Samsung S4 is finally in Malaysia

Monday, April 22, 2013

Good morning everyone!! How’s your Monday morning so far? Is it only blue and gloomy? For me it’s all colourful and happy as I had a very great week last week!!! The great week includes the news of S4 is coming to Malaysia very soon!!! I have eyeing for this as it’s almost time to change my S2!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!!


S4 packed with the multi-tasker function which is something I need for my hectic light!!!! I can call a friend, answer the phone, preview and scroll through emails and control videos without even touching the phone. This is so convenient isn’t it????


S4 also come with the dual shot function!! It can capture ‘I was there’ moments of my life by simultaneously shooting with the front and rear cameras. With Dual Shot, I can have an overview of what happening around as well my own expression when I was there!! How fun!!image

There is many more new function that has incorporated in S4. You gotta check it out on Samsung Mobile website for full details!!

Last week the Acapella singers and musician playing music in few different location!! Did you all catch the performance? If you did, tell me about it ok? I saw the group performing at Sunway Pyramid!! What a great performance!!





Stay tune for the date of the launch of S4, I will keep all of you updated. Meanwhile you can checkout this video which showcase the added function in the all new S4 that will definitely wowed you!!

Till my next post tomorrow morning!!! Have a great day!! ^_^

For live updates do follow Samsung at the FB Page & Tweeter Updates!!


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