Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I’ve longed for a device which incorporates the fantastic audio specification into an ultrabook and at the same time maintaining the capability for productivity tasks in a tablet. Acer’s latest creation, Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ had not only incorporate these two requirement that I longed and hoped for but the people at Acer had did very well by combining the best of both worlds, the Ultrabook features with tablet convenience all into one device! This device will definitely be the most sought after among all techie in the market especially ME!

Imagine the finest sound mixes with the incorporation of the latest in hardware while staying connected all day and all night. Unbelievable? Check this video out!!!


This video had definitely blown me away!

clip_image002What?? Two things, one is the obvious, Tiësto look how he dropped the beat in the video! It’s massive! It’s like Copenhagen 2013 all over again. Tiësto whose renowned mixes had shaken dance floors and electrified club scenes, arriving in style with his assistant, Vernon while pumping some bass. The second thing as making its debut along with Tiësto is the, Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ which is truly revolutionary in its time, ideal, simplistic and brilliant.


Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processor, the new convertible Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook™ could handle several complex tasks at the same time which makes multitasking easy. Well that’s perfect for an engineer cum blogger like me isn’t it? As during work or leisure, I’m always on the go and productivity had become the second nature which is essential. Running with Windows 8, the Windows 8 Snap split screen allows switch between applications without having to look for them. Insert smiley

It’s amazing how the Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel had seamlessly transition itself from work to play as shown by Vernon whom flipped open its protective cover into Ultrabook 178-degree-viewing mode, then flip and switch into tablet mode in one swift movement and with a flick of the finger to the Virtual DJ app, started spinning his own groove.


Music is definitely life’s companion, may it be at work, or during driving stuck in traffic jam, music is the one thing that kept me entertained and when I’m blogging about something, music would inspire me. Yes even as I’m typing this blog post, I’m pumping up the music in my room and guess it right, Tiësto podcast.

The, Acer P3 Ultrabook can just be plugged into the mixer and play it on the spot! This is freaking awesome with such a slim body, it’s like encompasses everything we need from several devices in one piece of technology which is ultraportable due to it being thin and light to be carried in the backpack or even a handbag. Fuhhhh imagine stuffing it into my handbag…no problem at all….


Best part? The Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ is detachable from the keyboard cover and made it easy for a quick getaway. With its touch centric HD touch screen, it lets intuitively scroll through the apps and files with brilliant clarity while allows the best control over all the actions. Just like tablet, simply bring it along whenever you go! Talk about convenient on your fingertips besides the button, anytime and anywhere.


The epic and redefining moment when Vernon had pulled himself onto the stage to live his dream to spin his own mix which is truly amazing and it was all made possible by Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel that redefining the computer and with Acer, explore beyond limits.

You have seen so much, I’m sure some of you would like to get hold of it! Here are the drills for Nuffnanger’s, if you want to party with Acer this coming 23th May of which you could get your hands on the sleek Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™. Get a pair of tickets to exclusive Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party by writing a blogpost on this awesome technology piece. More info please view here.

Worry not if you are not blogger, If I win a passes to this party I promise to take picture for every angle or perhaps a video to show to you guys before others alright? Better yet, you can go to any nearby Acer store to try on the sample unit which will be available very soon.

Till my next update…chow..


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