Sick & Exhausted from Travelling

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good morning yo!! It's mid of the week!! How's things been going at your end?? I'm so sorry that I couldn't post more pictures as my laptop still not yet fixed. As promise I will try to upload blog post even though my laptop not with me now. How about something random and personal??

I am in a very packed schedule in Singapore!! I wake up at 5 am every morning and I slept at 12 - 1 am. It's about 5 hour sleep everyday!! So as expected, my throat is infected again because of insufficient sleep. It get worst when my jaw become so painful!! I have hard time biting and swallowing my food!! So painful!!

It's been almost six month since I last visit Singapore. Nothing much changed, I went to Itacho Sushi for dinner on my first day!! Delicious fresh sashimi!!!

Fat Salmon!! Slurrrppp

Right after I went for a short walk around ION Orchard!! Didn't saw anything attractive to purchase! mmmmppphhh

While last night I had buffet at our very own Chef Wan's restaurant 1 Market! Wanna know how it taste? You gotta wait for my review!!

I stayed in Elizabeth Hotel this time and my first night was really bad. The bath tub is so dirty with trails of hair at the edge. Urine drop left unwipe on top of toilet bowl!! Ewwwww... The hair dryer were somewhat weird!!! I complaint and request for a room change as I wanted a Queen Size bed instead of Single bed. So they upgrade my room to premeire room which is really good. The room is in tip top condition and I love the sleek and modern look in the room!! It's good that they realize on the shortcoming and give something in return as a compensation for their customer disatisfaction.

My Room for the entire week!!

So last night finally I get to sleep really well...Rise and shine for now, I gotta hang on till end of the week...What a packed month and it will continue till May. You have a great day ahead! Tata..

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