. The green element in the bottle does gives a very gentle touch.

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil3

The plastic bottle is attached with a bottle pump for easy dispensing. Though it was attached with a stopper, the oil does leaked out from the bottle but in a small amount. So I can’t bring the bottle for travelling especially on a plane it will definitely leak.

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil7

I love the scent of this oil but it does not smell like green tea at all..Just smell like grass and flower scent…I would say it’s a very refreshing scent!

The active ingredient of Green Tea protects the skin from harmful external environmental elements such as UV rays and pollution. Here are some of the ingredient used to produce this cleansing oil.

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil5

1) You just need to pump a small amount of oil on to your palm and massage the oil all over you face and eye area. For me I only need one pump for my entire face with heavy makeup including liquid eyeliner.

2) Then wet you hand with water and continue to massage your face until it turn into milky colour.

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil9

3) After which just rinse off with water and follow with Facial Cleanser to wash a way the oil.

Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil1Nature Repulic Green Tea Oil10












** loving all the pictures taken using my new baby NEX 5R..especially the after picture…My face look so smooth eh!!

Before this I am using DHC Olive Cleansing oil was doing quite a good job but it does feel a little too oily and dense. Meanwhile, this Green Tea cleansing oil is light and cleanse all my make up easily! It’s very easy to wash away the oil since the texture is light.

It doesn’t require a lot to thoroughly cleanse my face. Just on pump is enough to clean away my solid liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara and my thick foundation.

DSC00049Small amount to cleanse entire face!

After cleansing my face, it does not dry up or tighten my face! My face still feel soft and subtle. I love how it able to remove all my waterproof eye mascara and liquid eyeliner without leaving any traces.

Can you my face is entirely clear? Non of the dirt is left behind.


*** The dark undertone is actually my dark circle…not the remaining eyeliner traces…sob sob..

Cindy’s Verdict:










** Disclaimer: I was not paid to do review for this product. All my review are of my honest opinions.

This is a good makeup remover and I highly recommend you to buy this! It’s not over priced at only RM 94.90 for 200ml. Available at Nature Republic store worldwide!

For more info checkout Nature Republic FB Page.


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