Kuching Trip Day 1 Part 1/2: Fly to Kuching with Malindo Air

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I get to know about Malindo Air from my friend Jen. I was one of the few who was lucky enough to be invited to join the trip with other medias and bloggers to visit Kuching the city of Sarawak! I must thank Jen for introducing me to Anisah who hook me up for this trip! Special thanks to Jen, Anisah and Malindo Air for bringing me to Kuching!

Kuching155The Boeing 737-900Ers!

** Before I begin I must warn you, this will be super long post and filled with thousand of pictures!! I hope you will not click “X” so soon!! If you feel it’s too long you can scroll to the bottom for my summary on comparison of Malindo Air to other budget airline!LOL…

I was a little worried that I will be travelling alone the whole trip! Well though I don’t mind backpacking alone but the invitation comes in slightly late and I only have 3days to prepare my trip! Excited and can’t stop thinking what to bring along!! Lucky thing, Malindo Air together with Sarawak Tourism has put on a 3D2N trip filled with fun and adventurous activity!!

imageMy 3D2N itinerary!

As a frequent traveller, packing wasn’t really tough!! I had my usual travel size for all my skin care as well as bath product!! So I just tossed it in and put in a few top and bottom for the trip!!

**tips never throw away your skin care container, it can be reused to fill your desired product. Just transfer the product from your huge container into the smaller container for a lighter option!

imageBody scrub transferred to my moisturiser container.

Well i was rather tired lately so i just call a cab to KLIA. I have my preferred taxi to airport, less hassle than have to go through the train! Reach KLIA around 7am and see some familiar faces like Kelly, Ruby(Rabiatul) and Anuar.

Kuching6From left Rabiatul, Yana, Me and Kelly.

Few counter open for check in! For now, web check in is not available yet! However, there is sufficient counter to cater for the incoming passenger. Not sure if Malindo air will add more counter to cater for future expansion.

Kuching2Malindo Air Check in Counter

I love the white colour uniform, I’m in love with white colour lately ! The white look fresh and clean! The bright smile of the staff does cheer up my morning.

Kuching4Staff concentrating in checking in process!

The staff was very attentive and very helpful. The queue wasn’t too long, perhaps it is still new but I notice the staff was very efficient at helping customer checking in their bags. At least faster than Air Asia where we have already checked in!

imageEfficiently checking in our luggage!

Picture courtesy of http://ruby.my/2013/04/terbang-ke-kuching-sarawak-bersama-malindo-air/

Do you know Malindo give free 15 KG Baggage allowance for Economy class and 30 KG Baggage allowance for Business class. That’s definitely a great addition into the whole package!

Got myself check in and here is my air ticket & my Media Pass for this trip.

imageMy seat is assigned to the window seat!! My favourite seat!

imageMy Media Pass!!

Woohoo my first familiarization trip, some sort of achievement for my blog!

As usual some spare time before we board. So we met with few other bloggers as well as medias. Some ice breaking session to know each other at McDonald!!


A fun session I see! Everyone is sharing contact via social media (Facebook) and exchanging name card!

It’s been sometime since I last travel via KLIA. I usually travel via LCCT with Air Asia! The McDonald in KLIA has McCafe now! So I ordered a cup of Ice blended Mocha. Well more affordable than Starbucks or Coffee Bean but the ice was a little rough!

imageIce Blended Mocha!

We proceed to the gate and get ready to board. A group pic before we board!

Kuching10From left Anuar, Yana, Me, Kelly, Irfan and Front Kid

Boarding into the plane. There is no announcement to allow elderly or mother with children to board first. Everyone can board at the same time. Arrived at the plane and was greeted by the beautiful stewardess. Oh I love their white Kebaya. Look at those lace detailing!! and those bright smile!!!


imageThe full uniform look!! They look gorgeous isn’t it?

Walked in the plane and it was really spacious! As usual first row are for Business Class.

Kuching14Super comfy Business Class!!

As for me, is economy window seat!


Love the seat, it has wider seat compare to Air Asia & Jetstar. But Jetstar has head rest which give better support to my head and neck.


I was flattered while I seated my leg can still move around. There is extra room for my leg which make the entire journey much more comfortable!!! You know I have long legs….ehem ehem ego talking…

Kuching20The 32” seat pitch

As usual, safety briefing before we take off. Nothing too special, I recently saw Cebo Air where their staff is dancing into the flight before they start the safety briefing. That would be very entertaining!

page1Safety Briefing

Their inflight entertainment system does really live up to their tagline “NOT JUST LOW COST” I have never seen entertainment system in other budget airline i.e (Air Asia, Jetstar, Tiger Airway, Firefly and Silk Air). I believe many will be happy to be entertained throughout the journey!!

There is total 5 language that you can select. It’s a touch screen LCD so feel free to swipe it like your smart phones!! ^_^


When there is any announcement, the video or game will be pause and will divert to the announcement. Believe or not, this is one of the most advance flight entertainment I have seen. I’m too broke to fly with high end plane!!! Touch Screen LCD screen with Movies, Songs & Games?? Wooahhh That’s Amazing!!

Even more surprising is that they have Kid Zone for the children for all movies, songs & games. So parents sit back and relax, let the screen entertain your child.

page2Ice Age and Disney Album for the kids

As for me, I have long past my childhood time!! So here are some of movies and songs for me!

page3Movie options in Malindo Entertainment List

There are various movie and drama to be select from. Since my flight take about 1hour, I pick Glee. In future if I fly with Malindo to a further destination then I can enjoy movie on board. However, the screen may not be so clear but it’s acceptable for me. If the screen position can be adjustable than it will be cool!

There is also songs but very limited. I guess they will add more later on. One of the few album available are Adelle and Michael Jackson.

As compared to Air Asia the ambient is a little warm. As it take off, it become cooler.

Kuching51 The lighting and air conditioning panel.

Lighting is available for those who like to read during night flight. Button to call for staff is provided. Eva who sat beside me did press the button for help as her screen is having problem. Literally, the staff do not aware of  the signal. They only attend to Eva when they pass by while pushing trolley for refreshment. Since they are still new, so it’s understandable.

I know by now you must feel..Oh so long and so bored!! Let’s wash your eyes with some beautiful photos from my window view!


Look at those cloud? Just like a sea of tiny white cotton……

Kuching59 When we almost landing!

Few more stunning view!!



Ok let’s get back to my in flight review. The best thing I enjoyed was the refreshment they included! Even Silk Air only provide drinks. Malindo Air is generous enough to include both drinks and sandwich to passenger. A happy tummy is a great way to kick start my trip!!

Kuching58In flight refreshment

Oh I love the bottle. So cute neh! Well the Tuna sandwich taste good..with cheese slice as well!! Great…During my return flight they provide a chicken sandwich! It taste better prolly because no onions in it! LOL

The toilet was similar size with Air Asia I think! sadly, the sink is flooded! There is handle for the disabled.


We landed and there is water cannon to salute our flight to Kuching! First time time seeing this!!!

imageWater Cannon Ceremony!

Picture courtesy of Malindo Air

Now let me summarize the difference between 3 Airlines domestic fly in Malaysia and International Flight to Singapore.

imageSummary of InFlight products.

Upon arrival at the gate, we were greeted with a team of staff wearing Sarawak Traditional costume. They even gave a handmade necklace as a welcome gift.


All Sarawak girl are very gorgeous..You shall see more in my subsequent post on my Kuching Trip later.


After which we are going to attend a press conference to welcome Malindo Air who successfully landed Kuching that day.


Datuk Amar Abang Zohari said, “The commencement of Malindo Air’s four times daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching is another boost to tourism, linking the hub of Kuala Lumpur with the States capital. This provides increased connectivity not only to our domestic tourists from the nations capital but also to foreigners visiting Malaysia.”

“This Boeing 737-900ERs is the most ideal choice of airplane for Malindo Air to serve our passengers in this region. We’re very honoured to be first airline in Malaysia to fly the brand new 737-900ER and thrilled to take off and introduce for the first time Hybrid Airline concept in Malaysia.” said Malindo Air Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chandran Rama Muthu.

Cindy’s Verdict:

Overall, I do love flying with Malindo and I couldn’t wait for their expansion to other country. I will definitely choose Malindo over other budget airline due to the additional item and service they added in the flight ticket with competitive price!

Malindo Air is currently offering 4 daily flights between Kuala Lumpur and Kuching. the flights from Kuala Lumpur departs at 0640, 1125, 1610 and 2014 hrs. There is still promotion to fly to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur at RM 38 (one way) all in fare. So wait no more grab your ticket now and have a great trip to Kuching.

Till then, wait for my update on my Kuching Tour kay?


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