Fun & Anxious Friday Night

Saturday, May 04, 2013

It was unexpected really…At first we planned to go for Pasar Malam a.k.a night market but the cloud decide to pour a huge amount of water that all the stall have to close. Nevertheless, I saw Senri posting she going to dress in Uniform tomorrow for Teffani Tea Party! It got me excited so I decided to drop by Leisure Mall for a quick shop. No luck I can’t find the pleated skirt!

We were thinking what to have for dinner and saw the pork ribs picture in Chicago look promising! We get ourselve seated and order the ribs!! Well really disappointed with the staff service. They were slow and inattentive…. Our pork ribs was cold and rather bland…

imageHoney Garlic Pork Rib

I was thinking tonight no working and no blogging..Just purely dating with my darling Thomas and hang around..We were thinking where to go? Then we thought let’s go hunt fugitive and we can also have a short tour!! So there we go to Plaza Maybank near puduraya. So excited and can’t wait to begin the search!! But we were 5minute late, damn the rain and stupid cars…Oh well it was a great KL tour actually..

Then on the way back, I listen to the radio and it’s time for Star Trex movie give away!! So I remember Dila & Nicole said that I didn’t gave the ticket to them. I actually won 4 passes earlier from …. So me and Thomas thought why not try calling again?? Lucky him, his phone called through!! yeah we won another 4 passes!! It was indeed a very awesome night!! Thanks for making our night awesome!!! Till then wait for my post tomorrow morning kay? Good night time to have a good sleep!



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