Fast & Furious 6

Monday, May 27, 2013

clip_image002“All Roads Lead To This”

OH yea. The crew is back with bigger, badder and wicked toys in this action packed, adrenaline fueled sequel but hold the presses as we’re going to be in for a ride, joy ride. In this sequel directed by Justin Lin whom had brought us Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious along with Fast Five, it is said to be more explosive, octane boost and array of gravity defying scenes that intrigued many by the release of its trailer which further fuels the hype. Along with the original casts back to reprise their roles which would give closure on how the sequence of events transpired throughout the film series or is just another opening of another sequel.

clip_image004The Crew

Taking straight off from the events of prior, Dom and Brian had settled down after the last heist in Rio on an island that is off the extradition treaty while Brian is an expecting father with Dom’s sister, Mia and Dom had seek solace in the comfort of Elena. The rest of the crew had also settled into other parts in the world and their respective life. Soon the quiet and peaceful life will come to a halt when Hobbs brought some disturbing information on Letty (Who was presumed dead from the previous sequel) which now aligned herself with former British Special Ops soldier, Owen Shaw whom had orchestrated a heist on a Russian Convoy that carries special satellite equipment worth billions. Hobbs is tasked to bring down Shaw and had chased him around 4 continents in 12 countries while Shaw had managed to stay one step ahead and eluded Hobbs along the way.

clip_image005“He’s behind, ain’t it?”

Dom had gathers the crew together but with the terms that they get Shaw for Hobbs and Letty back with the crew while full pardon all round. Hobbs informs the crew that Shaw intends to build a device called Nightshade which is capable to disable the power grid of the entire region for 24 hrs that would inadvertently cause widespread panic. Soon the chase after Shaw begins with the crew on the trail. Spotted in the customed armored vehicle similarly to a F1, Shaw fled the scene and leaving trail destruction behind.

clip_image007“Zoom, zoom, BOOM”

The crew is disabled one after another due to the special device that disable the vehicle, leaving only Dom and Hobbs going after Shaw whom didn’t managed as the last moment, Dom notices Letty came to help Shaw escape which Dom chases after her and get shot for it.

clip_image008“We got smoked.. Literally”

The crew head back to reorganize and mapping out what they know about Shaw’s crew and vehicle. They got a lead on Shaw as he is connected to Arturo Braga, a Mexican drug imprisoned by Brian when he was still a cop. With all bets are at stake, Brian travels back to the states with the help of an allied friend in the bureau to find out more on Shaw and during the process, he found out what actually happened to Letty whom apparently didn’t die from the car crash cum explosion and suffered from amnesia as a effect from the crash. Shaw found her in a hospital with no memories of her former life and recruited her into his crew. With new found leads, Brain heads back to regroup with the crew and bringing an end to Shaw’s plan or will they succeed?.

clip_image010“No matter what, they’re still family..”

Embroiled in the chaos and in the dilemma while one of their own is at stake, Dom and Brian will have to use all of their wits, skills, and faith at their disposal to get through this road together.

clip_image012“That’s Roman, Flying high..”

Generally being a fan of FF, the cars, the babes and the action is key element that we do look forward to which the director did well to maintain those elements, however like any good movie, the plot is crucial and minimal loose ends to avoid being categorized as “just another flick”. Its weak plot and almost predictable chain of events could be dealt better even with inclusion of a surprise cameo by Statham as Shaw’s older brother in the post credit scene though its for the next sequel plot. However the cheesy one liner and dry humours certainly tops the cake. The action sequence is astounding and downright gravity defying scenes are unbelievable which is complimented by the CGI to make it realistic. The fight scenes are dramatically funny as we have “The Rock” being the Hulk slamming people around and double tag team with Vin Diesel though their character are total opposite ends. In overall the movie is entertaining but would prefer to prior sequels which still has the catalyst element that made us like fast cars and octane boosting revving. So catch the movie in the cinema near you today.

clip_image013“Till the next the sequel (2014?)”.

Until then, stay tight and keep it rocking.




Directed by :Justin Lin

Writers : Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson

Cast : Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Gal Gadot and Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges


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