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Sunday, April 07, 2013

I was invited to the WeChat party by Nuffnang at Neverland. I think I am the few one who arrived super early at Neverland. It’s still empty at around 6.30pm, when it’s almost 7pm people start to come in. Indeed this a huge party where almost every blogger attend this party.

We Chat1Bloggers walking into the photo booth!

There is this photo booth where you can take picture with your friends and print it out on the spot! How fun!! Me and Jennie couldn’t resist but to take 2 photos since we’re early and there is no queue yet!!

imageThe Photo Booth

Photo courtesy of http://www.thechency.com/

Woots the photo already up on my photo wall!! Just love to collect all the photo from photo booth at different event.


That night I wore my newly bought Bat Wing Lace Dress from Asos. I super duper love it don’t you love it too?

We Chat2

Oh and my MOTD of the night!! Do you love how lovely is my lip colours is?? I mix Fuchsia Lipstick with Pink Lipstick to obtain this colour on my lips!!


The new WeChat ambassador is Shaheizy Sam and Lisa Surihani.


There is gorgeous lady walking around to encourage people to join in the group in WeChat app on their mobile phone by scanning the code.

We Chat4Sweet smile…I’m melting…Red heartRed heart

Photo courtesy of http://www.thechency.com/

Live chat room on the big screen on stage!

imageChency was uploading the zombie emoticon

Rudy, the emcee for the night started the event with some introduction of WeChat.

We Chat9

Anyway do you know what is WeChat? WeChat, a mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service which is developed by Tencent in China. It was initially launched as Weixin in China 2011, with international language support in October 2011. It was subsequently rebranded as WeChat in April 2012, to appeal to the worldwide market.

WeChat supports sending voice, video, photo & text messages!! WOW that’s so cool!!! I can talk for free wooohoo…

To begin the party, a group of dancer came on stage for some hip-hop dance performance.

We Chat5

Woah so much of attitude!! I love it!!

We Chat6

More stunning dance move!

We Chat7

Mr Poshu Yeung, Vice President, was invited on stage for a short speech.

We Chat10

Right after we had an enchanting Song Performance, A Thousand Years by Vivian Chua. She sings really well, I would love to listen to her singing again!

We Chat11Vivian Chua performing live on stage!

Right after, Henry Hii join in to sing a duet song with Vivian. I just love the colour of the screen!!

We Chat12

Henry Hii also perform his new single which is very funky!!! It definitely heated up the crowd!!

WeChat (22)Henry Hii the funky dude of the night!

Later on there is game to win IPAD!!! Well i can’t climb up the stage because of my high heels so I did not participate! What a lame excuse, I know I know….

WeChat (14)

There is a group of five ladies and five guys. The ladies won the game! Hooray Girls rocks!!

Then performance continue to entertain all of us!! Awi Rafeal singing his hit song “Asalkan Aku Ok”.

WeChat (16)Awi Rafeal

Oh look at the crowd!!! Everyone busy snapping photos…

WeChat (15)

DJ Syko Groove Spinning for the night!!


The lighting is so beautiful!!!

WeChat (18)

There is also some lucky draw and Ipad is the grand prize. I’m not the lucky ones!! So that pretty much sum up the night. I met a lot of blogger that night and made a few new friends!! It’s a great gathering in fact!!

Some of the picture I took with blogger. Sorry if I missed out anyone, the crowd is really crazy that night!

C360_2013-04-02-19-15-17with JenGorgeous.

Met her in other event before this, that night we had a long chat!! ^^

C360_2013-04-02-19-54-53with Sue Ann babe.

C360_2013-04-02-19-56-23with foodie Fishie!!

C360_2013-04-02-21-35-33with tall and handsome Elwyn.

C360_2013-04-02-19-27-05with pretty Chou Lin & Charmaine!!

C360_2013-04-02-19-47-50with Miss Burung Hantu!!

I receive a super soft and comfy green WeChat plushie!!! Adding into my collection!!


WeChat is FREE to download and FREE to use! It’s also available on IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry & Window Phone devices. So what ya waiting for? Download WeChat and let’s chat together. My ID is Cindy Tong do add me kay? That’s all for tonight.

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