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Friday, May 17, 2013

In these modern day society, women can be equal to men, women empowerment with brimming confidence to lead and remained independent while living life to the fullest extent. Some of my girlfriends tell me it’s difficult to be independent and it would seem that their life is predestined with the age old tradition of find a good guy, to settle down, get marry and finally give birth.

For me, I firmly believe that everything is possible and achievable if you set your mind to it.

“I believe I can change my life. ”


Being independent is only first step to create the life that I would like to achieve, a realization of dreams built on a vision, hope, and determination towards a better tomorrow.

I wish I can travel around the globe, to explore new possibility and running my own business one day. Dump the nine to five job and workout everything on my own without relying too much on my future husband. That’s my ultimate dream! Winking smile 


Mary Kay, a famous international direct selling beauty company has given me hope to run my own business. You’d probably asking me how? Read on and you will discover the golden opportunity!!!


“In Mary Kay, woman gets to have flawless skin from by using their super effective skin care, to be in trend with the latest colours and primer foundations in their finest make up range, from soft grace to sharp sophisticated looks, and be in the perfect fit by using their ultimate body care. ”


Best part is I can have my very own independent Mary Kay's beauty consultant to guide me on how to customize my desire look or I can be a beauty consultant myself and earn extra from introducing and selling their product to my friends. Monetary value aside, are just the plus benefit which essentially it’s about me being boss that grants me the flexibility in my work which would allow me to have more time to spend with my family. It's about enriching your life in the way you chose and desire. Mary Kay transforms an average woman into a successful woman who would render many other girls envious and dream to be someone like the successful woman.

In conjunction with Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary, they are organizing a Beauty Make Over contest worldwide. They are giving away all expense paid trip to Hong Kong to the women who has the most vote after the make over to become Mary Kay's cover girl. This is like a surreal dream that came true.


For more contest info check out this link.

Off course I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to complete another travel list of mine!!! Winning a all expense trip is the most awesome thing I’ve ever wanted. However, the makeover period is over and now is the voting time! ** Vote for me will you???

So last week I had made a call to one of the beauty consultant to schedule the time for my makeover. It was really quick and convenient as the beauty consultant can come to my house to do makeover. No hassle at all!

This is Ms Tong, my beauty consultant as well as my guru of the day. Yes she might me my long lost relative hahaha…It’s just a coincidence…

DSC00277Miss Tong with all her Mary Kay’s tools

It's not about making over me but to teach me how to make over myself. The beauty consultant had taught me how to take care of my skin using the products that suitable to keep it radiant and glowing silhouette. I won’t be elaborating further on the process as it was said that the picture and video is worth a thousand words since I have done a video of it. I hope you will enjoy this video.

First time doing full video and it took me almost 4 straight days to edit this video. Mary Kay taught me not to give up in what ever I do, even I almost gave up on the 3rd day but I tell myself I must complete the video!! Yes I did it!! At least my next video editing will be much easier after mastering all the buttons…… Smile with tongue out

** please forgive me if my video is a little bit too dark and we both weren’t so fluent in English. Ms Tong actually gave in so much effort to try to speak in English so I really hope you will take a look on my video…..


Mark Kay’s Makeover Part 1/4


Mark Kay’s Makeover Part 2/4


Mark Kay’s Makeover Part 3/4


Mark Kay’s Makeover Part 4/4

Here are some of the product I used that day.

  Skin Care

Mary kay6

A - Botanical Effect Formula 2 3 in 1 Cleanse, 113g RM 68

B - Botanical Effect Formula 2 Freshen, 147ml RM 68

C - Botanical Effect Formula 2 Hydrate, 88ml RM 80

Face Make Up

Mary kay3

1 – Mary Kay Powder Brush (RM 195 for entire brush collection set that includes #1, #2,#11,#12,#13)

2 – Mary Kay Cheek Brush (RM 195 for entire brush collection set that includes #1, #2,#11,#12,#13)

3 – Mary Kay Foundation Primer SPF 15, 29ml RM 80

4 – Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Wear Liquid Foundation, 29ml RM 72

5 – Mary Kay Loose Powder, 21g RM 68

6 – Mary Kay Sheer Dimension Powder Pearl, 7g Price Not Available

7 – Mary Kay Sheer Dimension Powder Chiffon, 7g Price Not Available

Eye Make Up

Mary kay4

8 – Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour, 1.4g RM 26 (I’m using Crystalline for base, Lemon Grass and Chocolate Kiss for the main colour and White Lily for highlighting my brow bone)

9 – Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour, 5g RM 35 (I’m using Citrus boom and Strawberry Cream, the bottom right)

10 – Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette, 1.13g RM 38

11 – Mary Kay Eyeliner/ Eyebrow Brush (RM 195 for entire brush collection set that includes #1, #2,#11,#12,#13)

12 – Mary Kay Eye Crease Brush (RM 195 for entire brush collection set that includes #1, #2,#11,#12,#13)

13 – Mary Kay Eye Colour Brush (RM 195 for entire brush collection set that includes #1, #2,#11,#12,#13)

14 – Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner in Black, 3ml RM 60

15 – Mary Kay Eye Primer, 8.5g RM 50

16 – Mary Kay Eye lash Curler, Price Not Available

17 – Mary Kay Lash Primer, 8g RM 75

18 – Mary Kay Lash Love, 8g RM 75

Lip Colour

Mary kay5

19 – Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Pink Passion, 3g RM 50

20 – Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Luster, 4.5ml RM 50

21 – Mary Kay Lip Liner in Plum, 0.28g RM 40

22 – Mary Kay Retractable Lip Brush, RM 10


22 – Mary Kay Make Up Finishing Spray, Price Not Available

My favourite among them is the 3D illuminating powder as well as the setting spray.  The setting spray does really keep my face stay matte for the next 16 hours. While the illuminating powder brighten up my face can give dimension to my face.

Some of the swatches I did on my hand…

Look how natural the liquid foundation on my hand….It help cover the imperfection and at the same time lighten up my skin tone. It does not feels too oily or cakey!

Mary kay7


See the difference when using eye primer? Colour is easier to apply and look more intense!

Mary kay8

Before the makeover, my flat face look like this…Ohh puffy eyes..


This is my final look after the makeover! Do you like this light make up? Or you prefer a more intense look that I usually do?

DSC00293 Light Makeup that is suitable for day look and easy to match with any outfit.

It’s definitely a very rewarding day. I have been doing my makeup myself for so long and I thought my steps and way are correct. Little did I know that I messed up some of the application way. I learn a lot of new tips from her that day.

Do you want to have a make over too?

Do you want to try out Mary kay product? 

Call a beauty consultant and let her pay you a visit!! You life changing begin the moment you pick up your phone to make that call! For more info checkout

I wish my dream to Hong Kong will realized very soon. So please vote for me at Mary Kay gallery now. Just click here.

Thank you Mary Kay for empowering women with confidence and making another woman dreams come true.

** Thanks to those who stay through and read my super long post…Luv all of you…


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