Samsung S4 has Landed in Malaysia!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Last weekend was way too awesome!! Samsung arranged a whole day of performance to celebrate the launch of the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m sure if you are shopping in some of the big shopping mall, you might have watch the performance live!!I’m a big fan of flash mob as well as Elecoldxhot dance, so I follow them from Times Square to Lowyat!!!

While waiting for the performance to start, I played around with the S4. I was shock when I first hold it…It was so light!!!! The 13 Megapixel camera was a hit!!! From the S3’s 8MP camera it jump to 13MP nowww…


Okay my S2 camera is seriously way too lack behind already..The actual picture is very clear and it is not over exposed!

OMG I loveeeee this phone so much….The phone look so good on me eh??

I was too into playing with the S4 without realizing the VIPs walk into the main stage to launch the all new Samsung Galaxy S4


“The GALAXY S4 aims to make everyday living better and reconceives how people integrate mobile devices in their daily life, making it the perfect Life Companion. This device showcases best-in-class hardware technology and software features that are borne of insights from our consumers around the world.” said Mr.Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd

The next minute flash mob begin! Boy and girls in blue jump in to dance…They even perform the latest song by PSY Gentlemen!!


The Signature move from the PSY Gentlemen song


C360_2013-04-27-12-05-09Helicopter Stun!

After the flash mob in Times Square end I rush over to Lowyat where flash mob will continue along with the heart pumping performance by non other than Elecoldxhot

Here is a video of Elecoldxhot performance at Plaza Lowyat! It’s such an amazing performance. The choreography is superb

There is also clown and man with mask walking around just like a carnival!! It reminds me of Venice.


That kid in yellow look so real!! But’s a toy in real!!! I got cheated for a minute!!Thought it was real!

I’m getting too excited…It was really entertaining and Samsung did a really good job in this time launch. They are very creative in both their inventions as well as marketing!!After the performance end I went to Gardens Branch to check out the phone again since the Lowyat Branch is too packed!!
The first thing that came into my mind is the awesome Dual Camera. Hell yeah, I can now put my self into the picture even I’m the camera woman

C360_2013-04-27-18-15-07The dual camera
I can even change which image I want it to be in the small frame!!

I love the 5 inch screen which is not super huge like note 2 but huge enough for me to read blog, drafting my blog post and surfing!!! Love this picture of mine..

The S4 is super thin and light too..Only 130g… So easy to carry around













The other thing I love is the Air Gesture!! Just lightly put your finger near the screen and move it then you swipe the screen!! How cool right


Air Gesture Function

Another awesome add on is the Samsung Smart Pause which tracks eyesight
movement, and pauses video playback when the user looks away. It only resumes playing once the user returns his or her attention to the screen

Too many great function added into the new S4. Let me summarize the specification for your easy reference.


If you thinking whether to buy it, you'd better be fast as i heard a few outlet is sold out! For more info check out Samsung Official Website for S4

Well I have too much fun over the weekend..Now back to work….tata


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