Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I receive this Galaxy box few weeks back…


To begin with, my April kind of sucks..Everything bad just decided to come all at once! So I am slowly recovering from my sickness and getting back on track. So I have try to do something different to my product shoot. I add in some elements to make it look more pretty and lovely! I hope you will love it!!

Mivva Galaxy1The girly box look of Mivva April Edition: Galaxy

When I got this GALAXY box from Mivva I was thrilled as this is my first box from Mivva. The box itself is very beautiful and it does look very sweet and girly. However the box is not those sturdy type like other beauty box. But it’s not a big deal for me…

Unboxing is always the fun part!! It is wrap with a black paper which I don’t quite like! It spoil the sweet look..Perhaps a lilac or light yellow colour paper would have match the box better?

Mivva Galaxy2Interior of Mivva Galaxy!

Unboxing GALAXY is extra fun because there is so many item that I wanted to try for ages! All the product are totally new for me! It does surprise me!

Mivva Galaxy4

The few item that I love the most are Waxing package from STRIP, Hair Chalk, B.LIV Off with those head. Actually I love every single thing in the box so hard to choose only one!

GALAXY box includes a Free Underarm Wax from STRIP which worth RM 39.90. I heard a lot of good review from this shop. Also I get a 50% off on any ala-carte treatment in STRIP.

Mivva Galaxy6STRIP Waxing voucher.

Dip Dye is such a trend now. With the Hair Chalk I can test the colour on my hair before going for the permanent ones!! Red heartRed heart

Mivva Galaxy5‘M’  &‘V’ Alphabets built using chalk that represents MIVVA in short. Chalk comes in 6 different colours and each box has different colour combination.

My nose have unbelievable amount of black dot a.k.a black heads…I get tired of squeezing it and I have given up long time ago. I heard about B.Liv Off with Those Heads few years ago but the price was a little out of my budget so I did not try it! Now that I can finally try it and if it’s really good I’m going to purchase it!

Mivva Galaxy10B.Liv Off with Those Heads comes in 3ml (RM 139 for 30ml and RM 179.90 for 45ml).

I see Timeless Truth Mask review everywhere!! I wanted to buy one actually! Now I can save my money as the GALAXY Box had throw in One sheet of Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitenning Mask along with 20% discount voucher.

Mivva Galaxy11Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitenning Mask comes in one sheet along with 20% discount voucher, RM 10.00 per sheet.

I have never get my hand on Oslee product yet. So this Oslee Roseship Beauty Solution will give me a chance to try out their product. By the description, it’s like all in one…It can be used for toning, makeup base, soothing, deep moisturizing and as a body lotion. Sound very powerful!

Mivva Galaxy9Oslee Roseship Beauty Solution comes in 30ml (RM 59.90 for 100ml).

Ahhh a pack of 10 sachets of Somang keratin Silk Protein hair product. 5 Hair pack and 5 Hair Shampoo for the ladies this month. Seriously, I have never came across this brand yet. This month I’ll be travelling a lot so I can bring this along to try out! Come in at the right time!

Mivva Galaxy7Somang keratin Silk Protein hair product comes in total of 10 sachets (RM 49.90 for 620ml of Hair Shampoo and RM 49.90 for 500ml of Hair Pack).

We also have the SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen and Remover Cleansing Gel. Erm wasn’t too keen on this one as I am not a fan of sunscreen but the remover cleansing gel will be good for travelling!

Mivva Galaxy12SF Beauty Skin Perfect Glow Sunscreen and Remover Cleansing Gel comes in sachet (RM 125ml for 30ml sunscreen and RM 100 for 150ml cleansing gel)

BeautyMate purifying & Brightening Nano Essence which is one of the least favourite item of all. Since I have so many skin care product already!!!! Sad thing is, it’s going to expire this August which I think is such a bad idea to include into the box!!

Mivva Galaxy8BeautyMate purifying & Brightening Nano Essence comes in 30ml at RM 69.90. This is a full size product.

Lastly, is sweet pink note book. It’s a additional item in the box but pretty useless for me as I have way too many notebook! I can almost run a bazaar to sell my notebook!

Mivva Galaxy13Mivva Sweet Pink Notebook.

I heart this GALAXY Box so much. I seriously can’t wait to try all the item. Sadly, I have too many travelling this month so guess you girls have to wait for my review on the product later.

Cindy’s Verdict:


Are you excited to purchase the next MIVVA box already? How to subscribe? Just click here!! It’s time to say goodbye looo…Till the next review!


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