April Catra Coffee Challenge: Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery Singapore

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I know it’s May now and everyone is happily enjoying their holiday going out with family and loved ones. Happy Labour day to everyone who is working and for students lucky you that you still get holiday even you have not started to work because your lecturer is a labour!! So enjoy your study life while you can!


I have been bragging how busy I am in April but I never forget about my coffee challenge. I know I’m posting it quite late since it has already passed April! I hope you don’t mind me being late. I thought why not bring it up a level by exploring coffee in Singapore. I heard the hype about Wild Honey for their marvellous breakfast serving! Mmmmphh so I guess coffee at Wild Honey should be good too since it’s essential for most people while having breakfast.

To begin with the queue is extremely long. When we arrived were ask to write down our name and contact number. We can then walk around and when table is ready we will be contacted. While waiting for our turn, Mun took me to Fitch & Abercrombie clothing shop. They sell mostly casual and sporty clothing line. I love the shop design and the theme. Loud Hip Hop & R&B song played throughout the day. The dark ambient and classic painting of the wall were amazing. I had a little feeling like I’m in a museum or so! When music kick in it’s does give a feel of a high class disco!  Photos is not allowed, so i just capture using my phone!



My friend told me, at times there will be hot hunks standing by for photography opportunity. No luck that day, else I might be able to catch one of these cute guy!


Also had my favourite ice cream on the street! A must when I visit Singapore!


Ring ring…

Times for breakfast!!! The one thing that capture my heart is the colourful chalk board. Basically everything you need to know is written on the board. In fact that’s the menu! Well they also have all the breakfast picture shown on the Ipad but you are not advised to take your own sweet time to browse, else the people behind you will be annoyed by you.

Wild Honey Menu

The restaurant does feel very homey as what they said “No Place like Home”. Basically, you had almost travel around the world if you tasted all the breakfast on the menu!!

There is few sofa seats as well as wooden table seats..But you don’t get to choose if you want to have your seats fast!!

Wild Honey5

Wild Honey4

Cakes is display on the counter. So pick it if you loved it!

Wild Honey6

As usual I ordered a Latte and Portobello Road. Latte wasn’t impressive. The strong coffee aroma is missing. No coffee art and milk foam lack of the smoothness… Well I guess they are famous for their food instead.

Wild Honey LatteLatte, SGD 6.00

My Portobello Road come in a stack of thick toast, baked Portobello mushrooms, fresh wilted spinach, red pepper & onion confit, a perfect poached eggs top with lemon Hollandaise sauce. I felt the dish is lack of saltiness as compared to the next two dish. I would love if the Portobello mushroom to have more flavour in it. 

Wild Honey Portobello RoadPortobello Road, SGD 22.00

The thick toast with runny egg yolk flowing all over was a great combination for that morning. The toast by it’s own were crunchy on the skin and soft towards the centre where it has soaked with butter and the flavour from the Portobello mushroom and the spinach. Delicious…

imageRunny Egg Yolk on Portobello Road

Mun’s European with Wild Honey version of Egg Benedict with two perfectly poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, imported prosciutto and Homemade Hollandaise sauce on signature brioche. The Brioche is a enriched bread originally from French made with high content of egg and butter. Thus it’s light and puffy..oh so go good to bite on the pillow soft Brioche. The homemade Hollandaise sauce somehow taste very cheesy probably because of the prosciutto. Prosciutto also known as Parma ham is a dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked. I love the smooth texture of the Prosciutto, though it’s a little salty but if you eat along with the brioche then it taste marvellous!

Wild Honey EuropeanEuropean SGD 19.00

Pui Gin’s English Breakfast comes in a super huge portion. Along in the dish were scrambled eggs, back bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Dad’s baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato and signature brioche. Well as good as this dish look, the taste was a little disappointing. I taste better pork sausage than this flourish one… Scrambled egg wasn’t buttery enough and texture is rather hard. I also prefer the sautéed mushrooms to be more buttery…. The baked bean is a little spicy so both me and Pui Gin doesn’t quite enjoy it! Good thing is bacon is yummy and potatoes was good too…

Wild Honey EnglishEnglish, SGD 24.00

It’s definitely a great place to have breakfast with your friends here. For coffee, I guess I have to search for another coffee shop! I hang around with my friend for the whole morning munching our breakfast and catch up on what’s each of missing the last few months. Just that the queue is a little crazy. However you can make a booking in advance so no hassle!

333 Orchard Road,
Mandarin Gallery,
#03-02, Singapore 238897
Tel: 6235 3900

Coffee : 9/10 Food : 7/10
Price : 9/10 (Quite pricey)
Facility : 7/10 (Located at Orchard Road, easily accessible…and yes no WIFI)
Ambient Environment : 8/10 (very homey setting)
Service : 7/10


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